Seven Serious Questions About Online Gambling

14 January 2022 4 minutes to read
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As the Internet’s number one casino guide for the best real money casinos online. We answer a few player questions now and again.

So, hopefully, you’ll learn something. Gambling is a wonderful form of entertainment for everybody. However, once you step through an online casino’s virtual doors.

It’s important to know what you’re up against. Right off the bat, here are the questions from players who have their own take on gambling.


1. Is it Wrong to Play Like This?


I’m what online casinos call an action player because I play any game! My goal is to make money and lots of it. In light of that, I seldom take breaks in between sessions.

I’m a real slogger. I don’t use a betting strategy and neither do I play it safe.

CW: From a betting point of view, we don’t agree with the way you play. Then again, it’s your money and different strokes for different folks.

Compared to you we prefer playing it safe because money is in short supply these days. Make no mistake we do put in a lot of play at online casinos.

After all, it’s our job to provide our players with the best possible gambling content. Moreover, we know when to take a break, or stop playing when we had enough.

Besides, we don’t like waking up the next day knowing that we’ve squandered four figures playing slots.

The bottom line is we’ve been playing at online gambling sites with real money for more than 20 years.

To top things off, tread cautiously because sooner than later you’ll hit choppy waters.


2. Why Do You Guys Just Focus On Slots?


I seldom see you guys cover table games like blackjack the way you do online slots. Do you guys have anything against table games?

CW: We have absolutely nothing against table games or blackjack in particular.

It’s just that our area of expertise lies with slot games. In fact, our recent article is about the best blackjack online casinos.

Moreover, it’s difficult to dismiss slots. 70 percent of casino players in America say that slots are their favorite.


3. Why Is Basic Betting Strategy in Blackjack Everything?


Why is the basic betting strategy in blackjack sacrosanct? By the way, sacrosanct means too important, or valuable to interfere with.

Why should I split certain cards and not others? Isn’t the third baseman responsible for what happens with the dealer?

Why not take insurance when you have a 20 or blackjack? I don’t see the point as to why so many gambling writers harp on the stuff.

CW: The basic strategy in blackjack requires no faith because it’s the opposite of religion. For each type of blackjack game, computers did figure out how to play each hand.

Long story short, a basic strategy in blackjack increases your chances to win. Therefore, it’s the only way to be successful at blackjack.

It makes the contest between the player and the online casino very close. With regard to the third baseman? Just like any other player at the blackjack table.

He or she has no influence on the game whatsoever, it’s a myth!


4. Must I Keep My Gambling Bankroll In a Separate Account?


I heard that I must keep my gambling money in a separate account. Is this true?

CW: It’s entirely up to you. However, we don’t mix our real money with our gambling funds.

We see it as a safety mechanism of sorts. Why mix entertainment with real-world problems.

The money you use to pay your rent or buy your food should not mix with your gambling bankroll.

The bottom line is to keep your casino life away from your gambling life. Furthermore, only play with money you can afford to lose.

And, please don’t forget to report your casino winnings to the IRS.


5. Why Are There So Few Pai Gow Tables at Land Casinos?


Everybody says that Pai Gow Poker is a great game to play. So, I started playing Pai Gow Poker recently.

I’ve noted that casinos only have one table and it’s full for most of the time. If the game is so good. Why aren’t there more Pai Gow Poker tables at casinos?

CW: Play Pai Gow Poker at online casinos because the tables are always open. Nah just kidding. In our opinion, Pai Gow Poker is a fantastic game to play.

There’s no pressure from other players telling you how to play. The house edge of Pai Gow Poker is around 2.6 percent.

In addition, the game’s leisureliness protects players from big losses. Surely it can’t hurt if you ask your local casino to add more Pai Gow Poker tables.

Remember, ask and ye shall receive.


6. Which Casino Game Do Women Play The Most?


What casino game has the largest percentage of female players? I think it’s blackjack while my husband says it’s baccarat. What do you guys say it is?

CW: The casino game women play the most is slots. Even though a lot of men play slots too. They don’t call slot machines the cash cows of the casinos for nothing.


7. Must I Bet The Maximum to Win The Slots Jackpot?


I’m love playing slots and usually play for pennies. I’m fed up with all the small wins! To compound matters, I still have nothing to show for all the money I’ve spent.

Recently I’ve decided to increase my bets to the maximum. To win the jackpot of a slot machine, must I bet the maximum?

CW: If you’re chasing the jackpot, yes, you must bet the maximum. However, we advise you to be extremely careful because there’s so much at stake.

If you play the wrong slot, it can wipe out your entire bankroll in no time. It sounds to us like you’re still learning the ropes.

Before risking the maximum bet per spin playing slots. Please read our expert slots tips strategy guide article.

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