Why Do Slot Players Lose Their Money After A Big Win?

13 April 2022 3 minutes to read
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Why do online slot players lose their money after a big win?

That’s a very good question and one that’s been burning us for quite some time.

Online casinos that accept real money bets state that their games are fair.

Yet, when a slots player strikes a windfall on a slot machine that’s when things go South.

So, is it a legitimate question? Or, do online casinos deliberately fleece players after a big win?

With regard to the first question, yes. No, online casinos don’t fleece their players!

At least the greatest online casinos in the United States we recommend.


Big Win/Big Loss?

Susan from Arizona dropped us a note recently.

In it, she said that she started bleeding money after her big win at US-friendly MYB Casino.

She landed a great payout on Betsoft Gaming’s newest slots release Alkemor’s Elements.

She told us she likes MYB because the online gambling site accepts Bitcoin.

But, more importantly, the crypto casino online pays her slot wins with Bitcoin within 12 hours.

This is her email to us:

“Hey Guys, I landed a nice win playing Alkemor’s Elements. It was at my favorite online casino that still accepts bets from Americans.

Shortly after my big win, the slot became so tight, that it was scary!

Anyway, my reasoning after the big win was, if I can land one; surely I can land another one.

Luckily I withdrew my slot wins and played with a small amount but lost it all.

Why did I lose my money after that big win?”


Online Casinos Are Business Entities

Hi Susan,

Thanks for reaching out and congrats on your big win and may there be many more!

However, you didn’t tell us how much you won? For what it’s worth you’re not alone.

It happened to us a few times when the slot game just clammed up after a huge payout.

Suffice it to say it happens! And, we might add it’s the norm.

The question is what do you do? By the way, you did well by withdrawing your money and playing with a small portion of your wins.

In case you missed it. There’s an old saying that says the house always wins.

Even though Alkemor’s Elements slot machine paid out a handsome amount. You were never going to ‘beat’ the slot over the long haul.

Online casinos must look after their bottom line and that’s their business.

If their slot games don’t pay it’s not good for business. And neither is it good for the casino if their slots payout big wins all the time.

Either way, they must strike a fine balance between the two.


How To Hang Onto Your Big Slot Wins?

Before we press on. The online slot games in the libraries of the online casinos we promote are safe.

If you want the best shake, like Susan, only sign up at the sites we recommend.

If you don’t want to lose your money after a big win, we’ll share a few pro tips with you!

Moreover, we’d like to use Susan as a case in point going forward. She’s one smart player, we’ll give her that.

1. Withdraw Your Money After A Big Win

The first thing Susan did was she withdrew a large portion of her slot machine winnings.

That’s pretty much the gold standard when it comes to playing slots online.

2. Play A Different Slot Game?

If you receive a nice windfall on a slot we suggest you play another game.

Even though online slots are random; your odds of catching another big win is slim.

When it comes to playing slots for real money at online casinos, always play it safe.

Whatever you do never dwell on the consequences, and don’t go with your gut feeling.

3. Register An Account at a Different Online Casino

Another way of looking at it is to register an account at a different online casino that accepts Americans.

In other words, instead of continuing to play at MYB, play at Wild Casino.

The site also offers a nice assortment of Betsoft slots including Alkemor’s Elements.

4. Stop Playing

The best way to ensure that you take the bacon home is to stop playing the slot machine.

Yes, we know it’s not easy to stop when your adrenaline is up after a huge win.

But, it’s the only way to ensure you hang onto your big slot wins.



By no means are we proclaiming that it’s not possible to land consecutive big slot wins.

We’re stating the obvious by taking the odds against you into careful consideration.

Even if you persevere by trying to land another huge slot win it might not happen.

It’s easy to lose track of reality when you play slots. After all, their bells and whistles are there for a reason.

More often than not online casinos will offer you a special bonus to continue playing.

They know sooner or later the player will play back that big slot win into the casino.

Whatever you do, please don’t be that player.

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