RPG-Style Betsoft Slots Coming In 2021

30 November 2020 4 minutes to read
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As the year 2020 comes to end we have a lot to look forward to in 2021. Granted, it’s not been the best of years due to the Coronavirus. It’s been a great year for new real money slots. We’ve seen a slew of Megaways slot releases in particular the introduction of the RPG-style slot machine.

“Betsoft Gaming continues to push the boundaries beyond the typical ‘spin and win slot.” Casinowhizz.com

The RPG-style or Role Playing slots is essentially a “new” slot engine. Moreover, players have become bored with the same old same style slot machine. The bottom line is they want a more immersive slots experience; one that caters to the Millenials.

Suffice to say slot developers such as Betsoft listened to what players wanted. So, what exactly is an RPG slot? It’s a slots online for real money game that deviates from the standard slot machine. In other words, it has a level progression system with its own unique storyline.

Instead of just designing slots online with a bunch of triggering mini-games. RPG-style slot games incorporate the latest in 3D technology that tracks play through a third-person camera. Players can now enjoy RPGs at our best USA casinos online like the top rated MYB Casino. We also rate each new RPG online casino according to the games they offer. Level of transparency, cash out times, bonuses, rewards, and casino support.

In this article, we take a quick look at Betsoft’s forthcoming RPG-style games for 2021. The first title is Max Quest: Rise of the Mummy, Max Quest: Dragon Stone, and Max Quest: Dead Man’s Cove.

RPG-Style Betsoft Slots 2021

Bear in mind that Betsoft has not released these RPG-style slot games yet. Luckily the software provider was kind enough to give the Casinowhizz team a sneak peek behind their slots curtain. There’s a whole bunch of Max Quest slot games in the series players can look forward to.


Max Quest: Rise of The Mummy

The first installment in the RPG-style series is Max Quest: The Wrath of Ra. Max Quest is the main protagonist. The storyline continues with Max Quest: Rise of the Mummy. Max and his team battle monsters as he searches for lost treasure in ancient Egyptian tombs.

In doing so he or in this case, the player must defeat different types of monsters; each with its own level of strength. The stronger the monster is the player defeats the more points it awards. More importantly, the game is not only about defeating monsters. But, by completing quests and searching for lost treasure.


Max Quest: Dragon Stone

We must hand it to Betsoft and that it sure knows how to entertain its players. Max Quest: Dragon Stone kicks off in the tropical jungles of South America. We’re not sure if it is the sequel to Max Quest: Amazon, but it will be a fantastic game.

Just a pity Betsoft is keeping its cards close to its chest with this release. The RPG-style action continues in the same fashion. Players must kill monsters, search for treasure, and complete a series of in-game quests.


Max Quest: Dead Man’s Cove

It appears like Betsoft took out a leaf from the pages of Pirates of the Caribbean. Max Quest: Dead Man’s Cove is a pirate theme RPG-style slot machine. Once again the info about it is a sparse as old Davey Jone’s Locker. Instead of having an Octopus-faced Davey Jones, Max Quest is up against an evil ghost pirate captain.

The gist of the game is searching for treasures again. This time around Max Quest is really up against it as he squares off against Blackbeard himself – who knows. The RPG-style actions shift from the jungles of the Amazon to the high-seas. The RPG-style elements shower players with plenty of new features along with old and new legendary enemies.


Features RPG-Style Betsoft Real Money Slot Games

Mobile casino online gaming accounts for approximately 70% of the casino’s player base. Hence the reason each RPG-style online slots is HTML5 perfect for mobile gaming. The interesting thing about RPG slot mechanic does away with the traditional slots symbols and pay patterns.

The game’s mechanic focuses primarily on the role-playing aspect of the player offering a superior slots experience. They battle against monsters where they collect points that help them to climb the leaderboard. When a player defeats a boss monster the game rewards you with extra loot and more points.

Furthermore, a third-person 3D Camera tracks your in-play progress with a bunch of random enemies. The higher the level the stronger the boss monsters, and the bigger the payout. Some of those boss monsters are truly epic. A key element about the RPG-style games is that they remain true to their slots origins. A random number generator (RNG) still determines a payout. Just like the traditional slots for real cash – no players require no skill to play RPGs. Luck still plays a pivotal role as well as the RNG algorithm.

There are no Free Spins or Re-spins features. Players must battle the monsters at various levels. The higher the level the tougher the monsters. Moreover, there are hordes of weaker monsters that protect the boss monsters.

Most importantly, if a player successfully defeats a boss monster. They’ll unlock a chest of special weapons, armor upgrades, and extra cash prizes. If you defeat the boss monster at the final level; the jackpot can be as high as 6,000x.


RPGs Slots At The Best Online Casinos

Although the RPG slot is still relatively new only a few slot studios like Betsoft offer them. If you’re looking for an immersive online gaming experience visit any of our Betsoft casinos online.

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