How To Win Big Playing Online Casino Games!

3 December 2021 5 minutes to read
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When we see articles like, “How To Win Big Playing Online Casino Games!“, we usually give a loud smirk. Or, we roll our eyes and say it’s too good to be true.

So, is it clickbait? Certainly not! With a combined online gambling experience that spans more than two decades. The team is the real deal!

When it comes to playing casinos slots for real money online. We’re the first to admit there’s no secret instant-win recipe or tricks. Just discipline, luck, and of course, a betting strategy!

A bit of experience and knowledge goes a long way too. Then again it helps a lot too if you’re a smart player.

The type of player that knows which games to play. How to maintain your discipline. But, more importantly, know when to call it quits.

Stay with us, and benefit from our excellent expert online casino game tips.


Don’t Bust Your Bankroll

You most probably heard this a thousand times prior to reading this piece. Don’t break the bank! Well, it’s the truth. Without a bankroll, you won’t be able to play slots online and win!

Before you play a casino game online, decide on a bankroll. In other words, the amount of money you can afford to lose.

When we play Betsoft’s, Return to Paris which is one of our favorites by the way. We set a betting limit and how much cash we can part ways with. The reality is you might lose your entire bankroll playing slots.

We make sure that our average stake is in tune with our bankroll.

What Type of Slots Player Are You?

If you are a casual online slots player that plays for pennies. A casino budget of $100 to $150 is more than ample.

Now, if you play at $5 per spin chasing the big wins. A budget of $500 to $2,000 will suffice.

It helps a ton too if you play the slots with free credits before you risk your money.


Kow The Difference Between High and Low Variance Slots

Online slot developers release online slot games with different volatilities. In fact, they categorize each slot into low, medium, or high variance.

This enables you, the slot player to pick a slot machine that fits your budget. The thing is it’s all about the slots’ bonuses. We won’t play a slot where the average free spin trigger is 250 spins on a shoe-string budget of $50.

Instead, we’ll pick a slot where we can trigger the free spins in under 40 spins. A low variance slot is a game where the bonuses trigger with greater frequency.

Highly volatile slots offer few wins, and their bonuses are harder to trigger. When they finally pay, the wins are huge. A good example of a volatile slot is realTime Gaming’s, Cash Bandits 3.

When you play Cash Bandits 3 with real money. You’ll experience plenty of dry spells. Which by the way can wipe out your entire bankroll. Cash Bandits 3 can also pay you $2.875 million on a single spin!

Low variance slot machines have high hit rates and many paylines. They’re fun to play! Keep in mind, that the house always wins no matter how smart you play.

While high variance slots give you more bang for your buck. This is why high roller casino VIPs play them.

However, they’ll also bleed your bankroll dry which is why online casinos love them. On that note, beware!


Play For Fun

Never play a slot game just for the sake of playing. By this, we mean playing without fun. Online casino games are there to entertain you – nothing else.

Okay must admit, we play online casino games to win money too. So, let’s not kid ourselves.

Slot studios pad their slots with high-end graphics and ear-splitting audio tracks. Furthermore, players benefit from free spins, and multiplier wins.

The sky is pretty much the limit. Each slot machine online has its own bonuses.

Why You Should Play Volatile Slots

It’s not always easy to spot a volatile slot. Just because a slot offers a small jackpot doesn’t make it low variance.

We see plenty of slots that have brutal volatility with tiny jackpots.

A slot machine with a massive jackpot is a volatile slot. These are the games that offer wins well North of 10,000x the stake. Therefore, in this scenario, it’s safe to assume the more volatile a game is. The bigger its jackpot.

With its adventurous pirate theme, Smuggler’s Cove has a jackpot of $1 million. When you play slots like this for real money at online casinos. Make sure your bankroll has enough juice in it to sit out the dry spells.

The majority of the wins in slot games occur over the short term. Over the long haul, the casino or the house always wins.


Online Slot Myths and Low Variance Games

The longer you play the better, not so? Nope, don’t make that mistake. Regrettably, many players believe the longer they play. The better their chances of winning.

Players often fall for the “loosest” or the slots that offer the “highest payback”.

There’s an old saying that says if you can’t spot the sucker at the table within a few minutes. You’re that sucker!

Don’t always play a slot machine just because its payback rate is more than 97%. Basically, RTP or payback hinges on the long-term. How much the slot pays out over tens of thousands of spins.

We can say with certainty you’ll never play the slot for that number of spins. Hence the reason we only play slots for 50 to 100 spins. Whether the slot game pays out or not.

Low variance slots on the other hand are bankroll-friendly. Their jackpots are small, and they payout frequently albeit small wins. Perhaps, more importantly, it’s vastly easier to trigger their bonuses.


Check The Hit Rate of the Casino Game

Players often overlook the hit frequency of an online slot. The higher the hit rate the better it is for you. Slot players often misinterpret the RTP and the hit rate of a slot.

If a casino game online has a hit rate of 40% it’s brilliant for you. You can therefore expect a winner on every second spin you make.

Slot games online with low hit rates pay less. Winning spins can be far and few in between.


Quick Tip

You most probably heard the saying ‘protect the win, prevent the loss’. If you haven’t. It simply means, withdraw your money out of the casino while you’re still ahead.

By doing this, you’ll walk away a winner from the casino every time you play.

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