craps casino table gameCasino table games online are some of the best games to play at online casinos for real money.

Now, if you’re wondering why we call them table games, it’s because the action takes place at the table.

The top table games to play online are blackjack, baccarat, craps, and roulette. This also explains why US players love to gamble because the best odds lie with table games.

If you want to take advantage of their low house edges, and the best strategy to win. Then pay close attention to this guide to online casino table games Casinowhizz brings you.

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Online Casino Table Games

    How To Play Casino Table Games Online

    Step 01

    register icon
    Sign Up & Register an Account

    To play casino table games online you must have an account.

    Input your name, surname, date of birth, email, and a few other stuff.

    If you decide to play with a bonus don’t forget to provide the code for it.

    Otherwise, the online casino won’t credit the bonus to your account.

    Click on “Join Now”, and wait for the online gambling site to approve your account.

    If everything goes according to plan, you can start playing casino table games immediately.

    Step 02

    free icon
    Play Table Games with Free Credits

    The best way to hone your skills is to play table games with free credits.

    You’ll see all the casino’s table games under the heading ‘Table Games’.

    If you like blackjack click on play blackjack for free.

    Now that your account is active at the online casino you can play any table game risk-free.

    Step 03

    deposit money icon
    Deposit Real Money

    Once you’re ready to play your favorite casino table game for real money, make a deposit.

    Gambling sites offer you a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods.

    For instant deposits and withdrawals, Americans can use Bitcoin.

    US players can also use ACH, Apple Pay, or bank wire. Always check the site’s minimum deposit and withdrawal limit.

    Step 04

    money transfer icon
    Play for Real Cash

    Now that you have money in your account, you can play table games for real money at online casinos. Bets per hand start at $1 up to a maximum of $5,000.

    Table Games Americans Love to Play

    Online casinos in the USA have a decent selection of table games. We cover the main table games and their rules in brief below.

    Table Games Online

    roulette icon

    American and European Roulette

    You don’t need any skill to play Roulette at online casinos. You place your bets on the pocket and the wheel will do the rest.

    When you play roulette online you can bet on the “Inside” or “Outside”.

    High rollers usually go for the Inside bets because they offer bigger payouts albeit riskier.

    Players that just want to take it easy can bet on the Outside bets. The payouts are lower and the odds are significantly better of winning.

    US players can play American and European roulette casino table games online.

    The wheel in European roulette has 37 pockets and zero with a house edge of 2.7%.

    American roulette on the other hand has a 5.26% house edge with 38 pockets and a double zero.

    When you play roulette online for real money rather play European roulette.

    croupier icon

    Live Dealer Casino Games

    The best online live casinos simulate a real casino environment. The difference however is they stream the games to your mobile phone or PC in real time.

    Unlike in a real casino, it’s far easier to find a seat at live casinos. The reason for that is live dealer online casino table games are available 24/7.

    US players can talk with the dealer via a special chat box, and tip them as well.

    While we’re on the topic of live dealer casinos let’s explore their pros and cons quickly.

    Benefits of Live Dealer Casinos

    • Chat with the dealers and fellow players
    • Streams the games to your mobile or PC in real-time
    • Can quickly change from one game to the next
    • Large variety of real casino table games online
    • Robust bonuses on deposit

    Cons of Live Dealer Casinos

    • Some table games carry high minimum bets
    • Can be tough to find a seat during peak hours
    • Limited variety at certain casinos
    baccarat icon


    In Baccarat the player plays against the ‘Banker’. Baccarat is an easy game to learn. More to the point, you either bet against the Banker’s hand, or the player’s.

    If neither hand wins, it’s a ‘Tie’. The goal of playing a casino table game like Baccarat is to get to 9. If you land a score like 17, you’ll drop the first digit which means you’ll have a 7.

    craps strategy for betting


    The game of Craps is all about the “shooter, the dice combinations, and the different wagers. Craps is also a social game which means there is never a dull moment.

    Besides, when you play Craps always play as the shooter. When you play Craps online for real money bet on the Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line.

    They’re the only bets in Craps that don’t have a house edge. The lower the house edge in craps the better it is for the player.

    poker icon

    Let It Ride

    Let It Ride is another popular poker game US players play at online gambling sites. You must place three bets of the equal size before the round starts.

    Both the dealer and the player receive three-hole cards. Thereafter, the dealer deals two community cards that players must use to complete the best 5-card hand.

    As you play your hands you can remove your bets. That will only happen once you look at the three hold cards the dealer dealt you.

    Once the dealer deals the first community card you can remove one of your wagers. You can “Let It Ride” if your bets remain on the table.

    video poker icon

    3 Card Poker

    Just like blackjack, US gamblers play Three Card Poker against the dealer. Before you can buy into a hand you must place an ante bet.

    The dealer then deals three cards that are face down. You can decide to continue betting or fold. That’s to say if you have a bad hand.

    If you decide to continue playing you’ll compare your hand to the dealer’s. The best hand wins in 3-card poker. A straight or better allows you to cash in on an “ante bonus”.

