A list of the best roulette casinos online and free playing guide for newbies that are just getting started, our online roulette casinos accept players from across the globe just look for the flags in the table below to see if your country is accepted. If the US flag is showing that also means Australian players are accepted.

Best Roulette Casinos Online | Guide & Strategy

MYB Casino

97.98% Payout
  • Top Rated Live Casino
  • Btcoin Accepted
  • USA/Australia Players Accepted
500% up to $1500
myb casino home
Compatible with:
Graphics - 94%
Gameplay - 95%
Bonuses - 99%
Value - 98%
Overall impression - 96%

Big Spin Casino

97.98% Payout
  • USA And Australia Players Accepted
  • Huge Bonuses
  • Instant Payouts
200% up to $/Ƀ1000
Compatible with:
Graphics - 97%
Gameplay - 98%
Bonuses - 97%
Value - 95%
Overall impression - 96%

Cherry Jackpot

97.48% Payout
  • Huge Bonus $21,000
  • Top rated fair RTG casino
  • Bitcoin Available
210% up to $21000
cherry jackpot casino review
Compatible with:
Graphics - 93%
Gameplay - 85%
Bonuses - 95%
Value - 99%
Overall impression - 93%

Trada Casino

97.83% Payout
  • Live Chat
  • Huge Withdrawal Amounts
  • Withdraw in Hours
200% up to €/£75
trada casino lobby
Compatible with:
Graphics - 98%
Gameplay - 99%
Bonuses - 100%
Value - 100%
Overall impression - 99%

Ignition Casino

97.89% Payout
  • Ultra High Payout Percentage
  • Bitcoin Accepted
  • US Player Friendly
100% up to $2000
Compatible with:
Graphics - 97%
Gameplay - 96%
Bonuses - 96%
Value - 95%
Overall impression - 96%

Online Roulette Tips & Stratergy

Each spin of the roulette wheel is governed by a random number generator (RNG) that’s completely random. It’s a different story when you play the game at a live dealer casino – no random number is involved, all bets are placed in real-time and the wheel is spun by a croupier and not by a machine.

Any gambling expert will tell you that Roulette is the ‘Prince’ of casino games. It is one of few games that attracts players from all walks of life as such it really sets the imagination on fire.

You can play the game in a land-based or an online casino be it for real cash or just for fun. If you’re an online player we recommend that you only play at our ‘Best Rated Roulette Casinos‘. They offer tailor-made sign on bonuses with attainable bonus terms and as you play you earn points (comps) that can be exchanged for real cash.

”Smart players know when to quit.”

In this article we’re going to discuss online roulette, its basic strategy and we’re going to arm you with some valuable tips that will give you the edge next time you play. There are 2 roulette variants: American and European. European roulette has a single zero pocket while American roulette has two. Keep in mind that it all starts and ends with the wheel.

”Roulette” means ”little wheel” in French, it’s named after Blaise Pascal’s perpetual motion machine which was round. It originated in Europe during the 18th century which eventually found its way into US casinos during the 19th century. The Americans ‘tweaked’ the game by adding an extra green pocket to the wheel, today it’s known as ”American Roulette”. The roulette wheel plays an integral part in any casino’s game library. Not only is it a game of chance but one of status too.

Since the American version has a double zero pocket it carries a higher edge to the house, if played correctly players can still win big. The European version of the game offers the player better odds thanks to its ‘‘En Prison” rule, basically the punter places even-money in case the ball lands on zero. The player’s money is ”imprisoned”. If the player’s bet wins on the next spin he or she will win their chips back. Note, this rule does not apply to American roulette.

online roulette game being played live


Roulette Fast Facts

  • It’s one of the most played table games be it at land or online casino. During the 18th century it was played for the first time in European casinos.
  • It’s has an element of luck to it (chance).
  • The rules are simple (basic strategy and odds).
  • There are 2 variants of the game namely American and European roulette.
  • The house edge (HE) varies from 2.7% to 5%.


How Do I Play Roulette At Online Casinos?

You don’t need to be an Einstein to play it. The colors used on a the wheel are black and red (American and European). However, when it comes to the European version there’s a slight difference. This variant has a single green pocket with a zero on the wheel while American roulette has a double zero pocket (green) and a green zero pocket. The wheel has slots on it that includes a zero or double zero with numbers of up to 36.

How do I place my bets? You can place your bets on a group of numbers, single or even numbers. Once you placed your bets the croupier spins the wheel. When the white ball lands on the number you picked you’ll win. You can increase your odds by just betting on red or black since the outside bet pays 1-1 which covers more than half of the combinations. The trick is never to bet on a single number but on multiple numbers.

