What Are The Top 5 Table Game Truths?

11 July 2018 4 minutes to read
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Folk in their early to late 40s will remember the 80’s pop group Tears for Fears’ pop act, ”Everybody wants to rule the world.” The same applies to online gamblers because every single player no matter how good or bad wants to rule the table game they’re playing.

Problem is no matter how good you’re at the game you’ll always lose, then again it wouldn’t be called gambling if this wasn’t the case. In this article we’re going to briefly explore the five truths of table game gambling. If you found it interesting please shoot us an email by sharing your experience/s with us.

The First Truth

When it comes to playing casino table games there are 5 universal truths, the first one is that you’ll experience a loss one way or the other. The cards will thump you like a jackhammer and you’ll lose a chunk of cash. To put it blunt you’ll feel like a dear in the headlights, it’s not the end of the world though because you’re not alone. It happens, learn from it and whatever you do don’t repeat the mistake you’ve made.


The Second Truth

The best play will hurt, this is the second truth. Even when it is counterproductive you must make the correct play. Like betting more in order to lose less. For example, if you have a pair of eights in blackjack always split them. You might be wondering, why? A hard sixteen is an atrocious hand! It’s even worse when you are up against the dealer’s up card of 9, 10 or ace than doubling your bet and splitting the eights. Need proof?

If you decide to stand on a 16, out of $100 you bet you’ll lose about $52. When you split them you’ll still lose against the dealer’s high cards, but you will lose $43 on average compared to $52. The moral of the story here is when you have two eights in blackjack, split them.


The Third Truth

Oh boy this is a good one. Many players blamed the dealer at one stage for the losses they incurred, the cycle of the moon, heck they even blamed the other players for cheating! No matter we do we’re always responsible for the hand we play, for our own money and the mistakes we make. No matter how good a blackjack, roulette or video poker player you are, you’ll always lose in the long run.


The Fourth Truth

When it comes to gambling, money management is hands down one of the most underrated issues. Many gamblers state that it’s boring and it takes the fun out of gambling. Playing within the confines of your budget is more practical than playing reckless with the idea that you will double your money and go home a winner after each outing.

Sure, double is fine, but does it always guarantee you a win? Whether they are winning or losing, you’ll agree with us that most players refuse to stop. If you’re slaying the dealer at the blackjack table, you’ll keep on chasing the big wins or if you lost your entire bankroll you’ll keep on chasing your loses. My what fickle beings we are.


The Fifth Truth

Tied into ‘Truth Number Four’, chasing your losses sets you up for a disaster. The best known gambler-fallacy is that if something hasn’t happened for a period, or happened less frequently then you would have liked, it will happen more often. In other words, some gamblers feel that if they’ve lost a slew of hands in quick succession lady luck is bound to smile on them soon. Good luck with that! Every hand is completely independent of the previous one. Strictly speaking, whether you won or lost 10 hands in a row it really doesn’t matter. The next hand is the boss!

If you’re one of those players that can recognize a losing situation immediately then you’re a gifted player. Not only will this safe you a lot of money over the long haul but it will safe you a lot of emotional hassle too. If you are not sure how to go about this, use our four hand rule; if you had four losses in a row, switch tables. It is easier to end up with a winning sessions, then starting your day with a loss. Don’t get caught up in the moment, save your bankroll by walking away.

Want To Win More Often?

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Casinos normally reward players that place higher bets which explains why most of them have tiered rewards programs. Based on our industry experience, we provide a common breakdown of a slot game’s payout percentage by denomination: 1 cent 85% to 91%, 2 cents 87% to 91%, 5 cents, 88% to 92%, 10 cents 89% to 93%, 25 cents, 92% to 95%, $1, 93% to 96%, $2, 94% to 96% and $5, 95% to 97%.

Here’s another hint: If you play a 30 line penny game at bet-per-line five for a total bet of $1.50, it’s the same as playing a 30 line nickel game at bet-per-line at the same wager. Therefore, if you play the same slot at a higher denomination it gives you an increase in percentage points, don’t just take our word for it, test it yourself.

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