Stupid Gambling Mistakes to Avoid

14 July 2022 4 minutes to read
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When it comes to gambling online at our favorite online casinos all of us made a few silly mistakes. This week we asked our players from the States to share with us their gambling mistakes.

Some of them had us rolling around laughing whilst we had to censor a few. On the whole, they’re pretty insightful and we’ve learned a lot from them.

Everyone from the rawest newcomer to the most experienced gambling veteran makes mistakes.

Gambling Mistakes That Can Be Costly

1. Know The Rules of Mini-Baccarat

Playing casino games for real money is usually a fun experience. But, when the gambling blues catch players on a bad day. Things can go south pretty quickly.

Inka told us recently that she and her husband play craps and baccarat occasionally. Her husband likes baccarat because it’s fun to play and it’s a quiet game.

So, Inka decided there and then to try out baccarat. She dropped a $10 bet onto the table. She said she can’t remember if it was on the banker or the dealer.

To cut a long story short, she said that the dealer took her money. She told the dealer that she hadn’t ever received her cards yet. So, why did he take her money?

She said that the dealer dealt two hands and he played them both. She said she felt so embarrassed.

2. Don’t Misread Your Hand When Playing Blackjack

John from Illinois told us an interesting story about his own blackjack experience. Whilst playing live blackjack at MYB Casino’s live casino he misread his hand.

He could feel the virtual glares from the other players at the table. He had a 14 and the dealer’s card was a 6. However, he mistook the dealer’s 6 for a 10. As a result, he decided to hit against the dealer’s “10”.

The dealer did a double take and he signaled the dealer to hit again. He said he heard a fellow player at the table say “lucky bleep”. Then it all sunk in. I felt really silly by taking a hit with that hand.

The other players at the table had standing hands. Had the dealer gone bust that would have been the end of it. Luckily he did not. He had a 10 card face down for a 16 and the next card was a 5.

The dealer had 21. Not only did he the dealer take my money. But, he took the money from the other players that called me a lucky bleep. What’s the gambling mistake I made?

If I did not misread the dealer’s card and stood instead. The dealer would have received my 6 and he would have received a 22 thus busting. Next time I play blackjack I make sure about the dealer’s cards.

3. Double Check The Gambling Site’s Bonus Coupons

Wild Casino is the best online gambling site for players from the United States. The gambling site advertises a bunch of bonus codes worth thousands of USD.

Ron told us that he’s not a bonus player. Yet, on that night he decided to go for one of Wild Casino’s bonus codes. Or, coupon codes as they call them in the States.

He said the coupon code for the slots bonus of 100% up to $5,000 was too good to miss. I signed up at Wild US online casino which was a breeze by the way.

Moreover, the gambling site only required a few personal details. I made the minimum deposit to unlock the bonus but did not receive it.

I spoke to Ann, she told me the casino did not credit the bonus to my account. Admittedly, I was pretty angry by then because they made it look so easy.


Why Wild Casino Did Not Credit The Bonus

Ann told me even though I made the right qualifying deposit for Wild Casino’s deposit bonus. Guess what? I forgot to add the code for the bonus coupon which is WHIZZ250.

I haven’t even used the bonus yet and I already made a rookie mistake. Yeah I know, silly me. Can you imagine the egg on my face?

I apologized to Ann. Since she’s a professional support agent, Wild Casino gave me an extra $20 free chip!

Anyhow, this story has a good ending. Ron told us he started playing with the bonus once he supplied it. He even managed a $50 win with his $20 free chip.


Gambling mistakes can cost players dearly if they don’t have their thinking cap on. When we started gambling online we heard many players say that they’ve paid their school fees.

Now we know exactly what they mean and so should you. Before you place your bets. Know the rules, odds, and strategy of the game. It can be blackjack, craps, or even slots.

Even though slots are based on luck you must play within the confines of your budget. One player said she played a $20 bet per spin instead of 20 cents.

She clicked the wrong amount since she played too fast. Being a penny pincher half her bankroll went up in flames right there.

Next time you gamble at online casinos avoid the stupid gambling mistakes we mentioned. Best of luck in and out of teh casinos.

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