How To Play High Card Flush

31 January 2017 3 minutes to read
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High Card Flush is a table game that’s quite similar to Three Card Poker. It’s also played with a standard deck of 52 cards and no wild or joker cards are used. Like so many of the poker-styled games, play starts with a wager that’s made on the Ante space.

The game is played by a bunch of players with one goal in mind and that is to beat the dealer’s hand by making the highest flush. A flush is any set of suited cards (hearts, clubs, diamonds, spades) in poker.

In high Card Flush the winner is determined by the number of the flush and its ranking. Once the wagers are made, the dealer and each player receives seven cards, face down. Players are allowed to look at their cards, they can either fold or make a Call. The Call must be equal to the Ante wager if the player has 2, 3 or 4 suited cards.

Should the player have a five card flush, he may call with double his Ante wager. Players can call triple their ante wagers if they have a 6 or a 7-card flush. It stands to reason that the better your flush hand the more wagers you can make. There is a catch though and it’s in the form of the dealer’s hand. When the dealer turns over his cards he must find at least a three-card flush, nine-high. If he fails to deliver this hand the players are paid even money on their Ante wager and the call wagers are a Push, ouch!

Should the dealer qualify, the ante wagers and the Call wagers are in ”action”. Each hand is ”dealer against player”, so whoever holds the most suited cards (flush) and the highest ranking flush, wins. This means that every time the player has more suited cards than the dealer, they win even money on both the Call wagers and the Ante. Therefore, if a player has 4 cards of one suite he beats the dealer’s three cards of one suit.

But, if the dealer and the player has the same number of suited cards (five each or three each) then the highest ranked card wins. Ace plays a high, so Ace 8-4, 3-2 beats King, Queen, 9-7-6. It’s card over-card and no specific suite is higher than another.


Bonus Wager

When the player achieves a four card flush or higher the optional bonus wager pays. The standard payoff is 2 to 1 for any four-card flush; 5 to 1 for a five-card flush, 75 to 1 for a six-card flush and 300 to 1 for a seven-card flush. The house edge (HE) on the bonus wager is more or less 7.8%.



The house has a 2.64% edge if players fold 3-suited cards ranked 9-7-4 and lower, and Call with higher ranked and numbered flushes-making the maximum Call wager at all times. At some casinos a straight flush bonus wager is available with a house edge that hovers around 13%.

A player will call 67.86% of the time with optimal play. The dealer will have a qualifying hand 75.36% of the time, as a result bet with caution! All in all High Card Flush is a great non-blackjack game that requires no knowledge of poker. It’s easy to learn and offers loads of excitement as well.

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