What Are The Signs Of Rogue Online Casinos?

10 February 2016 3 minutes to read
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The internet gambling industry is fraught with unscrupulous operators patrolling the virtual highway. Playing at an online casino is a great way to blow off steam and if you’re lucky you can land a spectacular win or two.

Regrettably, the industry has also been tarnished by crooked operators. Operators that are run by dodgy individuals and to put it blunt, they won’t blink an eye to screw you over. In this article I’m going to discuss the traits of rogue online casinos and how to avoid them.

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As a rule of thumb I avoid operators not licensed, The licensing can usually be found at the bottom of the page or within the terms and conditions, do your due diligence by verifying this before signing up and making a deposit.


Steep bonus wagering

The bonus is a bit of a misnomer to me. On the one hand I think it’s great incentive casinos use to rope in new players. Unfortunately the modern bonus’ terms reads more like a dissertation and might be used as a means to exploit players. Players need a fine comb to navigate their way through the numerous terms attached to it. When is a deposit bonus not in your best interest? Have a look at the size of the bonus and then the play-through attached to it. More often than not rogue operators impose ludicrous wagering requirements. If the bonus carries a play-through of more than 70 times it becomes very difficult to clear it.


Bogus software

How do I know the operator runs on bogus software? The games appear ‘jittery’ and they tend to stall a lot during game play. Also, when you simply cannot win even when you play very low stakes. The possibility that some of the games are ‘rigged’ are pretty good.

Low withdrawal limit

As an avid player I avoid casinos whose monthly withdrawal limit is less than $€£3,000. You’re most probably wondering why I’m saying this? If you win a jackpot of $30,000 and the monthly withdrawal limit is $3,000. Chances are pretty good that your winnings will be paid out in installments and not in full. It will take 10 months before you receive the full amount. Many players become impatient and tend to play the cash they’ve won back in to the casino. Go figure.


Progressive wins added to the withdrawal limit

This ties in with question 4 and the more extreme of the two. Can you imagine winning a progressive jackpot that’s $500,000 and the monthly withdrawal limit is only $3,000. Crazy huh? I’m not even going to do the math on this one. Suffice it to say it will take ages before you’re paid in full.


Poor customer support

Normally before I sign up, I shoot a quick mail just to test the site’s support. If the casino takes ages before it responds to a simple query it’s an indication of the type of service you’ll receive when you sign up. Another method to gauge the site’s support is to contact a live chat operator. Is the person knowledgeable and professional? I’ve had cases where the support staff didn’t have a cooking clue about the site’s promotions, games and on top of that were very rude.


Delaying large payouts

Without a doubt this is the hallmark of a rogue casino. If you managed a huge win and provided the necessary verification documents-this is when the fun and games begin. The operator notifies you that your cash is busy being processed and states that you’ll be paid within the next week. One week passes not a word from the casino. Te operator then conjures up every conceivable excuse/trick in the book not to pay you.


Key Points

  • If the deposit bonus comes with a very steep wagering or if it has additional bonus entrapment clauses, don’t accept it.
  • Avoid operators that have low monthly withdrawal limits and where progressive jackpot wins are included in it.
  • Don’t wager at unlicensed sites.

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