Why Online Casino Support Must Be Good

26 November 2020 7 minutes to read
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Online casino support is the backbone of any casino operation, not so? We live in a time where gamblers are more informed about a casino’s products than ever before. A study by Forbes points out that around 80% of the customers research a product before they make a purchase.

We recently decided to buy sneakers online but did a bit of research beforehand. You might think what has this got to do with playing at internet casino gambling sites? Bear with us a bit, we’ll get to our point soon. As we said, we searched to buy sneakers online. Now, finding the right shoes means the difference between running or not.

When we finally found an e-store with the running shoes we were looking for the in-store experience blew us away. The welcome, the personalization, the purchase, and the warm farewell met all our expectations. Since we had a fantastic experience at the online shoe store. We recommended it to our friends.

Although the sneakers are great it’s the personal attention to our needs that impressed us. This brings us to our point: “Why good online casino support matters“. Remember a great new online casino not only treats its top customers good. But also its worst players. For the best deals this side of Las Vegas please visits our safe and most secure USA online casinos.

Why Good Customer Experience Matters For Online Casinos

So many times casino review sites just ramble off the customer experience without going into detail. We’re guilty of this as well. Instead of covering the overall casino support experience we just rattle off the same old stuff. In other words, we state that support is available 24/7 at the casino through various channels and that it’s good. Bam and done!

One of the most important things about an online casino is its customer support. Because it means the difference between a non-depositing and a slots player who plays its games for real money. When we gamble online our first instinct is to seek help from the casino’s support staff.

Although we run a casino guide we play the casino games for real cash. As we believe it’s the only way to really craft a proper game or casino review. Therefore, something our visitors can relate to.


Casino Support Must Be Flexible

The punchline is if the customer support at the casino is poor. Or, the support agent tries to whisk you off to its promotions section as quickly as possible. It dilutes the casino experience immediately. Without the proper introduction formalities – players often find them at the wrong sites from the onset!

Online casinos that focus on creating a consistent customer journey will always have returning players. The journey at the casino must begin the second players arrive. And it should continue long after they made their first deposit.

Sometimes players will research hours on end and when they finally find a useful casino review site. They’ll charge right in, they’ll try and claim an offer the casino promised them according to the review; just to see it’s not available. The player will then contact the casino’s support to follow up on this offer.


Outdated Content Is A Deal-Breaker

Maybe it was a spectacular no-deposit Free Spins bonus or a juicy USA casino bonus. It so happens that the staff at the casino is not always up to scratch concerning the casino’s promos. As a result, the player is already off to a bad start at the casino. Consequently, they’ll spend their money elsewhere because the choices are many. Believe it or not, it happens a lot. The support team at the casino must always be on top of things. They must know the casino’s current and previous promotional offers inside out.

To circle back to the offer at the casino review site that’s no longer available. The proper response from the casino’s support agent should be. Dear Sir or Madam, we regret to inform you that the offer is no longer available because the promotion expired. The casino review site did not update its page with the newest casino offerings. To apologize for the inconvenience, we’ll throw in a proper welcome offer of your choice.

Don’t you think that’s a better response? We certainly think so. Furthermore, support must know how to address any issue that may arise; and be able to deal with online gambling addiction. In this day players expect the best customer support from online casinos.

We regularly contact the support staff at the casinos we promote. If the support at the casino is not up to our lofty standards. We’ll email the casino with a screenshot of our communication with the site’s support agent. It keeps them on their toes!


What Makes A Great Casino Customer Support Team?

Our best online casinos in the USA know that support plays an integral part. They’re also concerned about the well-being of their customers. For this reason, they’ll go above and beyond the call of duty to satisfy player demands. Here are some of the most important aspects online casinos must address:


The casino’s online’s support must be efficient and courteous. Support must be available 24/7, which means 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Online casinos don’t have limited hourly restrictions like brick and mortar casinos.

Players can experience problems at any hour of the day or night. This is why the casino’s service agents must be available at all times.

Support Channels

Live Chat is the most popular contact method at any casino by far. We live in an age where players want answers in real-time. Our top American and Australian casinos luckily have a live chat function at their sites. So, it’s easy for players to reach them with a press on their mobile casino phones.

If the casino does not have a Live Chat text facility. The next best option is email support. Every single online casino now has email support. In itself, email is almost just as important as Live Chat. We usually send the casino’s support an email before we register an account to gauge its response time.

When we receive a quick reply from the casino. It’s usually a good sign of the casino’s level of service we can expect going forward. In return, we’ll explore the casino’s offers further. Otherwise, if we receive a sloppy reply a day later. We’ll delete the email and forget about the site.

More importantly, the casino can have different email addresses for its finance, security, or technical departments. The casino usually has a primary email address where players can reach it quickly. Other support channels at the casino include an online form and phone support.

Knowledge Is Key

When a player has an issue with the casino or a bonus he or she can’t claim, they contact support. If the casino’s support team is worth their weight in gold they’ll know what’s buzzing at the casino. They’re familiar with the site’s current bonuses, newest slot releases, forthcoming promos, and tournaments.

Furthermore, they should know the terms and conditions of the site’s bonuses. It irritates us when the casino’s support agent copies and pastes the casino’s bonus terms to us in live chat. We want that personal touch! The support agent must walk us through the bonus terms. In particular, explain to us how the WR attached to a bonus works. Which game/s contributes towards the bonus, the minimum amount to claim the bonus, and the max bet per spin.

The bottom line is when a customer asks the support agent a question two things must happen. Either the agent knows the answer to it straight away. Or, the agent escalates the issue to someone further up the chain of command.

The Casino’s Attitude Towards Its Customers

Players want an enjoyable experience at an online casino apart from solving their queries. The key to a successful support team at the casino is that they must be understanding and friendly. Nothing irks players more when support at the casino is rude. The support staff at the casino should have the customer is always right attitude – no matter what.

Multilingual Support

To meet the need of their players, international Canadian online casinos have a large support team. Although the customer support at the majority of the casinos online is in English. The support team at the casino should be available in several languages. Depending on the geographic region the casino targets.

Differentiating Between A Casino With Good and Bad Support

An essential part of the player experience is the casino’s customer support. The best casinos at Casinowhizz.com offer their players multiple support options and not just one. Casinos with a variety of support channels can cater to all kinds of casino players.

A good casino must offer email, Live Chat, online form, and phone support. Moreover, it must resolve any player query in a friendly, and efficient manner. If you contact the casino through its phone support be aware of the cost of international phone charges. Not only that but when the support staff is available and possible barriers.

When the online casino’s response time to a simple query is slow it raises a red flag. In our years of online gambling experience, we know that players don’t like to wait. Especially, when they want to play the casino’s games for real money.

If you have to wait for the casino every time you ask it a simple question. You’ve chosen a lousy casino! Bear in mind, a top-notch casino treats its best and its average players equally. If you stumble upon a casino where its support staff is rude and impatient. We advise you not to deposit and play for real money at the casino. Ten to one, your money won’t be safe with them.

Another critical point is that the casino’s customer support must be free. If they charge you a fee to answer a simple query it’s a shoddy site. No casino should charge you money when you inquire about its games or banking. Support should be free at all times.

When you play at a casino keep track of the frequent player points you’ve earned with them. Because some sites deduct your points every time you contact their player support. Even worse, if there is money in your player account; they’ll deduct money from it. If you’re not sure at which site to play at, check the casino review page of Casinowhizz.com. We test and review each casino with real cash deposits before we promote them on our site.

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