10 Tips To Become A Better Gambler

6 October 2022 < 1 minute to read
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10 Tips to become a better gambler are essential if you want to win more money gambling online. Whether you play table games like roulette or slots the fundamental rules of gambling remain the same.

Buckle up, it’s going to be an interesting ride. Next time you play at your favorite online casino please keep them in mind. Even better, write them on a piece of paper and keep them next to you as you place your bets.

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Become A Better Gambler

How to Be a Better Gambler

Many real-money casino players will say that gambling is a “mug’s game”, but we beg to differ. There’s an old Native American Indian saying that says each of us has two wolves in us. One is good and the other bad.

Whichever wolf you feed that’s the one that will manifest itself. The same principle applies to online gambling. If you’re a methodical gambler that plays blackjack with an optimal strategy you’ll win more than you will lose.

Then again if you play recklessly, you’ll part ways with your money quickly. The Bible says a “fool and his money part ways easily”, don’t be that fool. Read the paytable, and play with free credits before you play slots USA for real money.

Tips On How To Be a Better Gambler

Step 01

debts icon
Always Pay Your Gambling Debts

If you made a bet with a fellow gambler and you’ve lost, honor that debt. Nothing is more offputting than someone who gave their word and defaulted on it.

We heard about shocking gambling debts famous gamblers notched up over the years at casinos in Las Vegas. The best advice we can give you is if you run out of cash, run out of the casino.

Step 02

lose icon
Losing is Part and Parcel of Online Casino Gambling

More often than not you’ll lose money when you play at online casinos that welcome US players. Many gamblers are under the impression that they’re doing the casino a favor just for pitching.

Furthermore, they think they’ll always win when they play slots for real money or any other casino games. This could not be further from the truth. Advantage players realize that the house will always have a one-up on them.

Hence the reason they make it their mission to learn everything about the game they enjoy playing. Therefore, when you gamble online expect that you will lose at some point.

After all, Las Vegas made its millions on the back of gamblers. Remember that the house always wins.

Step 03

danger icon
Don't Trust Your Gut Feeling

If you play on your gut feeling you might as well stop gambling now. The only way you’ll maximize your winning chances is to study the rules and the odds of a game. It can be blackjack, roulette, or craps.

Step 04

gamble icon
Never Gamble More Than You Can Afford to Lose

Set a budget or bankroll aside before you gamble online. Don’t overplay your bankroll and don’t dip back into your savings again if you’ve lost.

If you like playing slots online, pick a slot game you like, and one that suits your pocket. In other words, if you’re a casual player that plays for small bets, avoid high-variance slot machines.

More to the point, slot games such as Betsoft’s Trinity Reels and Rags to Witches. These are volatile games that require bigger bankrolls to unlock their special features.

Set your coin domination so that it fits your bankroll. For example, if your bankroll is $500 don’t wager $50 per spin. Instead, play for $2.50 bets which give you more than enough ample opportunity to win.

Not only will you stay longer at the casino but you’ll have a great time too.

Step 05

terms icon
Read the Bonus Terms

We love to play slots with a bonus, unfortunately, there are bonuses that have top-heavy terms. Their wagering requirements are near-impossible to clear. Or, they have a bunch of other nefarious terms.

So many US players accept a bonus blindly without reading the terms. Before you play with a bonus make sure you understand its fine print, especially the wagering requirements.

The WR stipulates that players must stake a certain number of bets before they can withdraw their money. Note that the top casinos that accept Americans offer sticky bonuses.

They’ll allow you to play with their bonuses but will subtract them from your winnings.

Step 06

bet icon
Don't Make Side Bets

When you play craps don’t take any side bets. Pro players regard them as sucker bets. What exactly are side bets?

It’s a bet over and above the main bet, the shooter makes in craps. It can be on any event other than the outcome of his center bets. If you can’t spot the sucker at the table within 5 minutes, you’re the sucker!

Step 07

croupier icon
Always Tip the Live Dealers at Casinos

When you had a nice payout at a live dealer casino always tip the croupier. Not only is it proper online casino etiquette, but the live dealers will also give you some handy tips.

Live dealer blackjack and live roulette are extremely popular table games at live dealer casinos. US players love the interactive vibe of the live casino because it simulates a real casino’s atmosphere.

Step 08

manners icon
Have Good Manners When Gambling

If you had a bad beat or lost a lot of money playing slots online, don’t lose your temper. There are gamblers that take out their frustrations on the dealer or on fellow players.

More importantly, gambling is a lot more fun when you’re polite to the dealer and to fellow players.

Step 09

betting systems
Disregard Betting Systems

There are players that swear that a betting system like the Martingale is the real deal. Any sensible gambler knows that betting systems are a farce because they can never beat the house.

Besides, if a betting system was so good everybody would be using it. The Gambler’s Fallacy is another good example of a betting system.

It states that no matter how many times you lose you’ll win eventually. Stay away from a betting system and never let greed get the better of you.

Step 010

bet icon
Don't Hedge Your Bets

Don’t hedge your bets because they usually carry a high house edge. When you play craps never bet on the number 7 and don’t take insurance in blackjack.

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Gambling is a risky endeavor since your money is at stake. If you stick to our 10 tips to become a better gambler religiously. You’ll win more money at our legit online casinos.

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