Online Casino Won’t Pay? Here’s What To Do

22 July 2016 4 minutes to read
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Over the years many a player scalp has graced the walls of some virtual casino. You had a great time playing and managed to win a substantial amount of cash. You requested a cash out via credit card and provided the necessary verification documents. Just when you thought everything is going according to plan, the operator throws you a curve ball by notifying you that your account has been suspended. What now? This article guides you on what to do in the event an online casino refuses to pay you.

I can’t stress this enough. If you found an online casino that suits your style of play do research on it before you deposit. The Internet offers a ton of resources on any gambling-related subject and it’s free! Let’s say you had a blast and the operator you played at received glowing reviews from top sites and it won’t pay your legitimate wins. You’ll note that I mentioned the word legitimate, If you played within the ambit of the casino’s terms and conditions you have nothing to fear.

Common Pitfalls

Before you lodge a complaint at the jurisdiction the casino is licensed, scream scam or fraud all across the internet forums in or any other mediation site, make sure that you did not breach its terms and conditions. Players normally complain about the following:


1. Bonuses

If I had a penny for all the bonus complaints I’ve received over the years I’d be a rich man now. No other term in the casino’s arsenal has caused so many player complaints. There’s a reason why the operator enforces a roll over requirement attached to the bonus. Bonus abusers try and exploit the casino’s generosity. I’m the first one to slate a casino if it has excessive bonus terms and solely out to milk the player. Before you accept a bonus ensure that you understand its terms.

What exactly are these terms? Every bonus has a certain play-through (30xb) attached to it that must be completed first before a withdrawal is allowed. Some casino’s now impose a max cash out rule on all bonus wins and players aren’t allowed to wager more than $5 per spin when they play slots. If you accepted the bonus and breached the aforementioned terms you can bet your bottom dollar that your winnings will be voided. Normally when this happens the operator returns the player’s initial deposit.


2. Progressive jackpot wins

This is another minefield, If you play progressive jackpots make sure that progressive wins aren’t included in the withdrawal limit. Before you play shoot support an email and ask them if wins from progressive jackpots are included in the withdrawal limit, If they got back to you keep it.

It angers me to no end when I find out that an operator enforces this rule but did not state it in its terms and conditions. Luckily most operators don’t enforce this rule but some do. Normally casinos state that they do impose a withdrawal limit on all progressive wins in their withdrawal policy.

If you won a progressive jackpot of $100,000 and it’s included in the withdrawal limit. The operator states that all wins from progressive games will be paid in installments of $10,000 per month until paid in full. Some players might think that the casino pulled a runner with their cash but it’s not the case once again read the terms.


3. Software glitches:

Even the best operators experience software malfunctions from time to time if you played NetEnt’s Secrets of Atlantis and the game just timed out Don’t throw all your toys out the stroller, normally the software makes provision for any malfunction. When you load the game again it normally starts where you last played.

As a rule of thumb always take screenshots of the cash you’ve won in the event something like this does happen. However, if the problem persists notify customer support or the technical section of the casino. Normally they’ll require screenshots of your winnings they’ll also check your session logs to see if it corroborates with what you said.


The Operator Refuses To Pay You, What Now?

Let’s say you managed a win of $50,000 and you’ve strictly played within the casinos terms and conditions, You decided to cash out your winnings immediately after all this is a spectacular win….. But, this is when the fun and games start you’ve provided a copy of your driver’s license, bank statements, utility bills and proof of residence (verification documents).

Even though the casino okayed your withdrawal via Neteller the cash still hasn’t hit your account after 1 week cash outs via Neteller are normally cleared within 48 hours. Send support an email again and kindly request as to why the funds still hasn’t been paid into your account. If you don’t receive a reply to your email within 24 hours problems are afoot. First, the operator refuses to pay you, now it’s ignoring your emails and phone calls. Practically speaking it’s giving you the run-around.

You’ve exhausted all avenues but there’s still hope. There’s a couple of things at your disposal:

1. Casinomeister: This portal casino is owned by Bryan Bailey and arguably the best recourse for players with payment disputes. It has a PAB (Pitch A Bitch) section where players can lodge a complaint against a casino that refuses to pay them. (

2. AskGamblers: This site has been in operation for more than a decade and an industry stalwart. Make sure you have a legitimate case against the casino before you lodge a complaint here. (

3. Maltese Gaming Authority: Another alternative is to check in which jurisdiction the web casino you’ve played at is licensed in. The licensing information is normally displayed in the footer section at the casino’s website. If it’s licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta, you can an email the Maltese Gaming Board:

In summary. In most cases internet casinos pay since they abhor negative publicity. One of the tactics operators like to use is to delay payments hoping that the cash the player won would be played back into the casino.

If your payment is a few days late, stay calm, be patient and don’t play back your winnings. Always read the terms including the fine print carefully before you play. Sign up at Casinomeister and ask fellow players to share their playing experience about an operator with you.

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