That ‘Aha’ Moment in Gambling!

24 January 2022 3 minutes to read
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Have you ever had that ‘aha’ moment when you gambled online? If yes, then this piece is just for you.

We played blackjack recently and we were a bunch of players at the table. All wearing masks of course, and minding our own blackjack business.

Most of us were using a blackjack strategy and breaking even. The dealer at the table told us looks like you guys are all ‘smart blackjack’ players.

The dealer is a friendly dude. After all, who wouldn’t be with all the tips we gave him.

One of the players decided to stand on a soft 17. So, it wasn’t long before everyone started jabbering away.

Unfortunately, we did not record what the other players said. However, we remembered the gist of it.

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What Was Your First Aha Moment?

I Learned Basic Blackjack Strategy


When I started playing blackjack I made loads of stupid mistakes without realizing it. Most players at the table knew the plays except me.

So, can you imagine how frustrating it was for me? Basically, I played every hand on ‘feel’.

I even hit on a few 16s! As long as the hand was close to 21 I was game. I finally figured out that the dealers bust on low hands.

Moreover, I should not hit on bad hands. I decided to let the dealers take a chance on busting. That was my aha moment!

At that moment, I realized that the dealer’s hand is just as important as the player’s hand. There and then I decided to learn basic blackjack strategy.


What About Insurance?


I valued even money when I had blackjack and the dealer had an Ace. Everything boiled down to insurance for me.

If a win is on the cards, why not grab it? My mindset changed with a player at the table. Great guy by the way.

Not only was he a winner but he turned down even money. Both of us were plugging away at $25 per hand.

On one specific hand, the dealer got a blackjack, which he pushed by the way. I said to him, dude you most probably wished you’d taken even money?

His reply to me was. “Even if I lose the hand, I never regret the right”. Are you sure, it’s the right Play? I’m winning on all my blackjacks.

He said to me he’s winning $37.50 while I was only winning $25 when the dealer has an Ace. On the whole, there are fewer Aces than non-Aces.

I didn’t pursue the matter. Well, it’s not like blackjack against every Ace hand. Someone told me he rather win the biggest pots than most pots.

This was my aha moment. I decided there and then never to play with insurance again.


Why It’s Important To Make Decisions and Not Guesses


My wife and I always play video poker when visiting Las Vegas. Back in the day, Double Bonus Poker machines weren’t in the casinos yet.

I wanted to take a break from playing video poker. I heard a lot of good things about blackjack. Hence the reason I decided to play it.

However, I lost $100 in the blink of an eye playing $10 per hand. I was guessing my bets while the other players at the table were making decisions.

Huge difference! I don’t even have to tell you that I was really bad at playing blackjack. Like Albert, I did not pay any attention to the dealer’s hand.

My aha moment came when I noticed that the hard hands and the soft hands were different. I was playing 10-6 exactly the same as I was playing A-5.

Okay, this is when it dawned upon me. They were completely different hands. One couldn’t bust on one card while the other could.

Like all the top blackjack players before me. I knew I had to master basic strategy playing blackjack. The casino loves nothing more than players squandering their money ignorantly.

Luckily, those days are long over for me. Next time we visit Vegas, I’ll be a better blackjack player.


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