Are Three Reel Slots ”Steppers” Real Slot Machines?

16 February 2017 2 minutes to read
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Some folk might be sick of all the ”girlie” machines the gaming industry is spewing out now. Most of them have that ”gobbley gook” nonsense that comes tumbling down your screen that makes no sense at all.

From the sound of things women like playing them more than men because men might be playing a new breed of slots at online casinos. Many players are still looking for the classic 3 reel machine and not the hyped up stuff we’re seeing today.

The question one has to ask, is the three reel classic still a good thing? This outlook is shared by many, there is a major problem with the classic three reel ”steppers” (called because of the motors controlling the reels) the ones found in land-casinos.


Are ”Stepper” Slots Still Popular?

The motors, the Plexiglas and the reel strips break down. As such it’s not easy to find spare parts for these machines while the newer games are easier to maintain and integrated into a continuously evolving casino floor. And, the new generation of slot machines have multiple game themes, bonus rounds that pay well and…no Plexiglas. It’s pretty evident as to why the so-called”steppers” are not being used any more.

Can anything be done about it? Any player’s disposable income spent on gaming speaks volumes to the casino. It costs nothing to let casino management know that you enjoy playing the classic ”stepper” slots and would appreciate it if they could at least have one bank of 6 or 8 per denomination (quarters, dollars etc.) remains on the casino’s floor. I think it’s safe to say that casinos listen to their classic stepper fans from time to time.


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