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6 September 2018 4 minutes to read
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The opinions expressed in this online slots article is entirely our own, it can be used as a yardstick when playing the game but nothing more. You’re probably shaking your head thinking, ”Of all the games how could you guys have picked Reptoids!” Long story short, Yggdrasil is making a splash in a very big pond and one of its most popular slots releases ever is Reptoids, the game also happens to be one of our favourites.

In this piece we’re going to share our playing experience with you, in other words the size of our bankroll, base game wins, how many spins it took us to trigger the in-play bonus rounds (free spins and Repto Detector) and our final opinion of the game.
reptoids slot


Reptoids Yggdrassil 3DSlots Synopsis

This exciting 3D medium variance slots comes with a free games bonus that gives you 7 free spins with extra wilds, a RTP (average return to player percentage) of 96.1%, a grand jackpot (non-progressive) of 500,000 coins on one spin and a Repto Detector Wild feature. The theme, betting range and bonus modes are well thought out. The game is impossible to ignore with a seamless visual display giving players a whack at its lucrative bonus features.

”The moment a scanner pitches on the 5 reels and when it falls on one symbol especially a high paying one, a Reptoid slot alien is revealed. Every single symbol will then be transformed into wild reels.”


Reptoid Free Spins

Before we continue let’s just have a look at how the free spins is triggered. It’s played when the gold coin scatter appears in the detector, 7 free spins will be awarded. Every Reptoid wild that’s revealed by the detector stays wild.

An extra 2 or more free spins are given for every two or more symbols that’s revealed. In layman’s terms this translates into an extra 6 free spins that’s if all the hiding alien symbols are revealed. We advise you to pay special attention to the scatters because they’re responsible for the biggest wins:

  • You’ll win 200 coins for two scatters.
  • If you land 3 scatters you’ll pocket 2,000 coins.
  • Four scatters pays 20,000 coins.
  • Five scatters pays an amazing 100,000 coins or 5,000x your stake.


Repto Detector

One symbol is always framed by the detector case, the moment when a symbol appears in the case all the symbols on your screen are transformed into wilds.

Our last playing session on Reptoids was kinda strange since we managed to get into a bonus round (free spins) fairly quickly, normally it takes a while. Here’s what happened. With a bankroll of £80 at an average bet of £0.50 per spin we hit the free spins in less than 30 spins.

Even for a medium variance slots that pays a neat 5,000x your stake on a single spin we considered it a stroke of luck. However, second time round we weren’t so lucky, after another 40 spins we failed to trigger the bonus which was ‘meh’ to say the least. Base game wins are good especially if you hit a full screen of wilds.

At this point we took a short break from the game for about thirty minutes. When we finally got back to the slots we played it for another 35 spins with no bonus. With one bonus under our belt and another 75 spins without a bonus we were ready to run from the casino. By casino we mean Playojo, with more than a thousand games in its stable, the casino floor has a great selection of games for every player. In our past sessions we always stopped once we triggered the free spins feature, not this time round because we decided to press on.

To break down our slots play on Reptoids across two sessions or ‘ 2 Data Sets’ we triggered the free spins for the first time after 30 spins. After what seemed like an eternity it took us another 80 spins before we triggered the free spins for the second time.

To achieve a minimum standard of statistical accuracy you need a bankroll of at least £500. The first time we triggered the free spins we won £15 and the second time we won £25. Although we won £40 pounds the second time round it took us 80 spins (80x£0.50=£40) before we triggered the feature again. As you can see we broke even.


Reptoid Slots Tips

1. If you’re a first time depositor use the welcome bonus /free spins given by the casino to play the game. Just make sure that the bonus terms are within the industry standard (40xb) and that comps on it can be earned.
2. We suggest you play it with a bankroll of at least £500 to give yourself ample opportunity to trigger the free spins and to win a substantial amount of cash. Based on our calculations we estimate (30+80=110 spins/2=55 spins) that it takes approximately 55 spins (depending on your average bet per spin) to trigger the free spins.
3. If you triggered the free spins bonus after 30 spins (like in our case) take your money and run! Chances are pretty good that the slots will become more volatile after this.

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