How To Use Online Casino Game Stats To Your Advantage

4 November 2020 4 minutes to read
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Many online casino players ask us when is the best time to bet on a streak? More often than not we tell them the moment the winning streak starts. It sounds far easier than it actually is because we all had a similar gambling experience.

Whether you play roulette for real money online or at a land casino, it doesn’t matter. Moreover, the Roulette stats show that Red appeared 58% of the time. Any smart player will bet on the color Red most of the time when they play roulette online.

Players will then bet big on Red hoping for that elusive win because the stats say so. Not so? As we know when it comes to gambling at US-friendly online casinos lady luck is fickle. So much so, that the next spin lands on Black, ouch. Or, when you play Craps and you see that the graph indicates that the 7 dominates; you’ll bet big on the 7 at odds of 4:1. When the next roll of the dice occurs it does not land on the 7.


Casino Games Streaks & Stats

Even seasoned casino gamblers can’t predict the outcome of the dice roll or which card the dealer will deal next. Now, if this was the case, we wouldn’t dispense our gambling advice so freely. We’d be sipping pina Coladas at some exotic holiday destination in a hammock. Make no mistake, there is a way you can use casino game statistics so that it benefits you.

More importantly, smart casino gamblers use statistics to spot trends. And, where there is a trend, a streak is on the cards. If you have a solid strategy you can catch a streak before it starts; reap the rewards and walk away from the casino a winner.

One of the first rules of catching a streak is to manage your bankroll properly. You don’t necessarily have to be the smartest online casino game player. Players who know how to use their budgets to their advantage are halfway there. Let’s just say, they have a sound cash management methodology and they keep to it.

Before you place your bets for real money on a casino game. Decide on a bankroll, how much you want to risk, and the buy-in amount per session. If you play slots for real money online your average bet per spin must reflect your bankroll. If your budget is $100, your max bet per spin should be at least $1 to $2.

To be more precise, your bankroll should be at least three times the amount you buy-in. For example, if your bankroll is $100, your average bet per spin on a slot machine should be around $3. The session starts with $30 and it ends when you withdraw the $30, or when you lose it.


Real Money Slots – Don’t Bet High

When we play casino games online for real cash we keep to the following mantra – never bet high. What does it entail? We’ll never increase our bet per spin when we play slots online. Unless we had a magnificent payout of at least 300x our stake. Let’s circle back to Roulette again. The quickest way to kiss your bankroll goodbye is when you bet $35 on Red, hoping to snag a win. Sorry to burst your bubble, it ain’t gonna happen.

If you play roulette or craps online whether it’s at USA or Australian casinos. Your minimum bet should be at least $1.50 for roulette and $2 for craps. Now, if they establish the point in craps; you can up the ante to $4 per bet.


Know The Casino Game You Want To Play

Another important thing is familiarity or knowledge. Yeah, we know what they say that familiarity breeds contempt. Luckily this is not the case when it comes to playing casino games online. In this case, familiarity, knowledge, or experience whatever you call it is a good thing.

How so? Know the casino game inside-out you’re going to play. If you want to be an Ace at blackjack know the betting strategy, rules, and odds of blackjack. The same thing applies to online slots. Before you deposit money, play the slots for free first. It gives you insight into the slot game’s mechanic such as its volatility, and bonus rounds.

Many players still bet big on the double-zero when the play craps. They’re under the impression that it pays more than the other numbers. Unfortunately, it’s not the case. All the numbers in Craps pay 35:1 including the Green numbers. Or, they simply believe that if the bet on the numbers 7 or 11 they’ll win. This is not correct because the right numbers to bet on in Craps are 2, 3, and 12. Which explains why it’s to your advantage to know the rules and betting strategy when you play craps.


Best Betting Strategy Casino Games

last but certainly not least, never bet more than you can win. In roulette, the Street Bet covers three numbers in a column. Therefore, you’re looking at a payout of $3 or odds of around 2.75:1. The correct betting strategy; bet on 6 streets at a quarter per street at a total bet of $1.50. If one of your street bets win you just doubled your bet.

The best betting strategy is to always bet on the winning numbers and on the numbers that surround it. Even if a different street wins you’ll still show a profit. Remember, it might not be a sustainable betting strategy because there is always room for improvement.

Now that we’ve armed you with some solid tips we wish you the best of luck at the casino tables. Until next time, cheers.

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