Why Free Online Slots Play Is Important?

6 June 2022 3 minutes to read
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Playing online slots with free credits is one of the most important things at USA real money casinos online.

“Joe” from Wyoming in the United States wants to know why playing slots with free credits is a big deal?

“Hi Whizz team, in every slots for real money review; you guys mention play it in demo mode first before you commit money.

Yes, I get it, but why is demo mode so important when it comes to playing online slots? I play slots at the best online casinos in the United States and I never play them with free credits.”

Thanks for reaching out Joe and for the interesting question. Let us start off by saying that playing slots with free credits online is super important.

Many players told us outright that they don’t want to commit thousands of spins for nothing. Besides, they say it’s a useless experience and they don’t want to waste their time either.

We’ll, from our own experience playing slots with free credits certainly helps! Let’s put it another way, you won’t play a tennis tournament without any warm-up matches, right?


Is Playing Slots In Demo Mode a Catch 22?

Gambling at online casinos is more fun and safer than at land casinos. As far as we know land casinos don’t offer you any free play version of their games.

Technically speaking, your chances of losing money at a brick-and-mortar establishment is 50% higher than at online casinos.

Moreover, gambling sites that welcome Americans like yourself, offer deposit bonuses, and comps.

Don’t you think you’ll get a better shake for all those comps if you play in demo mode first? We certainly think so. and die 10/6 double bonus poker.

So, in answer to the question, no, demo mode is not a catch-22.


Advantages of Free Credit Slots Play

When you play slots online with free credits at the top-rated real money casinos online, you get more mileage. Yeap, that’s right mileage.

To best illustrate our point, let’s take a slot machine such as Alkemor’s Elements. Incidentally, it’s also one of Betsoft’s newest releases.

To best familiarize yourself with the game’s fantasy theme and bonus rounds. Betsoft offers casino gamblers a demo mode where they can play without risking money.

We tested the slot machine with 50 free play spins before we played it online for real money. This is what we’ve learned from our free play session.

We could not trigger the free spins feature within 50 spins. As such, it demonstrates that the game’s volatility is ‘sharper’ than we initially thought.

Therefore, we’ll need a bigger bankroll of $100 if we plan on triggering the free spins feature. Note, that’s without using the feature buy option.

Obviously, the average bet per spin is key too. We usually play slots for $1 to $2 stakes per spin. If you normally wager $5 per spin with real money; don’t play the slot with free credits at the max bet.

That defeat the objective of playing slots with free credits. Unless you’re a high roller VIP casino player.

Moreover, once you played the slot you’ll know how long it takes to trigger a bonus. The average payouts in the base game and the size of the bankroll you need.


What About The Buy Option?

Many slot studios pad their games with a Buy Option. That’s to say, an option where you can trigger the free spins feature or bonus at a set price.

Testing the feature buy option with free credits saved us thousands of dollars over the years. Many free spins feature seldom offer wins of 150x the stake.

The buy option via the free play mode indicated that 1 in 5 even 7 free spins features kick.

As result, we won’t risk our money to trigger the free spins feature with real money because it’s too risky.


The Disadvantages of Playing Slots in Demo Mode

As Joe mentioned playing slots online with free credits can be time-consuming. Many players refuse to commit hundreds of spins to something they might not play.

Besides, isn’t that the purpose of playing the slot with ‘dummy money’ to see if you like it or not? When you play the slots with free credits and you win money it’s not real cash.

In other words, you cannot withdraw the money you’ve won. One player said: “It’s like giving a dog a treat just to take the treat from the dog again.”



To Joe and to all the gamblers we’ll conclude by saying that playing slots with free credits is important.

At least, if you’re serious about giving yourself a shot at winning money. Playing slots with free credits also indicates if it’s worth playing the game with a deposit bonus.

If it’s a high variance slot you might take a pass on the bonus because of the wagering requirements.

If you don’t know how to play the slots in demo mode hold your mouse over the game. It will give you two options such as ‘Play’ or Demo’.

Some online casinos will allow you to test their slot games for free immediatley. Whilst other will require that you register an account first.

Finally, the pros of free online slots play far outweigh the cons. And, it’s most probably the greatest tool online casinos give to slot players.

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