Video Poker Myths at Online Casinos

18 August 2022 4 minutes to read
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Plenty of myths still dog video poker at online casinos. Despite that, it remains one of the most popular casino games of all time. After all, “life’s a gamble win it”, right?

Myths have been around since the introduction of the first video poker machines in casinos.

Luckily many myths are a thing of the past thanks to new technology. This piece looks at the popular myths about video poker that still prevail at online casinos.

Top Video Poker Myths Online Casinos

We receive emails every week from US players asking us questions about gambling and casino games in general. Nancy from Arizona wanted to know if it’s safe to play video poker at the best online US casinos.

Is it Safe to Play Video Poker Online?

Some US players believe that it’s not safe to play video poker at online casinos. For one they believe that online casinos rig their video poker games.

This is simply not true because all our top casinos are safe. Video poker games have a random number generator that ensures fair play.

Make no mistake there are bogus sites out there that will scam you. It’s up to you to check if the site has a good reputation.

Video Poker Bonuses Are Scams?

Mary from Atlantic City said that she has a bad experience with a deposit bonus. She did not read the bonus terms, and as a result, the online casino canceled her bonus and winnings.

Since then she feels that gambling sites bait players with all kinds of bonus offers to “trap” them. 

Online casinos entice new players with large bonuses hoping that they will deposit. Most bonuses target slot players.

In other words, the weighting of slot games contributes 100% towards the wagering requirements. Whilst games such as video poker and table games count less.

You’re looking at 5% to 20% depending on the online casino. Now and again online casinos offer video poker bonuses with simple terms.

Check the terms of the bonus to make sure it suits your playing needs. If you want to become a better video poker player. Have a look at our 8 solid tips for playing video poker.

It’s Better to Play Online Video Poker at Night

Gerald from Nevada says he only plays video poker at night because the machines pay better. The few times he played during the day the machines just clammed up.

To be honest it really doesn’t matter whether you play video poker online during the day or night. The random number generator we spoke about previously decides the outcome of each hand.

Then Gerald might have fewer distractions at night than during the day, who knows?

Play Fast to Win More Money

This myth is false, period. The overall payback of video poker machines bears no relevance to how fast you play. The paytable determines that.

If certain conditions apply that’s to say if the machine has a payback rate of 100 percent. A game that comes to mind is full pay Double Bonus Poker with a payback rate of 100.17 percent.

Don’t rush your hands when you play video poker online for real money. You’ll make more mistakes and your bankroll will suffer for it.

There are exceptions though. If you use perfect strategy to play video poker at online casinos you’ll win more than you will lose.

However, time is of the essence because the house will eventually grind you down. If you landed a big win, cash out.

Betting the Maximum

Brian from Kentucky said he refuses to bet the maximum when he plays video poker. Believe it or not, this myth is actually true.

Most video poker games pay the maximum amount of credits for the Royal Flush when you bet the max.

We’re talking about the maximum of 5 credits which reduces the house edge. A lower edge to the house is better for you.

Certain video poker games such as Super Times Poker or Spin Poker require an extra bet for certain features.

Consequently, playing the maximum wager might not always be the best because of the extra features. Besides, we haven’t come across their online versions yet.

Online Casinos Don’t Reward Video Poker Players

This is simply not true. Compared to their land-based counterparts online casinos reward players where it matters, their pocket.

Aside from their generous deposit bonuses. Gambling sites online award comps to regular video poker players which they can exchange for real cash.

High roller video poker players have the benefit of joining an online casino’s VIP room. VIPs receive special bonuses, and they accrue comps at a faster rate.

Not to mention the higher withdrawal limits, birthday gifts, tickets to special sporting events, and more. Ongoing promotions ensure a daily dose of bonuses, and other goodies.

Casinos Online List Few Video Poker Titles

For the most part, it’s true. Over the years we’ve seen online casinos cut down on video poker. Yet, there are still online casinos with robust video poker libraries.

Wild Casino is a great site for video poker enthusiasts from the United States. This US online casino covers 15 types of video poker including multi-hand games.

Even better, Wild Casino welcomes online video poker players with a 200% match bonus up to $5,000.


Now that you’re familiar with the various video poker myths at online casinos, it’s time to up your game.

Following myths does not make you a winner, learning basic strategy and having patience does. Best of luck in and out of the casinos, until next time.

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