How To Spend A Progressive Jackpot Win Of $1Million

23 May 2016 3 minutes to read
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Online gambling is often regarded as a ‘fools game’. If you don’t know what a fools game means, it means ‘profitless’ or ‘futile’. In retrospect I won’t label it as such and to be honest I think it’s a bit harsh.

The face of the industry has changed a lot and I might add for the better. Online casinos are more transparent then ever before and they pay out regularly. Heck some of them are even listed on stock exchanges! Have you ever wondered what you’ll do with a progressive jackpot win of $1 million? In this article I’m going to tell you how to spend this cash wisely. Obviously not all of it but a portion of it.

Did you know that the some of biggest progressive jackpot wins at online casinos were won at the most inconvenient of times and places. I’ve read about a lady that decided to take a quick spin from her mobile phone while she was on the toilet. As crazy as it may sound it turns out that she won $3.9 million!(

“It’s a little bit embarrassing but when the Mega Moolah jackpot wheel appeared after a few spins, I was actually in the toilet!”

All I can say never say never. This particular lady said that she’ll make a sizeable donation to charity, pay of her mom’s debts, buy a new car and take her daughter to a five star holiday in Mexico. Even though $3.9 is a hefty sum it’s chump change compared to some of the biggest progressive payouts of all time.


How To Invest A Win Of $1 Million

This will differ from person to person. But if I won a million bucks this is how I’ll spend it. I’ll buy a house, pay of all my debt, put some cash aside for my daughter’s college education and save the rest. By the way I’m from the United States, so buying a house here entails a lot of red tape. What’s the first step I should take before I go and look at a house?

As a homeowner you will have more expenses than you had as a renter. Only buy a house that you can afford. You must also calculate your yearly property tax and homeowner’s insurance. A quick way to figure out your monthly homeowner’s insurance is to calculate about 0.5 percent of the value of your house and divide it by 12. The cost of insurance varies according to state and the price of the house.

How to figure out your yearly property tax? Owning your own house has its perks especially if you paid for it cash. However, when you purchased your new house, you get a title report that includes the latest real estate tax information. If you’re not sure about the figure, ask your local tax assessment office or your real estate agent.

What are some common problems buyers overlook? To be sure that you’re not buying someone else’s problems, make the following list:

  • Turn on all the water faucets and let them run; check the water pressure and make sure that there’s enough hot water.
  • Flush all the toilets.
  • Make sure that all the appliances are in working order.
  • Check the light switches, outlets. Turn on everything at once and see what happens.
  • As the seller how old the roof is and whether it’s been replaced.
  • Make sure the house you’re about to buy is in a good neighborhood.

In summary. Who said that online gambling cannot be fun. Then again very few players manage to win a progressive jackpot. To win them you must be very lucky and there’s zero strategy involved when playing them. They’re extremely volatile because of the wins they offer; all I can say it’s life changing.

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