Casino Slots: Max or Minimum Bets?

29 June 2020 5 minutes to read
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We’ve been in the online casino industry for many years. And, we’ve seen and heard some pretty amazing stuff. From time to time our players send us questions they may have about any casino game. By the way, this also includes playing slots for real money at our best USA casinos online. Our first email is from Judith, and this is her question to us:

“When I play slots for real cash I bet the minimum bet. What I noted was that players who bet more than I receive bigger payouts; although I win more often than them. Do online slot machine developers program their games to pay more at lower bets than at higher bets? And, is the probability to win at the max bets lower?”

Dear Judith,

Thanks for your question. We’ll try and answer it to the best of our knowledge. We’ll even throw in a few slot machine illustrations to get our point across.

Slots For Real Money Randomness

First, off a random number generator (RNG) already determines the outcome of each spin. So, it doesn’t matter whether you bet the maximum bet or the lowest bet per spin. We’d like to point out that slot machine developers divide their games into low, medium, and high variance slots. Every spin on slots for real cash is independent of the previous one and future spins. A slot game will be illegal if the casino online controls the outcome of each spin.

The problem is many players still don’t know the difference between the three. The bigger the jackpot of the real money slot machine is, the more volatile it is. To best illustrate our point we’ll use a few examples. Judith, we assume you’re a casual slots player hence the reason you play at low stakes? So, we’ll start with a low variance real money slot like The Hive from Betsoft first.

The minimum bet is 10 cents up to $10. As you can see the entry-level is very low. More interestingly, the RTP of the game is 96.97%, and the jackpot is $30,240. Just from the size of the jackpot and the RTP, we can glean that it’s a low variance game. If you wager $0.10 per line and there are 30 paylines. The maximum amount you can win on a single spin is $3 in the base game. The more money you risk per line the higher the payout. This is only fair because the jurisdictions that license online casinos regulate fair and safe play. Not so? Alternatively, before you deposit and risk real cash online. You can play the free slots version. It gives you ample time to experience the payouts and how to trigger a bonus round. That’s the gist of it at least.


Volatility and Payouts Increase With Bet Size?

What I noted was that players who bet more than I receive bigger payouts; although I win more often than them.

Let’s look at the next section of your question. Now, let’s assume the players you know of play high variance slots like RTG’s Cash Bandits 2. To kick things off. Cash Bandits 2 is a high variance slot for real money because its jackpot is 50,000x your stake. As you can see it is significantly larger than that of The Hive.

Cash Bandits 2 features 5 reels, 3 rows, and 25 paylines. We know that it has a huge jackpot. What about the RTP and the coin betting range? Since it is a progressive jackpot slots, the RTP is 95.3%. The minimum bet is $0.25 up to $250 per spin it’s the perfect slots for the big spenders. Despite an RTP that fluctuates from 91% to 97%. Cash Bandits offers you tons of Free Spins with multipliers of up to 17x on each free spin. We can conclude that the high-paying rounds blunt the RTP by a reasonable margin.

Let’s say the player you know off bets $3 per spin and wins 20x their stake which is $60. If your minimum bet is $0.10 when you play The Hive, you can win the maximum $3. Technically speaking, you’ll receive more winning spins than the players who bet more than you. You won’t necessarily win more cash than they do. When you play slots for real money online. The old adage applies: “To win more you got to risk more”. So, yes, you will win more than they do but they’ll receive the bigger payouts.


The Bigger The Risk The Higher The Payout

“And, is the probability to win at the max bets lower?”

Yes, absolutely. It’s pure economic sense. Slot machine developers and online casinos want to make money. They want real money slot machine players to bet more. Why? The household for high variance slots is a mathematical model casinos determine over millions of spins. The more money players spent on the slot game the more money the software providers and the online casinos make. However, it does not mean they don’t offer the big odd payout. After all, if they don’t, it won’t make any economic sense either.

The bottom line here is; if you want the maximum possible win within the confines of your bankroll – you must risk more money. Therefore, the more money you risk. The lower the hit frequency, but if you win, it’s usually a decent cash prize. Players who bet the maximum bet on a high variance slot machine can experience up to 20 dry spins. Your probability of a win is significantly lower. Once again, it depends whether you’re playing low or volatile slots.


Real Money Slots Rewards

Judith, since you play slots for real money online albeit with low stakes. We want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck. Our trustworthy American casinos track every dime you spend over time.

They reward you with bonuses, free spins, and complimentary points. Once you notched up at least 100 comps you can ‘sell’ them for $1. The going comp rate is 1 point for every $10 you wager on slot machines. Before you sign up at an online casino, check if you like their offers. Not only the ones they offer you upon sign up. But the ones they offer you once you become a loyal depositor. Our best USA online casinos also run cashback offers of up to 10%. In other words, if you lost a certain amount of cash they’ll return 10% of the money you lost.

We’d like to conclude with the following. Online slot machines for real money have a negative expectation. It doesn’t matter which slots strategy you follow; you will lose over the long haul. Yes, you will win money in the short run. We advise you to play a minimum of 50 spins on at least 5 different slots machines. They can be low, medium, or high variance.

Remember to keep your average bet per spin the same. Always play slots for real cash online that have RTPs of 96% and above. They must offer you plenty of bonus rounds which increases your odds at winning. We recommend you have a look at our expert “How To Win At Slots” guide. That’s a wrap, take care, and good luck!

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