Cash Bandits 3 Tips And Strategy

17 December 2020 6 minutes to read
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Cash Bandits 3 is one of RealTime Gaming’s slots busters for 2020. So, the next logical step for us was to ascertain whether it’s worth playing it for real money online. Online slot studios often make a big fuss about their games before they release them. Especially if it is online slots like Cash Bandits 3. The slot machine is now live at our best USA casinos online.

By the time players eventually play the real money slots version they’re not near as exciting. Despite all they hype they often fall flat in the payout department.

However, we’d like to mention we had a fantastic few sessions playing Cash Bandits 3. Even though we played the free slots version of it. A few interesting points surfaced about the game during our initial testing phase.

For what it’s worth we started playing the slot at an average wager of $1 per spin. We opened the Auto Play feature and selected 25 spins. Note, 25 spins is equivalent to one session to us. At an average bet of $0.04 per line with the max 25 paylines it amounts to $1.

Moreover, we played the game over 3 Test Rounds. In other words, a period of 10 sessions or 250 spins. We’re not going to discuss the special features of Cash Bandits 3 Tips & Strategy. Because we already covered them in our online slot review of Cash Bandits 3. You’ll need to play 180 to 225 spins to initiate the free spins feature of a high variance slot game.

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Cash Bandits 3 Slots Tips & Strategy

We already had a proper slots strategy or roadmap if you will. Furthermore, we studied the Help Screen of the slot again in case we missed anything important.

Free Spins Bonus Round

(trigger the free spins 3 scatters).

We initiated the free spins feature when three Cash Bandits scatter logos pitched. Before the free spins feature commenced we had to unlock the vault to see how many free spins we won. As well as the value of the multiplier on each free spin.

Since Cash Bandits 3 is an ultra-high variance slot machine it clocks a 10/10 on the Casinowhizz slots scale. Therefore, prepare yourself for a hefty grind. Interestingly, the RTP worked in our favor during our first testing round (50 spins). We received plenty of winning spins with the odd big win of 50x. On the back of this. We didn’t expect to trigger the free spins feature in under 40 spins.

Lo and behold this is exactly what happened! In fact, we triggered the Free Spins Feature on our 38th spin! A new screen opened up. Here we had to pick random numbers to determine the value of the multiplier on each free spin.

Suffice to say, we managed a cool 105 free spins with a 7x multiplier. The payout we received after our allotted 105 free games was $374 (374x).

The maximum number of free spins you can win is 390 along with the top multiplier of 23x. If you play the game at the max bet of $25 you can win the jackpot of $2.8 million! We have reason to believe that RealTime Gaming caps the game at 50,000x. The max bet per spin in the free spins mode is only $6.25.

Double Slots Bet To $2 Per Spin

Since we had a bit of spare cash in hand, an extra $374. We upped the ante a bit by doubling our bet to $2 per spin. This time around the payouts were dismal after 75 spins or to be exact 3 sessions.

Cash Bandits 3 Final Round Result

In our final 4 sessions, or the last 100 spins. Guess what? We really went all out at an average bet of $6.25 per spin. At this stage we had a free credit bankroll of $980. Remember, we suffered quite a loss when we doubled our bet to $2 per spin in the previous round.

The golden rule when you play a high variance slot like Cash Bandits 3; bet the max possible bet. In other words, the maximum wager your casino budget permits. Regrettably, we failed to trigger the free spins feature again. If your bankroll is $500.

We suggest an average bet of at least $2 as it sets you up for 250 spins or 10 sessions. Unless, you’re a high roller casino VIP player than can afford to wager the max bet of $25. Even then we strongly recommend that you play the free slots version before you play the slots for real money.

Alas, we did manage a consolation payout of $70 for 5 Robber symbols. According to the Slots Help Screen the premium symbol is the Robber. So, when 5 Robbers pitch at the max bet, you’ll pocket a cash prize of 5,000x.

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How Can I Maximize My Winnings When I Play Cash Bandits 3?

We used a very simple tips & strategy formula for Cash Bandits 3 slot machine. We firmly believe that when it comes to real money slots keep it simple stupid, or just plain “KISS”.

Another important thing, Cash Bandits 3 has an RTP of more than 96%. Even though RealTime Gaming did not include the game’s Hit Rate we believe it to be around 25%.

Which is really good as it offers a payout on every 4th spin. Now, for the all important question. “How can I improve my odds at winning when I play Cash Bandits 3?”.

Instead of playing Cash Bandits 3 at just one online casino in the USA. We think it’s better to play the slots for real money at three different online casinos. The reason why we suggest it. Some US casinos online will offer you a better RTP whilst another might reduce it.

As a rule of thumb, you don’t want to keep all your eggs in the same casino’s slots basket. Or, so to speak. If you’re not sure which RTG USA casinos to play Cash Bandits 3.

We highly recommend, Casino Max, Sloto Cash, and Las Vegas USA Casino. They offer plenty of comps. Highly lucrative VIP rewards schemes. Cashback on daily/weekly losses and of course plenty of bonuses and Free Spins. Plus, they accept Bitcoin which is now super convenient for Americans.

What About The Bonus?

The bonus is a splendid idea. Check first if you can use the casino’s deposit bonus to play Cash Bandits 3. Not only is the bonus thousands of extra dollars in hand. It improves your odds at winning money! More importantly, check the bonus terms before you accept it.

Alternatively if you don’t want a bonus. You can play the game at the min bet of $0.25 to get the hang of the mechanic first. Once you’re familiar with the slot game’s finer nuances. You can play it with your real bankroll for cash.


Despite a few good runs on Cash Bandits 3 free slots. The online slots community still prefers Cash Bandits 2, and so do we. During our test phase we noted that the game only gave us one decent payout in our first 50 spins. It was a payout of $374 in the free spins with a 7x multiplier. On our next 175 spins the payouts did a Harry Houdini disappearing act on us.

To conclude our tips & strategy guide of Cash Bandits 3. If it offers you a decent win grab your money and cash out. You won’t be that lucky again because the RTP and the Hit Rate go South.

We firmly believe that there’s a huge difference between the free slots and the real money slot pay outs. RealTime Gaming will tell you otherwise. We beg to differ though.

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