Why Betting On Blackjack Is Important For Casinos

28 January 2021 4 minutes to read
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Is it possible for Millennials to cozy up to casino’s most “beatable game“? We’re referring to blackjack since it’s been the casino favorite for many years. Running an online casino that accepts USA players is way more difficult than in the past. Today’s high rollers are more savvier than ever before and they know how to play the game of blackjack. Believe us, if you want to talk math to them you better know what to say.

So, why should online casinos market blackjack to Millennials? Aside from being the most popular game on the casino’s virtual floor. Blackjack is a social game that combines rules and it has a beatable betting strategy. Moreover, Millennials are social butterflies. However, many casino experts online believe; it will take more than a few blackjack side bets to entice the next generation of gamblers.

The Next Gen of casino gamblers don’t like intimidation. Thing is Millennials aren’t afraid of gambling per se. It’s just that older gamblers often intimidate younger players at the table.  The feeling of inadequacy is further amplified because they feel the need to mentor the next generation. They’ll say: “Son you should have split your Aces. Or, you should have hit on that soft 17.”

Of course, the older players mean well. It’s just that we’re talking about a completely new generation here. We’ll even go as far and say they’re from Mars! They think, work, and play differently than  we do. And, they’re very sharp when it comes to technology. Throw a grumpy dealer, and a few fussy customers; you’ll end a millennial’s blackjack endeavor abruptly.


Why Blackjack Matters To The Next Gen

Online casino experts believe that the only way they’ll get the next generation to the tables. Is to combine innovation, socialization and collaboration. The most important thing however is to keep them there. What do Millennials want and how does one encourage them to play blackjack online?

Blackjack is almost the ideal game for Millennials. It incorporates an advanced strategy and the skill aspect makes it a challenge to play. The next generation live in age where all the information is at their fingertips.


Player Disadvantages

Casinos now use various methods to mitigate the effects of advantage play. A good example is side bets because it offers a great deal more than the base game. Common sense dictates that you should run away when you see blackjack side bets.

Moreover, online casinos turn a hefty profit from side bets. Players who understand the math behind blackjack see a 6:5 bet versus a 3:2 payoff as ridiculous. Thing is recreational blackjack casino players don’t know the difference.

They fail to understand that a 3:2 means 15:10 and a 6:5 is 12:10. It’s safe to say that the math eludes most casual gamblers. Furthermore, a few changes here and there in the house rules of the casinos give them an edge too.

The uneducated gambler may think that the casinos take advantage of the uneducated masses. Make no mistake there is an element of truth to it. The moment you step into the casino it’s war. You’re there to make money and for this reason casinos guard their most important asset. Their money! However, it’s up to you to educate yourself about the casino game you’re about to play. Online casinos are business entities and out to make money.


The Social Side of Blackjack

The numbers should not drive the casino industry but the social side of it must. When casinos treat their players well by offering them better incentives and odds; they’ll keep on returning. Players should be able to interact with the dealers, pit bosses and dealers with smiling faces. Back in the day casinos didn’t allow their dealers to chat to the players. It was a rather sombre affair. Today’s blackjack dealers are a charismatic bunch.

If you haven’t visited a live dealer USA blackjack casino before do yourself a favor and do so. Live dealer casinos breathed new life into a classic table game. Not only do live casinos make the game fun for Millennials but to players from all ages.

The biggest problem however is the countermeasures casinos have in place to combat advantage players. It’s the main reason why blackjack in land casinos is not that popular among the next gen players. It goes without saying that it hurts the casino. As Millennials enter the workforce and contribute to the economy they’re a valuable commodity to casinos. Whether it’s online or offline.

The dealers in brick-and-mortar casinos lack proper training sometimes. Therefore, they might miss card counters and they don’t know how to interact with their players. Casinos should be a people business because happy players drive profits.

In addition, they should incorporate new social elements, side bets and train their dealers properly. By the time blackjack players walk away from the tables they must feel like winners. Instead of offering 6:5 blackjack tables, casinos must offer more 3:2 tables. In this manner they can build up a passionate new generation of blackjack players. Believe it or not word-of-mouth goes a long way. Players talk!


Final Word

For now sources say that the biggest barrier casinos face is to get millennials to sit down at their tables. We’re not talking about the ones you’ll find in the casino’s restaurant. Keep in mind, blackjack or any other casino game is not the issue. The success to roping in the millennials is to create a casino culture that knows how to cater to them.

The new table age prompts technology to capture their habits and a future blueprint for promo offers. They must offer the best table game themes and how valuable their customers are. Not see them just as a person with a bankroll to blow.

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