The Psychology Of Online Slots

21 January 2021 6 minutes to read
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Online slots bring in more revenue to a casino than any other casino game. Our top casinos online in the USA report that slot machines account for than 70% of their revenue. In days gone by slots for real money were simple. You walked into the casino, dropped a few coins into the slot and you pulled a level. Moreover, you hoped for a row of fruity symbols and the lights going crazy. Not to mention the sounds.

If lady luck smiled upon you, you excited the casino with a smile on your face. Back in the day a small windfall from a slot machine went a long way. If we comnpare today’s slot machine to the primitive games of yesteryear; they’re technological marvels!

In land casinos players play the games on giant screen cabinets. At online casinos you click on the spin button and the game does the rest for you. Their graphics are compelling, they boast high-end graphics, and surround sound.

In fact, they offer players a far more immersive experience than any other casino game online. Moreover, they offer plenty of bonuses, and dragons that spew fire. Heck, some games even vibrate in sync with the gaming event.


Online Slots Make You Feel Good?

Popular option among slot players hold that slots win friends over and they influence people. We don’t necessarily agree with the latter, but we do agree with the former. The team at Casinowhizz are online slot machine experts with more than 20 years industry experience. We love the interaction slot machines offer. They’re fun to play, and they require no skill whatsoever.

Rumour has it that a slots developer tuned the audio component to the key of C Major. For the simple reason it was fun to listen to. Thing is online slot studios carefully choreograph their games to suit different player tastes.


Why Psychology In Slots Are The Real Deal

Since slots produce more than 70% of an online casino’s revenue; it makes sense that developers study player psychology. In other words, they pay special attention to the features that attract players. However, they don’t necessarily get it right all the time.

Visit any online casino today and you’ll see a plethora of games in their game lobbies. Some of them as old as the hills along with the newest titles. Online slot studios consider them successful if more than a third of their games are popular. Truth is the popularity of most slot studios’ slots are below 30%. For every 10 slots they release during the course of a year maybe two or three will be a hit. Online slot studios like RealTime Gaming strive to deliver a great slot.

Players continually look for longevity in a slot with multiple bonuses that’s easy to trigger. If the slot machine is based on a movie they look for actual snippets of film footage. Part of the player experience is to build anticipation.

There’s more to the slot game than its success, math, spinning reels and engine. Success depends largely on the timing; and the market demand for it at the time of its release. Slot designers know when to release their slots.

Take RealTime Gaming’s Spring Tale slot for example, RTG released at the start of the Chinese New Year of the Rat. The main symbol in the game is the rat. It symbolizes wealth, plenty and fertility. Can you see that RTG perfected their timing the slot’s release?


Why Math Is Important In Slots For Real Money

We don’t know who coined the phrase: “The game art will get players there. But the mechanics of an online slot will keep them there.”

It’s the balance of these two things that makes a game standout. It goes without saying that creating a slot machine is a team effort. We often joke about it when we review a lousy slot. We say that the developers were playing Dota at the time. Jokes aside, we appreciate the hard work slot studios put in. After all, we’re the ones playing them for real money and reviewing them.


It’s All In The Ride

It doesn’t matter if the person is the game engineer, artist, producer or the vice president. It all starts with the designer of the online slot machine. Ultimately, what’s the ride the player will experience. That’s to say when he deposits $20, $50 or $100. The better the ride, the better the playing experience, not so? We tip our hats to the slots mathematicians because they determine where the money goes.

Whether the money comes from the base game or a bonus feature that triggers after 80 spins. It all makes a difference what the player feels and it makes a difference in the psychology of the slots. As seasoned slot experts; we go through the “fit and the feel” of the game by playing it for a few sessions. If it’s a great online slot like Cash bandits 3. Players will play it for hours on end – casino budget and sensible play permitting of course.


Slots Are All About Winning

When we play a slots we watch our bankroll go up and down like a yo yo. It’s often the case where the payouts were too little or it takes ages to trigger the Free Spins. Ask real money slot players what they like in a slot; they’ll tell you they like winning.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter how cool the game’s graphics look. Only one thing matters and that’s winning – we agree 100 percent. Unfortunately, it’s all about winning. However a bit of fun along the way helps a lot too.

Nobody wants to play a slot where they invested $50 for nothing. They want to see action within the first 10, 15 to 30 spins. A slot machine that offers a lot of action is Betsoft’s Stacked slots. The in-game features and engine serve as an example of something cool. Moreover, the hit frequency of Stacked slot keeps players on the edge of their seats.


Building Online Slot Success

Since online gambling occurs in the cyber world. Slot studios often run polls to find out if they struck paydirt with their games. They’ll revert to popular gambling forums to see what players liked and disliked about a release.

A critical step in the design of an online slot is an genuine response about the game. Granted as avid online slot players we don’t always get the outcome we want. The ideal slots online gets that balance right by awarding players enough for them to enjoy the experience. Players want to experience the thrill when they land 3 scatters or winning a big jackpot. That’s why they keep on coming back.


What Elements In Slot Catch Players?

One of RTG’s most popular slots Achilles Deluxe has all the right ingredients. It has great math, plenty of bonus rounds, high RTP and a decent hit frequency. The biggest key of the game’s success for RTG was honing in on the right hit frequency. It’s great advertise for the game if players receive plenty of winning spins. In addition, it big win now and again helps a lot too.


How Do Slots Studios Get In The Mind Of The Player When They Develop A New Game?

The proof in the pudding is playing the slot. It’s key to understanding the psychology behind player decisions. It stands to reason that the game designers and the mathematicians play the slots before they release them. Moreover, slot studios leverage new technology to enhance the overall player experience. Thanks to graphics cards and high resolution PC screens. Software providers can now create almost any slot.

Slot studios get into “the mind” of their players by offering level-up features in the game. The next gen of players grew up on smartphones and video games. When they sit down to play a slots for real money these are the features they look for. A key moment for any player interaction is a bonus game.


Why Is The Hold-and-Spin Feature In Slot Machines So Popular?

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand the hold-and-spin feature. Slot designers constantly try to inject new features into their game mechanics. It’s not always easy but it certainly worth it.


Is Responsible Gaming Important? How Does It Weight Up Keeping Players Playing and Engaged?

Slot providers like Betsoft and NetEnt are sensitive to issues relating to responsible gambling. In our experience slot designers simplify their games to make them easier to understand. If a game is easier to understand it weeds out any discrepency. As a result, it enables players to make proper betting decisions.

Ultimately, slots studios online want to offer their players the best possible gaming experience without exploiting them. In the end, a straightforward game design benefits the player and the provider. To understand the psychology of a slots player is to be a player. Today’s innovative slot might very well be low-tech a year or three from now.

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