Why You Should Focus On the Three Rs of Poker

25 August 2022 4 minutes to read
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When it comes to playing poker online for real money you must know the “Three Rs of Poker”. So, hopefully, this piece will cause a blip of excitement.

What are the Three Rs of Poker?

The best way to enhance your poker skills online and bankroll is to focus on the three Rs of poker. They are Range, Rote, and Reason.

If you want to go from a moderate poker player to a great one at the best USA online casinos. Make sure you read, practice, and fine-tune those rolling three Rs.


The Range states that you should not focus on the individual hands but on the cards when you play poker.

Weak to average players make it their mission to try and figure out the hands their opponents hold. Experts on the other hand think in terms of card ranges.

Smart poker players use deduction to identify ranges. For instance, if you have a pair of tens and each player at the table calls. You can deduce that no holds a pair or better.

As someone who holds a 10-10, J-J, or Q-Q has not raised pre-flop, called. You can further anticipate that someone is holding a kicker, 10-J, or K-A.

What About the Flop?

Let’s say the flop drops 8 of clubs, 7 of clubs, and 3 of spades. When your opponent calls, you can eliminate a bunch of hands in one go.

If your opponent received a pair on any of those hands he would have raised. Moreover, the hands that remain in the pot will most probably be weak hands.

We’re looking at possible pairs, high-cards and lower. Calling with hands such as Q-K to 5-6 in clubs with a shot at a straight or flush is good.

What Does the Turn Tell You?

When the turn comes you’ll know even more about the hands of your opponents. If the turn card is a club, you raise it, and your opponent goes all in. Ten to one he has a straight or a flush.

Now, what happens if he calls? You’ll deduce that he hasn’t got the nuts. Moreover, it’s important that you keep tabs on what’s in front of you.

Essentially, it all boils down to the card range since it’s the best tool to improve your game.

What is the Rote?

Now that you know what the range is the next step is to look at the Rote. Versatility is the key to playing winning poker.

More to the point, you must be able to “think on your feet” by adjusting your game. Perhaps you’re thinking of the law of average having lost five straight hands in a row.

Elite poker players never bank on the law of averages, period. The best of the best keep tabs on all the cards and don’t play on their gut feeling. Moreover, they take into account the mathematics of each hand.

If it sounds boring to you, you’ll most probably never be good at playing poker online. When it comes to being an ace boring is good.

The goal is to win consistently and to know the numbers. Remember, the numbers never lie.


Do yourself a favor and watch the pro poker players play next time you flick on the telly. Take a notebook and pen with you and write down your observations.

What did you notice that stands out about their play? Does “Reason” come to mind? Every single hand they play they have a reason or goal. They are flexible and they can adjust any play immediately.

In other words, they don’t just play for the sake of playing. Most pro poker players will fold a hand of a 6 and 8 off-suit. Do you agree? You should do the same.

However, if you notice that the players are playing passive and seldom bet. You can raise with an off-suite 6 and 8.

The ability to fold even when you have the highest visible card on the table, an overpair. If a tight player sees your play and suddenly raises, you know he has a strong hand.

Should You Stay in the Hand with the Three Rs of Poker?

There’s a fine line between winning and losing when it comes to playing poker for real money. The difference between pro poker players and novice players is huge.

Novice players become enamored with the cards they are holding without reading the tells. Consequently, they often overstay their welcome.

Great players often ignore those enticing-looking cards. If they don’t have a decent hand they are not afraid to fold.

Pro Poker Tips Three Rs of Poker

One of the best ways to hone your online poker skill is to play poker for free. Video poker is a great start, even though it’s not the real deal it helps a lot.

You can sign up at Wild Casino a great site for Americans with two live dealer online casinos. Play live Texas Hold’em against fellow players in real-time. Can’t beat that because Wild Casino’s live casino simulates a land-casino environment.

If you haven’t tried the US casino’s live dealer before from the comfort of your home. Find a table, and start playing the three Rs of poker with small stakes.

If you start winning consistently you take your play to the next level by playing in tournaments. Aggressive play helps too since you might intimidate other players at the table. But, don’t overdo it.

The final poker tip is to accept a bonus, just make sure that it’s a poker-friendly bonus.


The reason why so many poker players lose their money is because of their egos. The pro poker players keep it simple.

They know the mathematics of the game and know how to use the three Rs in poker. They’ll also fold if they have a weak hand.

What’s the point in riding out the pot if you have nothing unless you’re bluffing? So, playing the percentages, and knowing your opponents is key. Ultimately, you’ll morph from a break-even poker player into a winning one.

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