Does Bovada Rig Blackjack?

13 October 2022 < 1 minute to read
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Does Bovada rig their blackjack? That’s a question many US players want to know before they play any casino game for real money at Bovada.

Right off the bat, Bovada is and will remain one of the top online casinos for Americans to play blackjack online. In our opinion, at least.

Interestingly, the rigging of online casino games has been in the news a lot lately. Some players even accused Bovada of dishonesty, yeap.

Just so you know Bovada is one of our top sites to play at. Anyhow, the Whizz team decided to investigate.

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Is Bovada Rigging Blackjack?

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    What’s Up With The Blackjack Gig at Bovada?

    We’ve never played blackjack for real money at Bovada before. However, if we do see a nice casino promotion at Bovada we’ll play the odd slot machine.

    Which begs the question. Does Bovada Casino rig its blackjack games? Absolutely not! Bovada has been servicing millions of happy US customers since December 2011.

    Casino gamblers play blackjack because of its low edge over the online casino, or house. If you use an optimal strategy when you play blackjack. You can almost beat the house consistently, well in theory at least.

    bovada blackjack games

    How To Play Blackjack at Bovada

    Step 01

    register icon
    Sign Up at the Online Casino

    Click on “Register Now”, and input your personal details.


    Step 02

    banking icon
    Add Your Banking Details

    Go to the cashier of Bovada and click on your preferred banking detail. You can also play with other cryptocurrencies or use a credit card.

    Step 03

    blackjack icon
    Know the Blackjack Variant You Want to Play

    Bovada adds plenty of new casino games to its library every month. This includes new variants of blackjack.

    Step 04

    bonus icon
    Play Blackjack with a Bonus

    Bovada offers its players a blackjack bonus from time to time. Make sure you understand the bonus terms.

    Step 05

    withdraw bitcoin icon
    Withdraw Your Money

    If you land a big wig you can cash it out with Bitcoin. Bovada clears BTC blackjack winnings within 24 hours.

    Play Onlien Blackjack At Bovada


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    Welcome Bonus Up To $3,000 or $5000 If using Bitcoin Promo code: Not Needed

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    Why Bovada Does Not Rig Its Casino Games

    random number generator icon

    Bovada Casino cannot rig blackjack even if it tries to. An automatic RNG shuffler shuffles the cards of Bovada’s electronic blackjack casino games. When you play live dealer blackjack at a Live Casino.

    The dealers use automated shuffling machines. So, whether you play the electronic or the real live version there is no rigging.

    Furthermore, independent testing companies regularly audit the RNG software of Bovada. Whether it’s slots, blackjack, video poker, or roulette.

    Besides, Bovada is a big-name online casino brand that will never stake its reputation. The online gambling site has been online for many years. Moreover, thousands of blackjack players flock to the site every day.


    Use This Blackjack Strategy at Bovada Casino

    When you play blackjack at Bovada you should aim to get 21 without going bust. In other words, your card total should not be more than 21.

    It does not matter which online blackjack version you play. The rules of blackjack stay the same:

    • Try and get 21 or as close to it as possible by beating the dealer’s hand.
    • If your cards total more than 21. You’ll go bust and the dealer will win.
    • Now, if the dealer deals you 21, it’s a natural. You’ll then win the hand automatically.

    Stats point out that you’ll hit 21 roughly on every 22nd hand. This also depends on at which casino online you’re playing blackjack.

    To beat the house, in this case, Bovada Casino at blackjack. Use the following betting strategy/blackjack tips at Bovada:

    1. Stand: If you’re happy with the cards the dealer deals you, stand.
    2. Hit: If you need additional cards to build your blackjack hand. You can ask the dealer to deal you extra cards. Just make sure your card hand does not exceed 21.
    3. Double: You’ll receive another card when you double your bet.
    4. Surrender: Certain versions of blackjack allows you to surrender your 2 cards. The round ends and the dealer returns half your bet.
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    What Blackjack Games Can I Play at Bovada Casino?

    • Classic Blackjack
    • Double deck blackjack
    • European blackjack
    • Perfect Pairs
    • Single deck blackjack
    • Zappit blackjack

    Bovada Casino also runs a live dealer casino. You can play live casino blackjack against flesh and blood dealers in real time. Bets start at $25 up to $1,000 per hand.


    So, does Bovada rig blackjack? Not a chance. Bovada is one of the top online casinos where Americans can play blackjack. Whether it’s blackjack for real money or with free credits on your mobile phone device.

    If you want to know more about Bovada Casino read our review of the online casino. Gamble responsibly when you play blackjack at Bovada and don’t chase your losses.

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