How to Play Texas Hold’em Poker

1 December 2022 < 1 minute to read
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Texas Hold’em poker is the most popular poker version. We’ll even go as far and say it surpassed seven-card stud as a game of choice.

The rise in Texas Hold’em is due to the exposure it received during televised poker tournaments. No-limit Texas Hold’em is the most volatile poker version.

At a lower level, players can play for fixed limits, and for small stakes. Even though poker is easy to learn it’s difficult to master.

A pocket pair represents one of the strongest of 169-possible two-card combinations, pocket Aces are tops.

This guide explains to you how to play Texas Hold’em at online casinos.

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Texas Hold'Em Guide

    The Best Online Casinos to Play Texas Hold’em

    You can play Texas Hold’em at the best online casinos in the USA with poker rooms. Some of them cover classic Texas Hold’em at the most secure live dealer casinos.

    Texas Hold'em Casinos


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    Play Texas Hold'em Online

    Step 01

    Find a Reputable Online Casino

    Pick any of our recommended legit poker online casinos and click on “Sign Up“.

    Step 02

    register icon
    Fill Out the Registration Form

    Input your name, surname, phone number, email address, and date of birth. Click on register.

    Step 03

    Confirm Your Account

    The poker room or online casino will send you an email you registered your account with. Click on it to verify that it’s you.

    Step 04

    deposit money icon
    Deposit Cash

    Next, go to the online casino’s cashier and choose a banking method. If you’re from the US, we suggest Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. They make for fast payouts, deposit money.

    Step 05

    withdraw icon
    Play with a Bonus and Cash Out

    The top poker rooms offer exclusive bonuses when you deposit, don’t forget to check the terms. Play Texas Hold’em, win and cash out.

    How to Play Texas Hold’em Poker – Number of Players

    When you play Texas Hold’em online for real money the game uses community cards. The dealer deals 2 cards face up on the table.

    Each player will use those cards to build the best possible hand. Simply put, out of the seven cards, you must choose the best five. Texas Hold’em is also a variant of Seven Card Stud.

    It’s easy to accommodate up to 10 players at a table because each player receives two cards. This creates plenty of betting action, the more players at the table, the better it is for you.

    When you play the casino games online, we suggest a patient and conservative approach. Don’t rush your hands, and bluff now and again.

    Many players fold well over half their hands before the flop. If it’s a short-handed game with 5 or fewer players, the betting action will be loose.

    Other popular card games are online blackjack. You can even use our blackjack cheat sheet which helps you to win more money.

    Best Online Casino to Play Texas Hold’em

    The best online casino to play Hold’em is Wild Casino. Once you register, they welcome you with a bonus code worth 250% up to $5,000.

    Play Texas Hold'em


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    Instructions On How To Play Texas Hold'em

    yexas holdem

    The Nuts

    If you hold a hand that no other player can beat, it’s ‘the nuts’ or a ‘lock hand’.

    It’s advantageous to you because it helps you to build the pot without fear of losing the hand. The term ‘nuts’ originated from the Wild West era, when players bet their wagers and horses on a hand.

    To underline the integrity of such a bet. Players use to place the nuts from the wagon wheel into the pot.

    Initially we thought folk used to call them ‘nuts’ for placing such bets, not so. Keep in mind that the value of the nuts changes with each hand.

    poker icon

    Sequence of Play

    The dealer deals each player two cards face down; we call them the ‘hold’ or ‘pocket cards’. A round of betting takes place before the dealer reveals the next three cards, or the flop.

    There will be another betting round after the flop. The dealer will then ‘burn’ the fourth card, and then place the ‘Turn’ card on the table.

    More bets will ensure. The fifth and final card on the table is the ‘Flop’. With the five community cards lying on the table the goal is to make the best 5-card hand.

    casino table games icons

    The Deal and the Blinds

    Prior to the deal, the two players to the dealer’s left must place their bets. The first player’s bet is the ‘small blind’, and the other player is the ‘big blind’.

    The small and big blind move clockwise around the table. As such, each player at the table will get a chance to be the small and big blind. After the blinds the next player can call, raise or fold.

    Though the blinds have late betting positions in the pre-flop betting round, they’ll lose their advantage after the flop.

    poker icon

    Starting Hands

    Each player at the table will receive two cards, any two cards can win. The trick is to look for a pair or high-ranking cards. High pocket pairs such as queens, kings or aces can take down the pot. 

    When you hold any pair like that it’s best to raise before the flop or pre-flop. By doing that you’ll drive off any potentially weak hands from the pot.

    In Texas Hold’em poker there are 169 possible starting hand combinations. The highest pair is the aces, kings and queens, respectively.

    Other strong holdings include unpaired cards of A, K; A, Q, and A, J. Players with these hands will raise before they see the flop. Thus, strengthening their grip on the pot.

    Pre-Flop Betting

    Betting strategies before the flop varies. In most fixed-pot limit games where the stakes are small most players will pay to see the pot.

    Unlike, low stakes in low stakes Texas Hold’em poker. Players that play for high stakes fold their hands before they see the flop. Especially, if there’s a substantial bet.

    Calling a high stakes bet is risky unless the player has a good hand with chances of improvement.

    The Flop

    After the flop the players have 5 cards with which to build the best possible hand. In other words, they’ll use their two hole cards with the three community cards.

    If you want to continue after the flop, you must have a good hand, unless you’re bluffing, of course. The player to the dealer’s left is the first to act or fold.

    Should all players check at the table, the dealer will deal the turn card. It seldom occurs that the flop provides the player with an unbeatable hand.

    It’s best to stay in the game when you’re holding a leading hand in the flop. Bet lightly to see how the other players react. This strategy conceals the strength of your hand. Moreover, it helps to make the pot bigger.

    flop texas holdem

    The Turn and the River

    When you play Texas Hold’em the bets typically double after the turn card. So, if you continue to bet after the flop, you must have a good hand.

    We say so because it becomes more expensive to play. Should two or more players match bets, the dealer reveals the river card. That will be the fifth and final community card on the table.

    the turn texas holdem

    Pot Management

    Good poker players maximize their winning opportunities when they hold good hands. For instance, when they hold a pocket pair and receive another card on the flop to make it trips.

    They’ll place small bets because a large bet might scare other players off the pot. To keep players in the pot place small bets or raise small.

    Final Betting Round

    If the river card does not help your hand, and someone bets the max or goes all in, fold. Irrespective of how many chips you already have in the pot.

    When you play poker always play it safe and don’t let your ego get the better of you. More importantly, in widow games like Hold’em, the community card that strengthens your hand might strengthen your opponent’s hand.

    Best Casino For Texas Hold'em


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    VerdictHow to Play Texas Hold’em Poker

    If you bet through to the river. You’ll find that the best poker hand you can make comprises the 5 community cards. Your hole cards can mean nothing in terms of improving your hand.

    If that is the case, you’ll be ‘playing the board’. Let’s just say you don’t want to be in that position. Luckily, the players at the table don’t know your hold cards which means you can bluff.

    Hopefully, our expert guide, will help you to become better at Texas Hold’em poker.

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