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Player Talk: Which Is The Best Video Slot To Play?

A player by the name of ”Winnie” contacted us recently, she said that she can’t remember the last time she left the casino with more money than she came with. She really likes the slots with the bonuses, not the boring ones with the sevens and bars. She asked us which is the best video slot to play that offers her the best chance of winning?


Many thanks for contacting us. If you want to play the best video slot on the casino’s floor that gives you the greatest payback percentage over the long haul using optimal strategy, you have to play video poker.

The true beauty of this wonderful game is its simplicity. The paytable is right under your nose, you’re not saddled up with any guesswork and you know what the winning combinations are. Make no mistake video poker doesn’t replace the bonuses programmed into a slot machine, its true strength lies in the fact that you’re playing a real game as opposed to watching the reels spin.

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If you haven’t played video poker before to get you started here’s 3 basic tips:

1. Understand the different type of video poker games. If you’re still a novice at the game opt for a minimum risk one and slightly lower return such as Jacks or Better or Bonus Poker. In other words a hand of two pairs that pays back twice your bet.

Now, if you’re willing to risk your entire bet with bigger returns, you can try Double Double Bonus Poker or Triple Double Bonus Poker where the four-of-a-kind hands have much higher pays. Just stick to the basic poker games and avoid multi-play, multi-hand or specialty games.

2. Use optimal strategy when you play. To increase your adds at winning purchase a video poker book, study it and practice the game at home with friends. The game is exactly the same as normal poker. If you know the different hand rankings starting with a pair right up to a Royal Flush you’ll be a s good as rain.

3. When you play video poker always wager the maximum amount of credits at the denomination you feel comfortable with, we cannot stress this enough. If you get a Royal Flush or the game is connected to a progressive jackpot network you’ll get the maximum win.

One of the biggest mistakes players make is that they play less than the max bet. For example, if you’re betting the minimum wager of $1 on a video poker machine and you score a Royal Flush, you’ll only win $250. If you’re playing a quarter video poker at a max bet of $1.25 and you hit a Royal Flush, you’ll pocket $1,000. See the difference?

Online casinos like MYB offer a nice variety of video poker games. Their RTPs (return to player percentages) are above 97% essentially offering you a good return on your investment. Keep in mind that all casino games are programmed in such a manner that the house all wins. The key is to know the basic strategy, bankroll management and when to stop playing.

Many virtual casinos give first time customers a deposit bonus that can be used to play slots, table games or video poker. However, these bonuses are mainly slots-centric, in other words they count 100% towards the roller over requirement while table games (blackjack, baccarat, roulette) and video poker only contribute a fraction (10%).

Video Poker Bankroll Management

For most casino players the idea of managing a bankroll takes the fun right out of gambling. Nobody likes balancing their figures, let alone looking at our bank statements online. More often than not many players experience problems when they co-mingle their living expenses with their gambling expenses.

Gambling is entertainment this is why it’s important that you handle it just like would any other expense. If your video poker bankroll is $300 for the month, don’t dip into your other funds. If you experienced a nice win, cash out your wins and play with the money from your original bankroll.


Get Those Perks!

There’s more to it than just playing video poker. To get the most out of every casino visit we encourage you to cash in on the rewards the casino offers you. They can be rebates on your losses, comps given every time you play that can be exchanged for real cash and tiered VIP programs.

The latter gives you increased perks such as special bonuses, free spins, higher withdrawal amounts, birthday gifts and there’s even a dedicated VIP manager that takes care of you. The higher your level the better the rewards! The reason why casinos have VIP programs is to build a strong patron loyalty base. Essentially whatever they player may need they’re more than happy to get it.

Whatever your favorite game is, play to earn valuable points for every hard-earned dollar you wagered be it on slots or video poker. Most online casinos give you 1 base point for every $1 wagered on video poker – before you play find out more about the casino’s comp point system first.

If you want to know more about video poker we cover the different games here (https://casinowhizz.com/play-video-poker-internet-casinos/).