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Online Slot Mistakes That Can Cost You Money

People do the craziest things sometimes and if you want to see some really zany behavior all you have to do is visit your local casino. Maybe all the lights, sights, sounds and frills cause an overload of sensory information to our brains. Or, maybe it’s because we’ve let our guard down which we wouldn’t normally do in the real world. Regardless of the reason try and be alert at all times. In this article we’re going to look at some common mistakes slot players normally make.

Be On Top of Your Slots Game

In a land casino folk normally have to stand in long lines to cash out their tickets, frustratingly it can takes ages, especially if the person in front of you has a massive amount of coins that needs to be converted into dollars. This can cause players to become impatient and instead of cashing out there wins, they play it right back into the casino.

The same thing happens online too. If the online casino takes ages before it clears a withdrawal the player can play back the cash he or she has won. Before you deposit and play at a casino check the cash out period for the deposit option you’re about to use.

You want is to wait more than 7 working days before you receive your cash. If you’re playing in a land casino consolidate all your tickets, it’s much easier to put all your tickets into an available slot machine and cash out one ticket with the total amount. Another option is to go to the cashier where the cashier will consolidate all the tickets and give you one lump sum.

Many casinos now offer ticket machines with ‘‘Multiple Ticketing’‘ options. The cash machine allows players to insert several tickets into the machine allowing them to cash out the accumulated balance. On the home screen look out for this option, the last thing you want to do is go home with $50 worth of pennies, nickels and dimes?

Bet The Right Amount Per Spin
During one of my visits to a land-casino I was nearly jolted out of my chair because of a high pitched shriek that came from a lady playing next to me. ”What happened”, she asked me. ”What do you mean?” I replied back. ”I put $100 in the machine and now I only have $25.” Turns out instead of wagering $0.50 on the machine she wagered $25 or 100 quarters per spin.

Whether you play online or at a land casino always make sure that your average bet per spin is within the ambit of your bankroll. The maximum allowable bet on slot machines in Arizona is $25, but can be as high as $29 on certain slots. That’s why it’s extremely important to understand what denomination slots you’re playing. Don’t just feed your money into the machine or press the spin button. Always realize that there’s a reason why the ‘Max’ bet button is so close to the spin/repeat bet button. If you accidentally hit the max bet button the casino won’t mind.

Player Cards Can Be a Pain
Another thing I’ve witnessed is that people insert their players card incorrectly into the slot. Take your time to ensure that the card is recognized by the card reader. If it hasn’t been there there will be an error message displayed such as ‘‘Please Reinsert Card”. And, when the card is accepted there will be an indication with a welcome message.

Make sure to occasionally verify that the card is still being registered by the reader. The card reader can be finicky at times and even a slight movement such as hitting up against the machine with your leg, could cause the slot machine to move. If your card is still giving you problems ask a friendly casino assistant to help you or head on over to the players club to get a new one.

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