Why You Should Play Casino Games Slow

17 December 2021 3 minutes to read
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We live in a hectic world where everything takes place at a frenetic pace. There are fast cars, fast food, and technology that allows us to do things fast.

We even get our online casino news from instantaneous news outlets. More to the point. Playing casino games at a slower pace can work wonders for you. Don’t you agree?

With the exception of a few casino games, of course. Online slots for real money sessions seldom last longer than an hour.

The faster the casino game; the quicker the casino will take your money. We know the feeling and it hurts when it happens.

Take Your Time, Don’t Rush Your Bets

When you take your time, you throw your opponents off their game. Have you ever wondered why some poker pros deliberately play their hands slow?

Well, there is a method to their madness. If you move fast with a strong hand you’ll chase the other poker players off the pot.

You don’t want that especially if you have a very good hand.

Moreover, slow play or trapping is a special strategy you can use before you flash the nuts.

Successful online poker players never oversell their hands. But more importantly, they take their time with their bets.

Appear as if you’re thinking carefully. There’s an old saying that says “the more haste the less speed“.


The Advantages of Slow Play

The main advantage of slow play is that it prolongs your bankroll. The biggest mistake players still make is that they pick a casino game for the wrong reasons.

Pick a game that suits your style of play. If you’re a geek, play blackjack or baccarat. These games still require an optimal betting strategy though.

If you’re in it for the fun. Then your best bet would be to play slots online. Decide on how many spins you want to play the slot for.

Moreover, work your average session into your casino budget. Slot machines don’t require skill and they’re fun to play.

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a betting strategy when you play slots. The key is to time your sessions via the Auto Play feature.

In our experience, 25 spins work the best for us. It’s not too long and neither is it too short. You can glean a lot of information from a slot even after 25 spins.

Keep in mind, 25 spins is 1 session. You can also play the slot game for 4, 5, or 10 sessions.

Above all, take a break after 3 or 4 sessions. If you’re on a hot streak with the slot, continue to play.

If not, cash out, or try another casino game at a different online casino. Whatever you do just don’t rush your bets.


What Is a Slow Roll?

We’re not big on poker but some of our visitors enjoy poker now and again. Hence the reason we decided to drop a few poker snippets.

Slow roll is when you take longer than usual to place your bets. When a strong poker player sees your sandbagging. They’ll see it as a sign of weakness and move in for the kill.

This is exactly where you can nail them! Furthermore, it’s a psychological ploy that packs a big punch.

Sometimes you get players at the table that just won’t stop talking. We call these players “coffee-housing“. However, they deliberately talk a lot because they’re seeking information.

And, let’s not forget they also don’t rush their bets. Can you see where we’re going with this?

One slow-moving play the casino won’t allow is a string bet. This is when someone tries to place their bets on the table multiple times slowly.

Any smart live casino dealer will call the player out doing this. They won’t allow this bet, period. The player’s strategy is to solicit a reaction from the other players at the table.

This is an illegal move that gives them the edge.


Help Other Players at the Table

Believe it or not, another thing that encourages slow play is to help fellow players at the table.

The trick is to identify those players that will appreciate your help. Some female players might find it offensive if a guy tries to help them.

They might construe you’re up to no good despite your best intentions.

Be that as it may, this also helps you to play slower. Plus, some advice from an experienced player will prompt you to learn basic blackjack strategy.



In this day and age, savvy players can optimize any pot or spin by playing slowly.

Not only does playing slowly speed up your skill, but your bankroll too.

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