How to Play Three Card Poker at Online Casinos

17 August 2022 < 1 minute to read
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blackjack iconThree Card Poker is another classic poker variant like Texas Hold’em or Let It Ride at online casinos.

In this game, players receive only three cards with the aim of beating the dealer’s three cards.

Various online casinos may have alternative names for 3 Card Poker. Names such as Triple Edge Poker or Tri-Card Poker are some examples.

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Three Card Poker

    Three Card Poker for Real Money Online

    Before you play 3 Card Poker for real money try the free play option first. The best online USA casinos provide demo play games where you can learn the rules and have some fun.

    Whilst we’re on the topic of online casinos. The top-rated gambling site to play 3 Card Poker for real money is Wild Casino.

    Depositors who sign up at Wild Casino receive a deposit bonus of 250% up to $5,000. This bonus is exclusive to all players who sign up through

    You can start placing your bets from $1 up to $20 per hand for real money wins. As casino experts, we suggest that you keep your bets to the minimum at first.

    Fluctuating Bets

    Check out the house edge before placing a bet because it may fluctuate. For instance, certain 3 Card Poker variants carry a 4:1 win ratio on a flush.

    Another variant may pay 3:1 for the same hand but with a higher house edge. Play 3-Card Poker on the go on your mobile, and always make sure you have reliable internet access.

    It’s unnecessary to download any games or apps to play the casino game. You can play 3 Card Poker for real money on the browser of your mobile phone.

    We’ve put together a table to compare the poker hands rankings of the ante bet and the two side bets.

    three card poker paytable

    Best Online Casinos to Play Three Card Poker

    top iconThe table below lists the best online casinos where you can play Three Card Poker for real money. Once you sign up, they offer you a bonus when you deposit money.

    Pay close attention to how much the game contributes towards the bonus. The minimum deposit to qualify for the bonus, the max bet, and of course, the wagering requirements.

    If you’re a high roller, play Three Card Poker at online casinos that pay you fast. Some of the top sites have a sportsbook, poker, live casino, esports, and horse racing sections.

    A site with a quality VIP program goes a long way too. The more money you spend on playing the game the more perks you’ll earn. More perks also mean a higher VIP Status at the casino.

    Casino  Minimum Deposit Withdrawal Limit Payout Time VIP Program Live Casino Sportsbook Read Review
    Wild Casino $20 $100,000 Within 1 hour No Yes No Review
    BetOnline $20 $100,000 Instant Yes Yes Yes Review
    Bovada $10 $180,000 Instant to within 24 hours Yes Yes Yes Review
    MYB Casino $20 $2,000 1-24 hours Yes Yes No Review
    Cafe Casino $10 Unlimited for cryptos Up to 24 hours Yes Yes No Review

    3 Card Poker Payouts and Odds

    It’s easy to understand the odds of the game when you play it for real money. To help you on your way please consult the tables below.

    Ante Bonus

    Type of Hand  Payout  Odds
    Straight Flush or Higher 5:1 0.2%
    Three of a Kind 4:1 0.2%
    Straight 1:1 3.3%

    Pair Plus

    Type of Hand  Payout Odds
    Royal Flush 100:1 0.018%
    Straight Flush 40:1 0.021%
    Three of a Kind 30:1 0.023%
    Straight 5:1 3.2%
    Flush 4:1 4.9%
    Pair 1:1 16%

    6 Card Bonus

    Type of Hand  Payout Odds
    Mini Royal Flush 1000:1 0.0009%
    Straight Flush 400:1 0.0081%
    Four of a Kind 300:1 0.07%
    Full House 20:1 0.8%
    Flush 15:1 1.01%
    Straight 10:1 1.7%
    Three of a Kind 7:1 3.5%

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    How To Play Three-Card Poker

    Step 01

    bet icon
    Place Bet

    Place your chips in the Ante box for all positions you wish to play. Once you’ve placed your bet, click on the deal button. The dealer shuffles the cards after your ante bet.

    Step 02

    poker cards icon
    Card Deal

    All player positions receive three face-up cards. The dealer’s cards are three face-down or ‘common cards.’

    Step 03

    casino table games icons
    Call It

    If you decide to play your hand, place your chips on play to view other player cards. The play chip must be equal to your ante wager.

    Step 04

    money icon

    If you don’t have a good hand, then fold. However, you’ll lose your initial ante bet chip. If the dealer does not have a King or higher, it’s a ‘push,’ and does not qualify for the payout.

