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Play Free Casino Games Without Risking Real Cash

The world of online casino gambling consists of an abundance of games that allows you to play them for free without the need of spending real cash. The nice bit about playing the games in the free mode before you deposit real money is that it’s completely risk free, fun and you don’t need to sign up to play them!


Free Casino Games A Must For Newbies

Playing the games for free is advantageous too because it gives you an idea how they pay at different bet levels (coin denominations) and how many spins it will take before a bonus game (free spins) is triggered.


Why Free Game Play is Good For You:

  • It’s completely risk free and you get the inside scoop on the game mechanics.
  • It enables you develop a game plan (betting strategy).
  • It helps players to play within the confines of their bankroll.
  • How the payouts are at different coin bet levels.
  • How many spins it will take (more or less) to trigger a free spins feature which helps with budget planning.
  • It gives you an idea about the software developers’ games, i.e graphics, amount of in-play bonus modes and themes.


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Different Casino Games That Can Be Played For Free

As the old saying goes: ”Variety is the spice of life”. We’ve cobbled together the best free online casino games for Australian, European and players from the United States that can be played for free from the comfort of your own home that’s compatible with PC desktops and mobile phones (HTML5).

Casinowhizz is your number one stop shop online gambling guide and top-notch provider of free casino games. The free games that we list are blackjack, roulette, a plethora of slots, video poker, bingo and keno. Regrettably progressive slots and live dealer games cannot be played for free only for real cash. The competition among online casinos is fierce this is why they offer you a compendium of games that gives you a taste on what’s to follow-no strings attached.


Helps Players To Understand the Game Rules

If you haven’t played blackjack before playing it in the free mode helps you to understand the rules, if it’s best to hit or stand on a soft 17, when to split your cards and so on. Smart blackjack players know that if you play the game with a sound betting strategy it reduces the game’s house edge which maximizes your profits.

Free game play is imperative, before dipping your toes into the real money pool we advise you to play the game for free first. The world’s foremost gambling legends employed one betting system or another that includes the D’Alembert, Labouchere or Martingale. If you intend on using one of them we recommend that you understand their ins-and-outs because there’s a huge element of risk involved.


Figuring Out A Betting Strategy

When it comes to casino games we believe in ‘different strokes for different folks’. There’s a game for each and every player taste, we’re avid fans of slots, without wanting to sound presumptuous we’ve developed a sound betting strategy over the years that works like a charm. For example, if we’re going to play Net Entertainment’s Universal Monsters: The Phantom’s Curse medium variance slots for real cash we play it for free first.

Also, it’s important to play the game within the confines of your bankroll. If you plan on playing it with $400 it defeats the object of playing it in the free mode at £20 per spin, rather play it at a maximum of £2 per spin which equates to 200 money spins. At that bet level it’s more than enough cash to trigger the free spins feature where the biggest cash prizes lurk.


Play now $500 Bonus
90% Rating

Play Casinowhizz’ Free Casino Games

Casinowhizz lists an assortment of high-octane games that counts in the most popular ones such as blackjack, baccarat, craps, roulette, video poker variants, slots, pai gow poker, Caribbean Stud and a bunch of other games.

In summary. The games listed on this page can be played at all our leading online casinos for free or for real cash. An added bonus is that our casinos give first time depositors a welcome bonus with industry-beating wagering requirements (WR), every time you play them for real cash comps can be earned on them, rebate on losses and they even offer VIPs tiered rewards programs with added perks.

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