Should I Hold The Kicker In Triple Double Bonus Video Poker?

11 November 2021 4 minutes to read
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It’s always nice to receive letters from our US players asking us all kinds of interesting questions about casino games. Earlier this week we received a letter from Rachel who lives in Phoenix. She wants to know if she must keep the ‘Kicker’ when she plays Triple Double Bonus Poker. The premise of ‘Bonus Poker’ variations is that the players receive a bonus for a certain four-of-a-kind draws.

In any case, we admit we don’t always get our answers to players spot on. We do put in a bit of research though. Hopefully, you’ll like our reply to Rachel.

Hi Rachel,

Thanks a bunch for reaching out and for the question about Triple Double Bonus video poker. To be honest, this is one variant of video poker we seldom play since we prefer Jacks or Better. However, we did a bit of digging, and we find what came up quite interesting.

Right, let’s jump right into it. Let’s say the video poker machine deals you, three Kings, with a kicker and a face card. What now? Let’s assume you’re playing the video poker version where three of a kind pays 2 credits. That’s to say, 10 at the maximum wager of 5 credits per hand.

Moreover, a Full House pays 9 credits, 45 at the max bet of 5. Four Aces pay 160 credits and 4 Aces with a kicker pay 800 credits. In other words, 4,000 at the max bet of 5 credits. That’s the same payout as a Royal Flush. The question is, must I hold or drop the kicker? Let’s find out.

The Kicker in Triple Double Bonus Video Poker

You can produce a number of hands if you drop the kicker. The video poker machine can potentially deal you four Aces with a kicker; 4 Aces, a Full House, or 3 of a kind. Your chances of getting a kicker and an Ace is 1 in 100. And, 1 in 31 of landing the Ace without the kicker. Furthermore, your odds of catching a Full House is 1 in 16. Not to mention, snagging three of a kind.

By the way, when you play Triple Double Bonus Video Poker always bet the maximum 5 credits.

To break it down even further, let’s check out the math for this situation. Now, the RTP or return to player is in the region of 16 credits. The math looks like this: (1/100 x 800 + 1/31 x 160 + 1/16 x 9 +1/1 x2). If we discard the face card and hang onto the kicker herewith are the hands we can receive:

  • Four Aces with the kicker.
  • A Full House with the kicker.
  • Three of a kind.

Your chance of getting the last Ace is 1 in 47. 1 in 16 of catching a Full House and of course three of a kind. Note, you can’t receive the 4 Aces without the kicker because you’re holding the kicker. What is the mathematical advantage for this scenario over the long haul? The return to player percentage is about 20 credits (1/47 x 800 + 1/16 x9 + 1/1 x 2).


Hang Onto The Kicker in Triple Double Bonus Poker

Based on what we’ve seen so far it’s quite evident that you should hang onto the kicker. But, more importantly, the kicker not only increases the RTP but your mathematical advantage. Therefore, if you play Tripple Double Bonus Poker, and you receive 3 Aces with a kicker. Keep the kicker!


Don’t worry how much money you’ll win for a Full House and three of a kind. What’s important, if the extra credits you’ll receive for holding the kicker with the four Aces. That’s the strategy you should stick to when you play Triple Double Bonus Poker.

Can I Play Triple Double Bonus Video Poker at Online Casinos?

Yes, you can play Triple Double Bonus Poker at the best online casinos in the USA. In fact, many “sharp” video poker players love this video poker variation. In other words, they’re the video poker players that are serious about the game. The best Triple Double Bonus Poker yields an RTP of 99.58%. But, the standard paytable for this video poker variation hovers around 98.15%.

Triple Double Bonus video poker belongs to the ‘bonus’ family of video poker. If we compare Triple Double Bonus Video Poker to Jacks or Better. The latter video poker variant is a puppy. More to the point, Triple Double Bonus video poker takes high variance play to the next level.



Rachel, you did not mention if you’re an intermediate player or a newbie? Triple Double Bonus Poker is perhaps not the best video poker game if you’re a newbie. To become good at video poker you must master optimal betting strategy. That’s to say, know poker hand ranking, which cards to hold or to fold; and the odds of a hand appearing.

Is Triple Double Bonus Video Poker completely random? Yes, it is. Just like playing slots online at casinos, video poker is a random game. Further, you can play Triple Double Bonus Video Poker at the top online casinos with free credits.

This helps you to sharpen your skills. Online casinos also offer you a bonus to play video poker. The bonus gives your bankroll a nice boost and it’s free money to play with. Make sure to check the T&C’s of the bonus when you accept it.

Finally, you can play Triple Double Bonus Video Poker at the best mobile casinos. HTML5 games load seamlessly on iOS and Android mobile phones. Have fun with the kickers!

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