Common Questions Players Ask About Casino Games

13 November 2020 6 minutes to read
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Have you ever wondered why so many online slots or pokie machines have a frog theme or frogs in them? Well, because frog symbols are symbols of good luck around the world in particular in Asian culture. Asians believe that the frog brings in plenty of wealth and prosperity.

In ancient Rome, the Romans believed that the frog brought riches to a household. While the Greeks and the Egyptians believed that the frog is a sign of fertility. Moreover, there is an interesting Chinese legend that says: ” The world rests on the back of a three-legged frog.” A prime example of a pokie with a frog theme is RealTime Gaming’s, Frog Fortunes.

As you can see there’s so much more to the simple frog than what meets the eye. More importantly, don’t believe for one moment that you can get warts from touching frogs. You get warts from a virus. One of the things we love about the online casino industry is the constant change it brings.

Visit the same online casino USA site in a month’s time and something might have changed. That’s the competitive nature of the casino industry for you. Suffice to say, Las Vegas is no longer the epicenter of the casino gambling world. In this piece, we arm you with plenty of casino tips to make your casino games experience a memorable one. Oh, and we cover a few common questions too.

How To Play Real Money Slots?

Since slot machines or pokies are the most popular casino games. Whether it’s at a land-based venue or at an online casino site. Players often ask us a few interesting questions about them. This week we already received a bunch of letters from players from the United States, Australia, and Canada.

The majority of them are questions that relate to real money slot players. So, buckle up.  They are quite interesting and will stand you in good stead next time you play pokies for money online.

What day is the best to play slots or pokies?

It can be at any time of the day. Make sure that when you play online slots at our best USA casinos online; it doesn’t interfere with your work or sleeping patterns. There shouldn’t be any distractions as well.


What slot machine is the best to play?

It depends entirely on what type of pokie player you are. It’s also a matter of personal choice. Now that we’re talking about video slot machines it can be a casino game like video poker. Casino gamblers like to play video poker because it has a very low edge to the house.

In some cases, it can be less than 2%. That said, to be good at video poker requires skill. So, next time you play make sure that you understand poker hand ranking. The rules of the video poker variant and the odds of each video poker hand occurring.

Video keno tables are quite popular but few things beat the simple online slot game. Or as our Australian friends from Down Under call them, pokies. Beyond keno, higher denomination slot machines are good value for money. The higher the pokies’ volatility the bigger the return on your initial investment. However, there are pokies that are high variance but they offer small jackpots.

As a rule of thumb, we only play pokies for real cash with big jackpots and RTPs of above 96%. Even if you have an idea about the payback ratio of the slot machine over longer sessions. A random number generator determines the outcome of each spin of a slot game.

When you play slots for real money accept the bonus the online casino offers you. Read the instructions of the bonus and consult the slot machine’s paytable before you play.

Do online casinos change the payback ratio of their slot machines?

The short answer to this is, yes. When a software provider like Yggdrasil releases a pokie its payout percentage can be 96.5%. The casino can reduce the RTP of the slot to 96.20% because of bonus offers, comps, and Free Spins. However, it must have the prior consent of the jurisdiction the casino holds a license in.


What should my average bet per spin on a slot game be?

There’s an old saying that says “stupid is as stupid does“. Whether you play a slot machine with free credits or for real money. Always play the casino game online within the ambit of your bankroll. Know your limits and be aware of problem gambling. It’s so easy to burn a bankroll in a session or to try and win back the money you lost.

When you play slots at any of our top USA casinos online. Always play with the max number of bet lines. Not only does it increase the RTP, but it offers the max possible win on that specific spin. The Casinowhizz team has years of Australian online casino gambling experience. We’ve made plenty of newbie errors that cost us dearly. Therefore, it’s easy for us to share our casino online gaming experience with you.

To answer the question. Unless you’re a casual slot machine player your minimum wager should be AUD$5 per spin. We like this betting range when we play pokies because it’s not too much and neither is it too little.

Moreover, the payouts are quite good at this betting range. Your average bet per spin must be enough so that it enables you to trigger the slot game’s bonus rounds. It’s like taking a road trip to Vegas. To reach Vegas; you’ll make sure that there’s enough gas in your vehicle’s tank.

Most of the slot games you play allow a bonus trigger on every 100 to 200 spins. If you don’t have the bankroll to go the distance rather play penny machines at bets of $0.50 or lower.


When I play slots online what’s the best number of spins to make?

Once again this depends on a few factors such as the type of player you are. Budget constraints. Patience, betting strategy, and so forth all play a role. As experts of online slot games, we like to play a game for 100 spins. For the most part; the average slot game triggers a bonus round after 100 spins. Remember, any casino game offers a negative expectancy over the long run. No matter how good a player you are; the house always wins.


What are the best social game online casinos offer?

If you enjoy casino games that are interactive play the table games at live dealer casinos. It can be live dealer blackjack for money, roulette, baccarat, or Texas Hold’em. When you play poker at live casino tables there’s always the possibility of reading your opponents.

Each game is interactive as it allows you to chat with fellow players and the dealers. Live casinos stream their games in real-time from a studio. The most popular live casino game for Americans and Australians are from Evolution Gaming.

When I play blackjack, is it good to stand on 15 if the dealer has 17? If I start with an Ace and 4 and receive a 10. Is it good to stand against the dealer’s 7?

The most logical explanation is the coin flip scenario. If you spin a coin for heads or tails thousands of times. A plausible outcome could be 50% for heads and 50% for tails.

In online casino gambling, there are only two outcomes; an expected and an actual outcome. There would be no gambling if both outcomes were the same. Casinos program their games to win over the long run hence the word negative expectation.

In basic blackjack strategy, many players assume that the dealer’s hole card is a 10. This is not true. Everything boils down to the dealer’s possible card combinations with the dealer’s upcard. Only 1 in 3 times the dealer will have a 10 when he shows a 7.

Now, if you have an upcard of 7, the dealer will break 25.99% of the time. Roughly speaking, 3 out of the 4 times the dealer’s hand will have an upcard of 7. You’ll bust your hand 58% of the time if you hit your 15. Over the long haul playing the way you do won’t end well for you. Long story short, 15 is a shoddy blackjack hand to start your play with. It’s always better to hit the hand instead of standing. Remember, no matter how good you are there is no flawless betting strategy.


Will a positive attitude help me win when I play a casino game like slots?

A positive attitude certainly helps but it won’t make you a winning slots player. When it comes to playing slot games at online casino sites there’s a myriad of factors at play. Let’s begin with bankroll management.

Choose the right casino and slot game that suits your style of play. Play a game with an RTP of 96% and above. Preferably with the casino’s bonus money. And a game that has plenty of bonus rounds like Free Spins, Re-spins, and Pick Me Options.

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