Let It Ride Poker Tips and Strategy

10 October 2022 < 1 minute to read
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Let It Ride Poker poker tips and strategy helps you to win more money. Let It Ride is a new online casino game that is similar to Caribbean Stud Poker.

It seats up to 7 players and played on a semi-circular table just like blackjack. Note that when you play Let It Ride Poker online you are not up against the house. Nor, are you up against other players.

It boils down to the value of each hand. The higher your hand ranking, the better the payout. This guide covers the best tips and strategies to play Let It Ride Poker at online casinos.

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Let It Ride Poker Strategy, Tips, Tricks & Cheats

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    How To Play Let It Ride Poker at Online Casinos?

    poker cards icon

    Online casinos that welcome players from the United States offer plenty of games including Let It Ride.

    It’s important to play Let It Ride poker with free credits before you play for real money.

    Just like five-card stud poker Let It Ride uses a deck of 52 cards.

    Let It Ride includes 3 cards and 2 community cards.

    In order to get the best possible hand you must remove a third of your bet.

    Once you have seen your 3 community cards you only have one shot to make it count!

    There are 3 betting circles. You must place a bet on each one. Bear in mind that the bet size for each circle must be the same. For example, if you bet $5 on circle 1, you must make the same bet on circles 2 and 3.

    Once you placed your bets. The dealer deals you 3 cards followed by 2 community cards placed in the center of the table. The players share the latter cards.

    Look at your cards. If your 3 cards are good, you’ll receive a payout according to the poker hand ranking table.

    If you are not happy with your hand. You can always withdraw one of your bets by scraping your cards on the table. The dealer will then return one of the bets you’ve made to you.

    Letting It Ride

    If you decide to “Let It Ride” what must you do? Place your three cards just beneath Circle 1. Once done. The dealer reveals one of the two community cards.

    You can use this card as the 4th card for your hands. Essentially this is the last card and it completes the hand for all the players.

    The dealer will then pay the winning bets according to the Paytable.

    rules icon

    Let It Ride Rules

    Pair of tens or higher: This is a common winning hand since the player wins 20 percent of the time.

    Four of a kind: This hand is a guaranteed winner since it pays out 50 to 1. When you receive this hand let your bets ride.

    Three-of-a-kind is a very good hand and pays out 3 to 1. You can improve this hand to four of a kind or a full house.

    Four cards to a royal flush won’t guarantee you a winner. Therefore, it’s best to let it ride just to see what happens.

    Potential winning hands can be a royal flush, straight flush, flush, straight, or high pair.

    Four cards to a straight flush don’t offer the same winning potential as 4 cards to a royal flush. Yet, the wins can be amazing. Possible winning hands include a straight flush, flush, straight, and high pair.

    Four to a flush offers odds of 23 to 1 of landing a flush with 3 cards. You can reduce the odds to 4.5 to 1 for a hand that pays 8 to 1.

    This hand can become a high card with a winning pair.

    Four cards to an open-ended straight: There are no winning pairs if there are no high cards.

    The odds of you drawing the fifth card to an open-ended straight is five to one. Neither the casino nor you can win this hand.


    Let It Ride Poker Tips and Strategy

    Four cards to a high straight is the most marginal hand according to the Paytable.

    The odds against you for drawing an inside straight is eleven to one. The high cards buffet it which could produce a winning pair.

    When you play Let It Ride poker at online casinos do not rush your bets.

    Keep your bets to a minimum and avoid side bets as far as possible.

    More importantly, don’t overplay your bankroll and stick to your original budget.

    Some online gambling sites offer US players bonuses to play Let It Ride. Check the bonus terms before you play.

    Let It Ride Poker has a house advantage of 3.5%. To get the edge you must be an ace at basic strategy. In this section, we’re going to tell you how to accomplish this.

    However, it’s important to know which hands to let it ride and which ones to drop.

    When you have the following cards, ‘Let It Ride:

    • When you have a pair of tens or better.
    • Three or Four card Royal Flush.
    • Three or Four Straight Flush.
    • Four card Flush
    • Four high cards.
    • An Open Ended Straight.

    Let It Ride Poker Table

    1 Circle PayoutsOdds
    Royal Flush1000 to 1
    Straight Flush200 to 1
    Four of a Kind50 to 1
    Flush8 to 1
    Straight5 to 1
    Three of a Kind3 to 1
    Two Pair2 to 1
    10s or Better1 to 1

    *Some RTG Casinos offer a progressive side bet of $1 which is more or less the same as Caribbean Stud Poker. Just remember that payouts differ from casino to casino.

    Let It Ride Progressive Bet of $1

    Royal Flush100%
    Straight Flush100%
    Four of a Kind100%
    Full House$500


    The above-mentioned rules of Let It Ride Poker are relatively easy. We just covered the most important aspects of the online casino table game.

    Obviously, there’s far more to Let It Ride Poker than what meets the eye. If you don’t follow our guidelines you won’t win money because the game’s house edge is brutal! Let It Ride Poker is fun to play and easy to learn.

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