    Tips 3 Card Poker

    tips icon

    In this case, the player positions automatically win equal money for the Ante bet. Once play starts, the payouts are 1:1 for a win.

    This Ante bet also pays 1:1 for a win when drawing a straight. However, the payouts increase to 5:1 for a straight flush.

    The hand rankings of 3 Card Poker differ from other variations as a three-of-a-kind hand is one of the best.

    In terms of hand rankings, the three-of-a-kind beats a flush and straight. These are the only significant differences between standard hand rankings and 3-Card Poker.

    The game information like hand rankings, rules, and payouts is also readily available on-screen. Side bets, also called bonus bets, allow for even bigger wins per hand.

    Now, this is where this poker game gets exciting. The two side bets are the Pair Plus and 6-Card bets, which we explain below.

    pair of cards icon

    Pair Plus Bonus

    When you place this bet, a pair automatically gets you a win. Any winning hand beyond that pays higher. For example, a straight earns you 5 to 1, and a straight flush is 40 to 1 your initial bet.

    When you make the Pair Plus bet, a single pair brings in even money, and only specific poker hands compete.

    These are the flush, straight, three-of-a-kind, straight flush, and mini royal. The Mini Royal is an Ace, King, and Queen of the same suit carrying a massive win of 200:1.

    bonus icon

    6 Card Bonus

    The 6 Card Bonus is another separate wager that plays after winning the ante bet. If you can believe it, things get even more thrilling with the 6 Card side bet.

    You take your initial three cards plus the dealers’ three cards to make a new hand. A full royal flush pays out an earth-shattering 1,000 to 1 bet. Unfortunately, not all 3-Card Poker variants have the 6-card side bet option.


    3-Card Poker will keep you busy and winning for long periods. This version has many advantages. For instance, on the 6 Card side bet, the dealer’s hand becomes the ‘common cards’.

    Moreover, you need it to build a full poker hand. Play this thrilling game via a live dealer where an actual person shuffles and deals cards. Players can interact with the dealers via an online chat function anytime.

    Of course, if you don’t have to chat, then simply turn off the function on your screen. We leave you with two tips when playing 3-Card Poker.

    Always bet on the ante/play combination when you hold a high pair. When you have one of the two top cards such as King and Ace, always bet to play the round.

    FAQ Three Card Poker

    What are the best casinos online to play Three Card Poker?

    We list the top sites to play Three Card Poker in the above table. They offer generous deposit bonuses and ongoing promotions. More importantly, they offer fast payouts, have VIP programs, and their games are fair. They have licenses in Panama, Costa Rica, and Curacao. Some of them have sportsbooks, live casinos, esports, racing, and poker sections.

    Is 3 Card Poker more popular than Blackjack?

    Three Card Poker is a new casino game online if we compare it to the likes of roulette and blackjack. It’s extremely popular in land and online casinos and it’s easy to learn it. Though it offers bigger wins than blackjack, the game’s house edge is higher.

    Is there a strategy I can use when I play Three Card Poker?

    Yes, there is a strategy. When you have a hand that is lower than Q-6-4, fold. Any hand higher than that place your bets and play. Compare your highest card with the Queen, anything higher than that, play. If the Q is your highest card and your second card is higher than a 6, hit them hard. Always fold if none of your hands are Q or higher.

    What is the best hand in Three Card poker?

    A Mini-Royal Flush of A, K, and Q with a matching suit is the best hand. The chance of you getting it is once every 5,525 hands. A straight flush is the second most valuable and appears once in every 502 hands.

    In Three Card Poker does a Straight beat a Flush?

    The second most valuable hand in Three Card Poker is the Straight Flush. It beats a pair, three of a kind, straight and flush.

    What is the 6 Card Bonus?

    It’s an optional side that takes the best 5-card hand by combining the dealer’s and the player’s hand. The dealer will pay a bonus to the player if the best hand is three of a kind or better. It also carries an extreme house edge of 10.22% than the Pair Plus and the Ante Play bets.

    What's the best casino game to play if you want to win?

    Blackjack has a phenomenal RTP of 99% providing you use an optimal betting strategy. You can lose if you’re up against a smart dealer, and if your timing is wrong when you HIT. It’s easier to win with Three Card Poker since it has a HE of 97.99%. Plus, the dealer disappears from the scene if he has a Queen or lower.

    What's the house edge of Three Card Poker?

    The game has an edge to the house of 3.37% for the Ante bet. For the Pair Plus it is 4.49% and for the Six Cards bet it is 8.56%.

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