The 5 Biggest Blackjack Mistakes

8 December 2020 4 minutes to read
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Blackjack is hands down one of the most popular casino games at an online casino. Players love playing blackjack for real money because it’s easy to learn, and the odds favor the player. Moreover, a smart blackjack player can reduce the game’s odds to -0.54% if he uses an optimal betting strategy.

In our previous piece, we spoke about “The Truth About Blackjack Side Bets” whether they’re advantageous to you or not. We take a look at what are the biggest mistakes online blackjack players and how you can avoid them? Unfortunately, there are a bunch. You can now play live blackjack at our best online casinos in the USA. Some casinos offer blackjack players a casino bonus code on their first deposit.

Online Blackjack Mistakes

Don’t Know The Basic Rules

The first mistake players make is that they refuse to learn the basic rules of blackjack. Moreover, if you use an optimal betting strategy. You can reduce the house edge blackjack holds against you to 0.6% at most blackjack casinos online.

By no means is the Casinowhizz team blackjack experts but we do use a simplified system. This system stood us in good stead so far. When the dealer shows a 7, 8, 9, 10, or an Ace. We hit our hand until we have a hard 17. We also stay once when we hit a hard 12 against the dealer’s up card of 2 through 6.

If the dealer has an up card 2 through to 9 we double down. We never take insurance, we split our Aces and eights. Furthermore, when we’re up against the dealer’s 2 through to 7, we split twos, threes, and sevens.

Don’t Overbet Your Bankroll

If you bet more money than you can afford to lose you’re asking for trouble. Blackjack is a game of chance, therefore, you’ll have a few good runs and a few bad ones. The mistake some blackjack players make is that they overbet when they have a few dry spells. Instead, of keeping their bets to a minimum they’ll wager $20 per hand with a bankroll of $100. If you lose five hands in a row you just played yourself out of the game! Never do that.

If your bankroll is $30 divide it into 30 units of $10 each per hand. A bet at $10 per hand with a $300 bankroll is top-notch for lack of a better word. It doesn’t guarantee you outright success, but it does give you a fighting chance. The same rule applies to when you play slots for real money online.


Don’t Play Too Long

It amazes us that players still think that they can ride out the negative expectation of a casino game. In other words, they believe the longer they play blackjack the better their winning chances are. This is not true. For the simple reason, you’re up against the blackjack’s house edge. The longer you play the more it favors the house.

Oen way or another we’re all guilty of letting our emotions get the better of us. When you’re unhappy don’t play. Or, when you had a fantastic winning streak don’t push your luck. Remember that the houses always wins over the long haul.

Only play blackjack if you mastered the basic blackjack strategy under the knee. The quickest way to know if you have a sporting chance is to play blackjack for free. If you win more than 60% of your hands then you’re on the right path. The best way to play blackjack at online casinos is when your calm.


Don’t Play Blackjack To Escape Reality

Blackjack is an entertaining game but players often have a misconception about it. They use it as a means to escape from reality. Make no mistake the blackjack dealers at live casinos try and make the game as entertaining as possible.

Like all good things in life playing a casino game too long. Or, for the wrong reasons is asking for trouble. Never use a casino online as a sole venue for your daily dose of social interaction.


Don’t Chase Your Losses

Because blackjack is a streaky online casino game. Any hand can be a winning or a losing hand. The most successful blackjack players are methodical about the way they approach and play blackjack. They know they’ll lose in the long run. Hence the reason they time their sessions. It so happens that you can lose 7 or hands in a row.

But, it can also happen where you can win 8 or 9 hands in a row – it happened to us. Now, the question is what should you do if you hit a bad or a great winning streak? As a rule of thumb, you should have an idea of how many hands you want to play.

If we circle back to the $300 bankroll at $10 per hand it means that you can play 30 bets. There are many ways you can play it. If we hit a winning streak of 8 hands in a row early on. It means that we’re up by $60 on our original bankroll.

Therefore, a profit of $60. As a result, we’ll stop playing. You can try and cash in on your winning streak early on by betting more. You can increase your bet to $15 per hand instead of $10. If you start to lose again reduce your average wager.

Now, if we hit a losing streak of 8 or 10 hands we’ll continue to play; as our budget makes provision for it. However, if our bankroll of $300 is no longer we won’t chase our losses. Never do that, please.


Keep An Eye On Your Perks

Before you sign up at an online casino. Contact the casino’s support; it can be through email or live chat. If you’re a high roller casino VIP blackjack player ask them the type of perks they’ll rewards you with. The majority of our top casinos US online offer comps, blackjack reload bonuses and cashback.

Most blackjack casinos run a progressive comps scheme if you will. The more you wager real money on blackjack the better the perks. If you don’t ask you won’t receive! Elite blackjack players can snag up to 15% cashback on their losses.

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