It requires a sound betting strategy and bankroll management which we’ll discuss in a bit. You most probably heard about the various roulette systems that snake oiled salesmen try and sell by claiming that they’re the ‘real deal’.

Truth be told if it’s so good why would they want to sell it in the first place and not use it themselves? If anything sounds too good to be true it most probably is. Only play at sites where the random number generator (RNG) is tested often which gives you a fair chance at winning.


Where Possible Play With A Bonus

Roulette is based on luck this is why it’s important that you use any means necessary to improve your odds. You might be thinking how on earth do I accomplish this? The online casinos we promote offer first time depositors sign on bonuses although they’re primarily slots-centric. Normally the weighting of a bonus contributes 10% or 20% to roulette.

The welcome bonus is advantageous to you for two reasons: It increases your bankroll and your chances at winning. Before you accept the bonus make sure that the wagering requirement (WR) attached to it isn’t steep and that it can be used to play roulette.

To give you an example, if Cash Casino has a match bonus of 100% up to $200 up for grabs with a play-through of 40x and 20% of the weighting counts towards roulette, how do I calculate the WR? On a deposit of $100 your deposit will be matched with a bonus of $100 (100% match), your new bankroll is $200. The WR (wagering requirement) for slots is 40x$100=$4,000, because you’re using it to play roulette the amount or equivalent bets you need to make must be $4,000/20%=$20,000.

As you can see accepting a bonus is not always in your best interest especially if it’s used to play roulette. Unlike slots table games favor the player and not the casino (House). Some casinos do offer bonuses that count 100% towards roulette, make sure you cash in on these!

American European Roulette compared
Bankroll Management

Bankroll management is and will always be key. Let’s do the math quick. If a you play 1,800 spins (30 hands x 60) within an hour and play for 3 hours non-stop, you’ll bet 4,500 chips to record a win. Always factor in a losing streak, some can be short while others can be long which can wipe out your entire bankroll.

Players who prefer inside bets need a large bankroll because they pitch now and again. Outside bets on the other hand requires a smaller budget. If someone tells you to use the Martingale System, run! We know that many so-called ‘experts’ of the game swear by it, our advise to you…avoid it! There are many Roulette Systems (d’Alembert, Five Quad etc.) but the Martingale is the most popular.

How does the Martingale System work? It states that you must double your bets every time you lose. If you lost 10 chips you must stake 20 chips in the next round. The crux of the matter is you must keep on doubling your stakes until you win. This is a very bad move since it will leave you high and dry in no time! When you’re winning you can raise your bets but do so with discretion.


Play It Safe!

Because Roulette is a game of chance it doesn’t matter which strategy you use, ultimately the house always wins in the end. You can increase your odds by putting your cash on different numbers instead of one. Or you can place your chips on all the red and black colors which increases your odds by 50%.



The layout of the table has numbers from 1 to 36, if it’s European roulette it has a zero pocket.

The player must guess on which color (red or black), a single number or a group of numbers the ball will land once the wheel stopped spinning. The easier the odds in roulette the smaller the payout.


Tips And Strategy

Don’t be fooled by the game’s simplicity it can wreak havoc on any player’s bankroll. To become good at it you must understand its rules, basic strategy, how the roulette wheel works and only play the game at reputable online casinos. Herewith some valuable tips:

  • Know the rules and strategy by heart. Roulette is a game of luck, when you play it try and reduce the house edge by deciding which variation to play. As a rule of thumb we prefer European roulette because of the single zero pocket and its better odds but most importantly because of its ”En Prison” rule (Player gets even money when the ball land on zero).
  • Our list of ‘Top Rated Roulette Casinos’ have been been vetted by industry watchdogs such as the GPWA (Gambling Portal Webmasters Association) and Casinomeister.com.
  • They offer you comps, cash back on your losses, a VIP program with added perks, fast cash outs, decent RTP’s and above all fair play.
  • Before you accept a bonus read the fine print attached to it first. Once you’ve meet the wagering requirement you must be able to withdraw your winnings.
  • Never parlay your bets. It’s best to remove the chips (rake in your winnings) you’ve just won from the table instead of leaving it for the next spin.
  • Quit while you’re ahead. This has been said many times before but it’s the best advice we can give you. If you had a huge win cash out and walk away from the casino a winner. That winning window of opportunity is very narrow and only comes along now and again.

In summary. If you follow Casinowhizz’s advice you’ll be a smarter and successful roulette player. Before you play ensure that you understand the game’s rules, its odds and basic strategy. Good luck and see you at the tables!