Why It’s Better To Play Slots Online Than At Land Casinos

1 September 2021 3 minutes to read
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We always say it’s better to play slots at the best USA online casinos. For the most part, it really doesn’t sink in because most players think; yeah what’s the big deal? As expert slot players online we have our reasons.

We heard a very interesting story the other day from one of our US players. He told us about the “rigmarole” he had to go through at a land casino after his big slots win. We gave it a bit of thought and came up with the following article; “Why It’s Better To Play Slots Online Than At Land Casinos“.


Why You Should Play Slots At USA Casinos Online

George, (not his real name) send us a note from Las Vegas. Hi Casinowhizz, you won’t believe what happened to me at one of the top casinos in Las Vegas last week. I won around $1,400 but got the fright of my life shortly after. By the way, the money I won was just over the taxable amount of $1,200.

Moreover, slot attendants showed up as well as two guys straight out of the film ‘Men In Black’. A technician examined the slot machine like it had the plague. Talk about intimidating!

Fellow gamblers started to crowd the slot to see what was going on. Some even said I won tens of thousands of dollars. While others said I cheated and the casino caught me redhanded. Clearly, this wasn’t the case although I wish I won thousands of dollars. The techies opened the slot machine to replay the bonus that paid for my big win. My question to you guys is this the new normal?


Slots Are Fun

Hi George,

Congrats on your big win! Thanks for writing to us. By no means are we experts when it comes to slot machine winnings at land casinos. But, we’ll give it a crack. From what we understand the slot attendants might have thought there was a “patron dispute”. In other words, they thought that you hit the jackpot and investigated the slot.

The suits were most probably from the Nevada Gaming Control Board. Their job is to ensure that the casino reports the winnings. The casino’s security is there to control the crowd at the casino. As far as the technician goes. He accesses certain features made available to the casino from the manufactures of the slot machine. The regulations are standard from one jurisdiction to the next.

The casino’s employees checked what we call in casino terms the “Last Game Recall“. This feature requires the slot to display all the info on its final spin. Or, play from the previous day. The exact wording of this piece of regulation is this:

All the info of the last 10 games players played on the gaming device. In this case the slot machine. The technician can then retrieve all the slots’ info with an external key switch. The slot’s recall can be anything from video content to textual.


All In A Day’s Job, Nothing Personal

An accurate reconstruction occurs of the total amount of money won. Date and time stamp. The player’s average stake. The credit meter’s value at the start of play. More importantly, the 10 game recall must indicate the last 50 events of completed bonus games.

Let’s say the bonus game consists of a number of x events, each with its own outcome. It will display up to 50 events with a corresponding outcome regardless of a loss or win. The rules in place protect the manufacturer of the slot machine, the player, and the casino. Just in case there’s a dispute about the outcome of a previous spin.

Ten to one this is most probably what happened to you. To clear up any concerns. The casino’s personnel had to check the Last Game Recall because of the misinformation the crowd spread. The casino paid you and everyone is happy, not so? The slot manufacture, jurisdiction, and independent testing labs check that the Last Game Recall works. Believe it or not, the employees of slot manufacturers try and ‘break the slot’ before it hits the casino’s floor.

In answer to your question, no it’s not the new norm from casinos only when it entails speculation. Hope we got that right.


Pros of Playing Slots At Online Casinos

  1. A random number generator determines the outcome of each slot machine on the virtual casino’s slots floor.
  2. Once you sign up. The instant withdrawal online casinos offer you a casino bonus code on deposit.
  3. Pesky onlookers don’t peek over your shoulders to see what you’ve won.
  4. If you win big playing slots for real money online. It’s just you and the online USA casino.
  5. Depending on the jurisdiction you’re in, you don’t pay tax on your online slot wins. If you’re from the States you must declare your slot wins to the IRS.
  6. Online casinos like Andromeda offer you thousands of real money casino games. Their average bets range from pennies to high-limit stakes of $100.



If entertainment is your speed, make sure you don’t miss the best slots online. Our best mobile casinos connect you to a variety of slots you can access from anywhere. Playing slots at online casinos is more fun less the rigmarole.

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