What Makes A Good Online Slot?

5 July 2021 4 minutes to read
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Ah, the question, “What makes an online slot good?” When we started playing slots for real money nearly two decades ago we couldn’t answer this question. Like any noobs entering the vibrant slots arena for the first time; we had to find this out ourselves.

We’re successful today because we study the inner workings of the online slot, and we play it! Not always for real cash but what is important is that we play them at the best USA casinos online. The staff at Casinowhizz.com review and play tons of new slots every month.

It’s the only way to get a ‘real feel’ for the real money casino game. Otherwise, slapping a slot review onto our site just for the sake of a review nullifies our sole objective. And, that my friend is to make you a better slots player online.


Fundamental Online Slot Snippets We Picked Up?

Crafting an online slot review is a delicate and exciting business for the Whizz team. Before a new slot hits the press; we’ll converge around coffee pots and on special occasions burn the midnight oil. Our philosophy encapsulates simplicity, that is to present the slot so that the average player can understand it.

If we look at the big slot studios like Microgaming, Yggdrasil, and Big Time Gaming; all of them partner with smaller slot studios. In fact, it’s the norm now. Third-party slot machine suppliers like Stormcraft Studios and Push Gaming fill an important industry niche.

Needless to say, their slot games propelled the big studios to prominence. Large studios partner with small studios because it’s easier to move a small ship than a big one. Basically, small studios employ fewer people which makes it far easier to get an idea across.

Moreover, the smaller slot studios design innovative products that appeal to the mainstream market. Technically speaking, their world of passion meets the online US casinos’ game plan. But, more importantly, they make the products ring, sing, and above all, monetize them. Besides, there’s no red tape and no bureaucracy which makes it a tremendous partnership.

Online Slot Machines Are Big Business

When you open up the lobby of the top online casino’s game library, what’s the first thing you see? A collage of hundreds of Las Vegas-style slots, not so? There is a reason for this. Slot machines don’t require any skill and casinos derive 70% of their revenue from slots.

Aside from the fact the casino games like slots are easy to play. Online slot studios pad them with all the wonderful ingredients we come to love in a slot. Which brings us to our questions, what makes a good slot game? A good slot needs the math, speed, the weight of the bonus, RTP, hit frequency, and graphics. Without them, online slots will fizzle out into oblivion.


It’s All In The Details

Designing a new slot is almost like a movie. You need a script, actors, budget, and a location where you’re going to shoot it. Now, when all the components of a slot game online work in unison, it’s bliss. It’s safe to say it then becomes a popcorn slot buster. One particular online slot that comes to mind is Nolimit City’s, xWays Hoarder xSplit. It’s so good you must check it out.

When a real money slot studio designs a slot for the Asian market culture plays a pivotal role. The Chinese or Asian player wants to see an array of special Chinese symbols of luck. The Western gambler on the other hand wants to see a random game based on luck.

Sometimes the audio track, a bonus, or perhaps the jackpot ropes in the players. Some players said to us they’ll play the slot just because they love its audio. There’s no denying that sounds and game art play a key role.

Online slot audiences want to play slots with a myriad of themes. In other words, slot games with Greek, ancient Egyptian, fantasy, horror, or fruity themes. A one-size-fits-all never applies to the online slot industry. Because players will love one slot and hate the next.

Understanding the need for diversification is at the heart of it all. The nuance of a worldwide online slots market is remarkable. This also explains why casinos online partner with so many different software providers today.

Casinos offer a variety of slots that caters to each segment of the market. Players from Scandinavia want slots that are volatile. Basically, they either hit it big fast or they lose it all. The UK market is a grind market for instance; they want to play slots that offer them better value for money.



There is a slew of new online slot providers seeking to penetrate the lucrative slots market. What makes a good slots game? It entails several factors almost like herbs and 11 different spices.

The contemporary player knows exactly what to look for in a slot. They’re far more knowledgeable and savvy to boot. Winning money playing slots is not necessarily a motivational factor. Players now prefer skill-based slots with a social aspect to them.

Online slot providers have one thing in common: “Design the dream game and the players will follow.”

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