    Players chasing the big wins can take a risk by betting on the Pair Plus. The odds are sharp, but if you land a straight flush it pays 40:1.

    poker icon

    Pai Gow Poker

    You’ll receive seven cards when you play Pai Gow Poker online. With your seven cards, you must form “front” and “back” hands. The front hand entails 2 cards and the back hand has 5 cards.

    Make sure that the back hand is the stronger hand of the two. The dealer does exactly the same according to the “house way”.

    Once the dealer and the player separate their hands, they compare their cards. Moreover, it’s a push if you win one hand and lose the other.

    You’ll lose your bets if both hands lose. But, if both your hands beat the dealer’s hands, you’ll win.

    sic bo icon

    Sic Bo

    Sic Bo is a Chinese dominoes casino table game you play with three dice. The dealer puts 3 dice in a cage and shakes them to produce a winning combination.

    There are several spaces on the board, and you place your bets on the space you think will win. Sic Bo is quite similar to the casino table game of craps. Next time you play Sic Bo bet on the “Big”.

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    Real Money vs Free Casino Table Games

    Before you play any casino table game online test your skill with free credits first. Believe us, there’s a huge difference between playing table games with real cash and for free.

    Playing Table Games for Real Money

    Bets start as low as $1 to $500 per hand. If you win money it’s real money and not “dummy money”. Casino table games like Ultimate Texas Hold’em offer bonus payouts.

    Practice play allows you to experience the graphics, and payouts without any risk to your bankroll. The caveat with free play is that you can win any real money.

    Casino Table Games with Low House Edge

    Players play table games not only because they’re fun to play, but because they have a low house edge. The catch though is not every casino table game has a low house edge.

    To win more money you must know which casino table game to play online. The following table games have high house edges.

    Best Low House Edge Tabe Games ( Highest Odds )

    blackjack icon


    Did you know that you can reduce the house edge of blackjack to 0.5% if you use a betting strategy?

    Note that the rules of blackjack differ from one casino to the next.

    Unfortunately, gambling sites seldom offer 3:2 single-deck blackjack where the dealer stands on a soft 17.

    When you play blackjack for real money play with a chart that outlines all the rules.




    poker icon


    The house edge of craps is 1.36% of which the “Pass Line” and “Come” are the best. Their carry a house edge of 1.41%.

    Interestingly, the “Don’t Come” and “Don’t Pass Line” has a house edge of 1.36%.

    If you bet heavily on the “Pass Line” you can reduce the odds to 0.326%. The bigger the bets the bigger the win, but so are the risks.

    baccarat icon


    Smart casino table game players can reduce baccarat’s house edge by betting on the Banker. The reason why it’s a smart wager is that it reduces the house edge to 1.06%.

    Just remember that the casino takes its cut of 5% commission on all winning banker-hand bets.

    Bets you don’t want to mess with are the player and tie bets. Their respective house edge is 1.24% and 14.36%.

    european roulette icon

    European Roulette

    Thanks to the single pocket zero, European roulette has a cracking house edge of 2.70%.

    french roulette icon

    French Roulette

    This version of roulette tags on the “la partage” rule. Essentially, the casino pays back half your bets on even money bets.

    Providing of course that the ball drops into the zero pocket. To benefit from the la partage rule bet on high/low, red/black, or odd/even.

    Must I Use a Strategy?

    Yes, you must. The only way to be good at playing casino table games is to have a betting strategy. For example, when you play blackjack you can use a cheat sheet.

    The same applies to roulette, craps, or 3 card poker. Simply put a strategy in any casino table game online translates into more money.


    Online Casino Table Games vs Land Casinos

    It’s easy to “shop” online for the best table games without the exorbitant costs of traveling to a casino. Besides, online casinos welcome table game players with bonuses once they deposit.

    Land casinos will never give you free money to play their table games. As you play casino table games online you earn comps. Furthermore, online gambling sites cater to VIPs, have ongoing promotions, and host online table game tournaments.

    Strictly speaking, all the amenities you’ll find at a brick-and-mortar casino, you’ll find online.


    FAQ Casino Table Games

    Do I need a lot of money to play table games at online casinos?

    No, you don’t. However, it also depends on the online casino’s minimum table game limits and the game you want to play. American gamblers can play table games from as low as 10 cents to $1 per hand.

    Which USA casino offers the best table games?

    The best online casino for table game players is Wild Casino. US players that sign up through the Casinowhizz link receive a bonus of 250% up to $5,000.

    Do online slots offer better odds of winning than table games?

    No, they don’t. In fact, playing slots online for real money is riskier. Some slot games have RTPs that range from 93% to 99%. Your odds of winning money are lower than in casino table games. But, you can win millions of dollars with a single spin.

    While table games like blackjack have an edge to the house as low as 0.4%. Providing you use an optimal betting strategy.

    Will I earn comps faster if I play slots, video poker, or table games?

    You’ll earn comps when you play all three but at a faster rate when you play video poker. It takes a while though to notch up those comps even when you play video poker.

    Which games offer US players the best odds?

    The rules at the online casino and the strategy you use depends on the odds. Consequently table games still offer you the greatest odds when you gamble online.

    A proper betting strategy in blackjack can reduce the house edge to 0.5%. For baccarat it’s 1.06%, 3 card poker 2.01% and European roulette 2.70%.