The Biggest Mistakes an Online Slot Player Made

6 June 2022 4 minutes to read
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We’ve run several slot articles that offer players invaluable value tips. This online slots article will be a bumper and a roller coaster ride, all in one.

Even though it’s great to read stuff like that. We also believe they’re not always in tune with reality.

Most players lose real money at online casinos and they seldom land the big wins. Perhaps it’s just their luck.

Now and again we place the spotlight on the mistakes slot players make. So, buckle up and listen to “Valerie’s” somber story.

How she went from a “successful” slots player to nearly quitting slots. We get if most players want to read uplifting stories about big wins and so on.

Therefore, it’s important that we explore the other side of the coin too. With that in mind, let’s have a look at the tragic slot errors Valerie made.


Why Do Casino Games Have House Edges?

Real money online casinos in the United States are responsible for the house edges of their games. We’d also like to reiterate that players are not responsible for it.

Casinos are business entities and they need to make money. If they don’t make money, they’re out of business. You know what, players know that.

Despite knowing that, many gamblers squander their money on online slot machines foolishly. Back to Valerie’s story and let it be a warning to you.


How I Lost It All Because of Reckless Play!

“I used to love playing slots at online casinos in the USA like NewVegas Casino. My sessions would last a few hours every day with small breaks in between.

I played every type of slot machine in the online casino’s game library. Whether it’s classics, 3D, or multi-line video slots, I played them all!

I wasn’t shy about putting my credits into them and hoping for good luck. Admittedly, there were days and nights where I had a few decent occasions.

Believe it or not, the biggest problem I had was with winning. When I snagged a big win I wanted to double it right there and then.

There was a stage where I played for 16 hours straight! Thinking back I wondered where I got all the energy from.

Then again, the possibility of landing a big win really gets the adrenaline going. I was up, so I had nothing to lose, right? How wrong I was.

I can’t tell you guys how many times I played all my slot winnings back into the machines. Okay, there were a few occasions where I cashed my money out.

Besides, I was under the impression all slot players play this way. Now, I firmly believed that if I switched slot machines my luck would change.

Sometimes my luck would change but for the most part, it was all downhill.


I Never Followed Casinowhizz’s Slots Advice

Yes, I’ve read a bunch of’s slots articles over the years. You guys tell players to cash out their money immediately in case of a big win.

I did the complete opposite. I kept on dipping into my credit card since I felt the ‘Big Win’ was on the next spin.

The net result is I would keep on depositing money without thinking of the consequences.

Looking back that wasn’t the correct way to play. I felt like a kid in a candy store; I just couldn’t help myself.

To compound matters even further, NewVegas online casino offered a spectacular slots bonus of 410% up to $4,000.

That’s a lot of money for a slots bonus as such I couldn’t ignore it. I also grabbed the bonus money without checking the bonus terms.


What Can We Learn From Valerie’s Mistakes?

  • Never blame the online casinos you played at with real money bets for your mistakes.
  • Maintain discipline throughout and don’t greed get the better of you. If you won money withdraw it.
  • Play the slot with free credits online before you risk your money on it.
  • Time your sessions for at least 50 spins per slot game.
  • Select a proper bankroll that matches the game’s volatility.
  • Where possible use a bonus because it increases your bankroll.
  • Use the comps and free bonuses online USA casinos give you.



Yeah, yeah another big mistake I know. The final blow came when I decided to play higher minimum machines. In other words, the volatile slot games.

All I knew was that they offered bigger wins but they were infrequent. Ultimately, they cost me way more money.

In one of your slots articles, you guys said that it’s better to play high variance games. Think it was in this one; what must I do to win money playing slots online?!

I spend around $10,000 a month gambling online without even thinking about the consequences. Why I didn’t stop playing those machines I don’t know.

I’m to blame for my mistakes, not the casinos and neither can I blame the slot games I’ve played.

Over a period of two years, I became the darling of the online casinos. I earned so many comps and special bonuses I lost track of them all.

By no means am I a high roller, I earn a decent living but I was way over my head. To make a very long story short, I decided to take a break from playing slots online.

I still miss their colorful themes and bonuses, but I played foolishly. The sad part is that some of my friends win thousands of dollars and they’re still playing.

Valerie is not the only player that fell into the greed trap. If only she had better discipline she could still have been playing and enjoying slot games.

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