Scruffy Duck Slots: Tips And Strategy

18 January 2017 3 minutes to read
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I gave NetEnt’s Scruffy Duck video slot a quite a good review and maybe I was a bit biased toward the game since I had a few neat wins on it (and losses) at Energy Casino and the free spins feature is triggered after 40 odd spins, or so I thought…

To be honest it’s pretty clear that I’ve missed the buck on this one! At the end of the day it’s up to the players to decide whether it’s a great game or not. One player even criticized NetEnt because some of its latter releases look more like cartoons and that the vendor is trying to rope in a specific clientele-underage players. I think it’s a bit harsh but I do understand from where the player is coming from (

”Not only a poor game, but joining a host of other NetEnt’s that could be appealing to Minors, a la Koi Princess, Red Riding Hood etc.” Dunover

Before I continue let’s just give you an overview about the game. The slots has 25 paylines, 5 reels, a House Edge (HE) of 4.4%, 5 Free Spins options with varying multipliers, expanding wilds and Double Up feature. Oh and the graphics look more at home in an animation film than in a video slots. As you can see the game will suit a 10 year old more than an adult. Upon closer inspection I really don’t understand what NetEnt had in mind when they rolled out this game.

Maybe it wanted to attract millennials or the younger generation for that matter but it’s not going to fly with them because they’re more into skill-based games than video slots. Since Scruffy Duck’s main selling point to players is its multiple free spins bonus games there have been isolated cases where players triggered a free spins feature after 700 spins! Come to think of it I consider myself a lucky duck (pun intended) even though I lost £20.


Tips And Strategy?

”In tribute to slots’ childlike appeal and the game’s lameness it should be called Duffy Duck.” Goatwack

Hell no! If a player didn’t even manage to trigger a bonus mode after 700 spins it’s safe to say that the slots is a money gobbler and a very volatile one at that. Let’s break it down a bit, if the player’s average wager per spin was £0.5×700=£350 this is the amount he spent! And the best bit of all is that the free spins mode (didn’t say which one) he triggered paid him a silly 10x.


Here’s The Low Down

  • Take ages to trigger a free spins feature.
  • Childlike visual animations that potentially targets minors.
  • Plays more like a high variance slots that pays very little.

In summary. One player summed it up perfectly and I conclude with his assessment. When I was at university I often attended classes that were so boring I fell asleep despite my best effort trying to be interested in the subject and to stake awake. Will I play the slots again? Nope. Scruffy Duck slots comes in like a roaring duck but goes out like fly.

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