Why Live Dealer Casinos Is The Next Generation of Gaming

3 February 2021 4 minutes to read
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Technology in online casino gaming plays an integral role in how we consume gaming content. Players can practically play from anywhere as long as they have their mobile phones with them. Hence the saying; you now have a casino in your pocket! If you go back 50 years in time and tell it to someone they’ll think you’re crazy. Live USA casinos are now the next big thing because they take interactive gambling to the next level.

Yes, they made a few mistakes along the way, but haven’t we all. Creating new and engaging gaming content is what online gambling is all about. Dare we say that a ‘new generation‘ of table games is bringing back the excitement to the online casino? Of course, they are.

The difference between your average real money slots and table game player is striking! Recent research indicates that today’s table game player is young, smart, and educated. While your average slot player is female and above 50.

Okay, this puts us in a rather funny position because we’re guys and we love playing slots! However, the social deficit between slots and table games is less obvious online. More importantly, when you cross over from the slots section to the table games there’s a different vibe.

Table casino game players are loud, boisterous, perhaps even abrasive at times, but they’re fun to be around. Slot players tend to be quiet by doing their own thing. Unless they win a progressive jackpot slot of course. The sound that emanates from slot machines can be hypnotic. The bottom line is, live dealer casinos offer the ultimate social experience online less the noise.

Why Online Casinos Are Better

Online casino gamblers remain a lonesome bunch whether they’re playing slots, roulette, or blackjack. One thing all of them have in common is that they’re smashing buttons. Casinos online are trying to make their games just as appealing as brick and mortar casinos’. This is exactly where the live dealer casino comes in.

Slots may still be king but table games still account for approximately 25% of any casino’s revenue. Table games can be the last refuge for the value gambler. In other words, land-based casinos don’t offer their table game players value anymore. For example, they offer 6/5 blackjack and triple zero roulette-wheels. Believe it or not, the table or slot games you find at online casinos have a better payback rate.

When you visit a live dealer casino you won’t find a roulette wheel with a double zero. Furthermore, side bet tables are one of the most player-friendly tables around. Slot machines online operate at a house edge of 4% to 5%. While the hold percentage in land casinos is 5% to 10%.


Plenty Of Competition Means Better Service

Online USA casinos offer their casino patrons better deals because their overheads are less. Another thing that counts in favor of casino sites online players can access the websites of the competition.

If a player doesn’t like the experience at an online casino he or she can play at another within minutes. Where the competition is fierce the probability of receiving better service is better. Players who gamble at casinos online are more sophisticated. Not only that, they know what they want and how to maximize their playing experience.

Web casinos award their players bonus codes on deposit and Free Spins. Once they become loyal customers; casino sites give their loyal customers comps, cashback on losses. You won’t find those perks in a land casino! Long story short, casinos online know how to invest in their players.


Live Dealer Casino Tables Online

Live dealer table games is another reason why gambling at offshore casinos is on the rise. Players now look for a seamless casino experience without the necessary distractions.

Casinos with live dealer casinos mix the best of both worlds. They, therefore, contain elements of online and land casinos. The biggest provider of live dealer casino games is Evolution Gaming. The company currently boasts more than 300 table games and 3,000 employees across the world.

That’s not all. Evolution Gaming is at the forefront of mobile live dealer casino table games. In fact, more than 50 percent of Evolution Gaming’s profit stems from its mobile phone users.


Pros of Live Dealer Casinos

Live-dealer casino table solves one of the pressing problems players usually have with casinos, trust. They can see flesh and blood dealers spin the roulette wheel, or deal the cards from a shoe. They also successfully bridged the trust issue that kept so many players from gambling online.

Back in the day players didn’t always understand the technology behind the games. They weren’t sure if they could trust that the cards are real, especially at offshore casinos. Suffice to say, this is no longer the case. Players can enjoy blackjack for real money in HD streaming quality. With a live dealer casino game, casinos can launch the game within a matter of minutes.

Before land casinos roll out a new game it takes several months. Because each new slot machine has a team of graphic designers, and other techies involved in the design.

Space also plays a significant part. The virtual floors of online casinos are practically endless. There’s also no reason to hide loose slots away from players. Casino gamblers can access any game in the casino’s virtual library within seconds.

When an online casino releases a new slot it’s right at the top of its lobby. Alternately, casinos post their favorite games under “Popular“. Consequently, it’s akin to the A-plus section of a land casino’s floor. Needless to say, every single player that visits the casino site will see that slot!


Online Casino Live Run Special Campaigns

If a live dealer casino added a new game or if it’s going to run a special campaign. The casino notifies its customers through its email newsletter campaign. It doesn’t matter which way you look at it the player is always a click away.

Casinos that have live dealer games can offer their table bets at the minimum. If a player doesn’t know how to play a live casino game. The casino will post a quick guide online that walks the player through the entire process. Not only is it easy but cheap as well.

Another advantage of casinos online USA is that they enable players to play their games without risk. If a new slot machine like Stacked comes out, the player can visit the website of Betsoft. Or the online casino that hosts the game and plays it with free credits.


Final Word

Perhaps the biggest drawcard about the live dealer casino is that it offers players anonymity. You can almost access it from anywhere and they don’t intimidate players with mean-looking pit bosses.

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