The Realities Of Slots Jackpot Hunting

22 July 2022 4 minutes to read
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Jackpot hunters prowl for the top jackpot slots like lions on the trail of a lost lamb at online casinos. This scouting routine includes selecting higher jackpots, especially progressive machines. The reason why players play them is because they offer life-changing jackpots.

Be Patient Playing Jackpot Games

The odds of hitting progressive slots jackpots at online casinos for real money are no better or worse than any other jackpot slots.

Let’s have a look at a scenario using a basic progressive 3-reel slot machine. You bet $1 per spin on Slot ‘X’ and need to land high-value symbols on a payline.

The jackpot starts growing from a base value of $5,000, with an RTP% of 94%. For this example, 89% are for smaller prizes and 5% for the progressive jackpot.

Therefore, if you bet $100,000 over a period, your return on investment would be $89,000 in small wins. The jackpot wins would total $5,000, accumulating to $94,000.

Should you wait for the jackpot total to reach at least $10,000, the return structure differs. The smaller prizes remain at $89,000, but now the jackpot win is $10,000. This brings the total to $99,000 increasing the return on investment to 99%.

What Are the Odds of Winning a Jackpot?

So, is it wise to wait before playing a slot machine with a higher return on investment? Unfortunately, a higher ROI does not help you hit the jackpot more frequently.

With the odds of landing the jackpot being 1:10,000 spins, the size of the jackpot prize is inconsequential.

The jackpot’s prize does not influence the Random Number Generator software of the slot machine. Moreover, the Return to Player percentage remains the same.

Thus, the odds will not change, be it the first or last day you go for the jackpot. Deciding to wait for the pot to grow to $10,000 may indeed increase your ROI. Just remember your chances of winning the jackpot remote.

However, jackpots with ‘sell-by’ prizes are the exception. As their jackpot prizes rise, so does the likelihood of landing a decent jackpot increase.

Must-Win Jackpots

Finding million-dollar jackpots in this category is as scarce as blue unicorns jumping over a rainbow. Still, the mathematics of the jackpots differ considerably.

Eligibility to play these jackpots usually depends on your regular wins at online casinos that accept Americans.

Casinos usually advertise their jackpots as a must-win. The in-game features are separate from the base game rules, and the jackpot amounts are smaller.

Example of Jackpot Sizes

Let’s hypothesize slot ‘X’ with a jackpot growing from a base of $100, and a ‘must win by’ prize of $600. The Random Number Generator pre-sets the winning amount in $0.01 increments; thus, anything from $100.01 up to $600.

Should you be the one whose wager increases the jackpot to that exact amount, it’s yours for the taking.
All $0.01 increments stand the same chance of landing on the jackpot amount.

So, with each new $0.01 bet into the jackpot, the increments decrease. The variance between the base and jackpot amounts being $500 works out to a 1:50,000 chance of winning.

Do the Odds of Winning Jackpots Increase?

As the jackpot amount increases above $100 the odds get better. For example, when the amount stands at $400 the odds are 1:20,000.

As the bets increase, the closer it gets to the jackpot amount. In situations like this, waiting for the jackpot to grow is preferable. Also, keep in mind that timing is everything.

You don’t know what the actual ‘must win by’ jackpot amount is. However, your odds of landing it increases when you wait.

Don’t wait too long, though, because some of these jackpots have end dates too! But wait, there’s another caveat. What if you over-bet and go past the ‘must win by’ amount?

Regrettably, there is nothing you can do about it. Once you’re over the jackpot amount, it’s too late. Consequently, you have to wait for the jackpot to re-set and play ‘down’ the odds.


Going after big money gambling online may bring you that 6-figure win and change your life forever. Yet, the odds of you winning the jackpot will probably never happen.

More to the point, don’t just focus on online slots with enormous jackpots. Instead, focus on casino games for real money with smaller yet more frequent jackpots.

‘Must win by’ jackpots may tick the boxes and offer you more opportunities to win good money. If you play these games at one online casino you can recoup your previous losses. The reality though is don’t bank on it.

Don’t let the daily jackpots with their 5-figure cash prizes rope you in. The benefit of better odds may just be what you need for that life-changing event.

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