The Best Deuces Wild Playing Tips

13 March 2022 4 minutes to read
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The best strategy for playing Deuces Wild video poker depends on a few things. In other words, what a flush and a full house returns.

In some Deuces Wild games, a full house pays 4 for 1 whilst in others, it’s 3 for 1.

Then again for flushes, it can be 3 for 1 or 2 for 1.

We’re going to arm you with a few tips next time you play Deuces Wild video poker.

Before we continue, Deuces Wild is completely different than Jacks or Better.

Even though the premise is still the same. You can play Deuces Wild at the safest and most secure casinos for real money online.

Playing Tips Deuces Wild Video Poker

1. Don’t Discard A Deuces

A deuce in video poker is a ‘2’ and it acts as a wild card.

If you receive a deuce on your first draw, hang onto it! You won’t believe how many players unwittingly discard a deuce.

2. Deuce Wild Has No “Low” and “High” Cards

Unlike jacks or Better, in Deuces Wild you need at least three of a kind to win money.

There is no distinction between holding a pair of Aces or a pair of Queens.

Plus, Deuces Wild has no low or high pairs. This still confuses many players, so make sure you know basic strategy before you play.

3. Don’t Hang Onto A Single Non-Deuce Card

When you play Double Bonus Poker or Jacks or Better, you’ll hold a single high card, right?

Assuming that’s the only decent card you have in your hand. But, it’s a different story when you play Deuces Wild.

You’ll never hold a single card, to receive a payout, you need at least three of a kind.

4. How You Play A Hand With No Deuces Depends On What The Full House Returns

You should only hold one of the pairs if the full house returns 3 for 1.

It’s a different story if the full house returns 4 for 1.

Instead of just holding one of the pairs, you hold both pairs.

5. Four-Card Straight Flushes With Two Deuces

If you have a pair and a four-card straight flush with no deuces that pays 2 for 1.

What now? Hold the four-card flush if it’s a D-D-6-7 or higher. Keep in mind, it must not contain any gaps either.

Hang onto the four-card straight flush if it has at least D-D-4-5 with no gaps.

Alternatively, you can also hold four-card straight flushes if it’s D-D-5-7 or higher with one gap.

6. Four Card Flush and Pair

If your hand contains a four-card flush and a pair with no deuces.

The correct way to play the hand is to hold the four-card flush and to discard the pair.

However, only do that if it pays 3 for 1 for a flush. Hold the pair if the flush pays 2 for 1.


What To Do When You Receive the Following Hands?

If the video poker machine deals you 9-9-A-A-7. What must you do?

Well, the most logical thing to do is to hold both pairs and discard the 7.

You receive a shoddy hand of 4 clubs, K hearts, 8 hearts, 4 hearts, and 9 hearts. Which hand should you play?

Long story short, hold the 4 pairs.

The Deuces Wild video poker machine deals you 6 Clubs, 8 hearts, 10 spades, Deuce, and J of diamonds.

Whatever you don’t discard the deuce, or hold a single high card. The correct play is to hold the deuce.

You receive 4 spades, 6 spades, Deuce, 9 clubs, and an Ace of hearts. What’s the correct way to play this hand?

First of all, you only hold the deuce. The reason why we say so is that there is a gap in your straight-card flush of D-D-4-6.

In order to hold it, you must have D-D-5-7 or higher. Note, the D-D-4-6 is lower than the D-D-5-7 hand.

If the machine deals you a pair of 9s, a pair of Aces, and 7. How should you play the hand?

You can hold either pair and unlike Jacks or Better; Deuces Wild has no low or high cards.

By nature players tend to gravitate towards the ‘high pairs’. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you hold the pair of Aces or the 9s.



Initially, Deuces Wild seems like a complicated video poker game, but it’s not.

It’s a different video poker game from the run-of-the-mill Jacks or Better. Besides, Deuces Wild is still a relatively easy video poker variant to master.

We only provided the most important tips relating to Deuces Wild. If you want to be good at the game; we suggest you use a comprehensive playing strategy.

To get the most out of your Deuces Wild video poker play.

Play the game with free credits a few times and write down your playing experience.

Before you play Deuces Wild at online casinos for real money. Check if the casino offers you a payout for four deuces greater than 200 coins.

For example, Double Deuces increases the payout for four deuces to 400 coins.

If you decide to play the higher variance Deuces Wild games make sure you play it with a large bankroll.

If you don’t, your budget will go up in smoke pretty quickly.

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