What Do Online Casino Players Prefer: Slots or Table Games?

9 June 2022 3 minutes to read
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Do slots pay higher jackpots than table games? Or are table games better? The question goes up in the air and its heads for slots or tails for table games!

“I call heads,” most people may shout. But, of course, everybody knows that most people play slots for real money online. Yeah, but do they play slots exclusively? Something to ponder.

Which of the two is the king of online gambling? What drives people to online slot machines or table games?

The easiest way to determine the what and why of these questions was to do a quick player survey.

Online Slots In For A Penny

There are many online slots today, and we see new ones developed daily. Online slot games are so easy to play but still so delightfully entertaining.

The in-game features pull players into a maze of free spins, multipliers, pickers, collectors, expanding reels, and many more.


Online Casino Table Games Place Your Bets

At the opposite end of the spectrum, online table games take a bit more out of you. Not your wallet, though.

The betting options are quite similar to those of slot machines. Players who want more of a punch playing online usually opt for a live online casino table game.

Table games remain limited, even though they come in several varieties. Players feel more in control when they play table games.

They know the game rules and understand the possible outcome of each decision. Someone once compared table games to a horserace.

Everybody is watching the same scene play out, but only a few do it with a winning ticket in hand.


What Real Money Table Players Say

Rory From Kentucky

Rory X enjoys his alone time and prefers slot machines. “I share an open-plan office with 14 people 5 days a week.

It is no surprise the last thing I need is more interaction in my free hours. Although I don’t dislike table games, I was a poker fanatic in my teens.

Me-time is vital to my work-life balance. I don’t have family commitments, which affords me a lot of time to play online slots.

I only play at home on my desktop computer. So, that I can experience the brilliant colors and drama of slot games.”

Berril from Texas Like Playing Roulette

“I’ll play Roulette till the cows come home,” exclaims Berril from Austin, Texas. “How can I ever forget the Roulette scene from the movie Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

My favorite actor Steve Martin was in it, and I could not wait to turn 21 and play Roulette. I’m pretty nostalgic and still get goosebumps when I play the game.

My top three favorite numbers that I play have brought me more luck than losses. I’m not fond of slots at all because it seems so limited.

I like to have options available to me, so it’s Roulette and me, sitting in a tree.

Elijah From Las Vegas Prefers Poker

” Elijah told us, “I enjoy playing live poker online. It brings the casino atmosphere right to my screen at home. I don’t live near any casino buildings, so online poker is the next best thing.

My opponents and dealer are actual people, and I enjoy shooting the breeze with them while playing. I am a gaming fanatic and am a leader in a clan at the moment.

What makes live poker better is that I can actually win real money while also playing in a group. Do I like slots? Not at all; they are too lonely for me.

Pat Likes Playing Slots at USA Casinos

I like mingling, you’ll find me at a live poker table when I’m not at work or in a club. From the West Coast, Pat informs us that she’d rather play slots than table games.

“I don’t want to learn game rules. Online slots are easy to play. I tend to go back to the same games where I previously won money.

Now and then, a new game will catch my eye, and I’ll play it for free to check it out. I tried blackjack once as it seemed simple enough to get to 21.

Unfortunately, I lost about $50 and could not get into the game. My all-time favorite slot theme is Ancient Egypt.

I did a short course in Egyptology, so my knowledge of the subject is better than most. Also, it is nice to see the game providers being so accurate in their graphics”.



It seems that it’s not the game type, quality, or jackpots that inspire online players. Instead, everybody just wants to have fun playing whatever game they want.

Each player plays their favorite games for different reasons, be it a craving for me-time or social interaction. There is no clear winner or loser between slots and table games. They differ as vastly as humans do.

The common denominator in the survey is that online games make people happy. The world can do more of that!

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