Online Blackjack Cheat Sheet For Steady Wins

11 August 2022 < 1 minute to read
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Online casino Blackjack is as popular as Starbucks, with more players joining daily. Blackjack is easy to learn but requires an excellent cheat sheet to win more often.

Yes, you may bust every few hands, but it happens to be a part of the game. You’ll make mathematically wiser decisions when you play according to our cheat sheet.

The smartest and most successful online Blackjack players use cheat sheets or ‘strategy charts.’ Of course, they use it because it effectively applies fundamental winning strategies.

So, let’s have a look at why Blackjack is such a trendy online table game.

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Blackjack Cheat Sheet for Winning

The Benefits Of Playing Online Blackjack

  • Blackjack is fair to the standard of a coin toss.
  • Strategy cards truly work.
  • It has the best winning odds of all table games.
  • Blackjack is not just a game of chance.
  • The math never changes.
  • Player decisions determine the win or loss.
  • Cheat Sheets increase winning hands.
  • The player has time to consult the cheat sheet.
  • Probabilities and assumptions are relatively steady.

Reputable Online Blackjack Casinos

Playing live dealer Blackjack at an online casino offers benefits only the digital realm can offer. By playing the game at a legitimate online casino, you know the dealer’s not hiding a card up his sleeve.

Online casino setting speeds up the play for even more control over the game. Only reputable online casinos ensure that the decks are real during live casino blackjack games. They guarantee the correct number of cards and do random shuffles.

Online Blackjack Cheat Sheet

In certain Blackjack variants, you know the dealer has to stand on 17. As far as constants go, you can take that to the bank.

In fact, when the dealer lands a 16 he has no other choice but to hit. Thus, he has a 0% option to stand his hand.

On the flip side, the Blackjack player would have a 50% option to hit or stand. We’d call those excellent odds.

The strategy or cheat card is not something new. Blackjack players, mathematicians, and statistical probability calculations added up over the years.

Today there are dozens of spreadsheets and tickets used by millions of Blackjack lovers. If they didn’t work, we wouldn’t be so dependent on them, not so?

Even in this era, nothing beats the experience that went into the compilation of the Blackjack players’ cheat sheets.

Cheat Sheet Layout

Referring to the cheat sheet attached to this guide, you’ll find it simplistic and easy to use. You can right click and save or if using a mobile device long press the cheat sheet and save to your mobile device.

The horizontal line displays all possible first open-faced cards the dealer may get.

All vertical rows indicate the players’ first two cards. To make the best of each hand, check where the two lines join and make that play.

Actions on the cheat sheet include hit, stand, double, or split. We need to mention one critical point at this juncture. It relates to a hard or soft total.

As we all know, the Ace card counts either 1 or 10 in Blackjack. When you use it as a 1, your hand total is a soft. Alternatively, if the Ace counts as a 10, it’s hard.

Don’t try remembering the hard and soft rules. Instead, please stick to the strategy table, as it already includes those rules.

Testing With Free Play Blackjack

It’s now up to you as the online Blackjack player to take the cheat sheet for a test drive. You can pick Wild Casino one of our top online casinos in the United States. Once you sign up, the site welcomes you with a deposit bonus worth 100% up to $5,000 to play blackjack.

Reliable online casinos all offer table games that you can play with free credits. Click on demo or practice and test the cheat sheet. Play for 15 minutes and see how much you’ve gained.

When you feel comfortable playing a specific Blackjack variant, continue with a deposit. Remember, you’ll only win real money when you use your bankroll to bet on Blackjack online.

Now that you’re on a roll, pop over to a live dealer Blackjack game and apply the cheat sheet.

For those on-the-go gamblers and Blackjack lovers, don’t let us stop you. Re-size the cheat sheet and print it out to carry in your wallet or mobile device cover.

Never let an A4-sized table ruin your street cred! In closing, we’d like to express the fact that online gambling is fun yet it can be risky. Never overplay your bankroll and withdraw your money in case you strike a big win.

Finally, allow for some losing hands without losing faith in the cheat sheet. If it worked 100% of the time we’d all live on tropical islands.

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You’ll see it on the cheat sheet, but we need to reiterate one last true and tested rule. Never split your 2x five- cards (a 10 total), regardless of what the dealer holds.

Blackjack players know that the game takes a lot of concentration. It’s undeniably an exciting game, but it can be draining.

The blue screen can play havoc with your eyes and mind when you play the game online. So with this in mind, never click the re-bet button.

You might accidentally deplete your entire bankroll. Instead, always click on a new bet to have tighter control over your chips.

Once you have won a fair amount, for example, double your budget, consider starting a new session. Take a break between sessions to keep your mind sharp.

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