How To Play Chase The Flush Poker

28 August 2017 2 minutes to read
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There’s a new poker table in town called ‘Chase the Flush”, players will notice that it resembles both High Card Flush and Ultimate Texas Hold’Em, it’s a combination between the two games.

The game is played with a standard English deck of 52 cards but there ‘s no Joker or Wild cards. Like the majority of the poker games out there it takes two mandatory bets to play. In this article we’re going to tell you how to play Chase the Flush poker.

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Once you have received your chips from the dealer you must bet on the Ante spot and the adjacent X-Tra bonus spot in equal amounts. You can also wager on the Same Suit Bonus side if you wish, we’ll get to this in a bit. Once you’ve placed all your wagers, you and the dealer will receive 3 cards each.

Only the player is allowed to look at the cards, the dealer is in it until the end; players must try and beat the dealer’s best flush hand with their 3-cards and the 4-community cards that follow. In order to make their best flush hand players must use all 7 cards. To qualify the dealer must make at least a 3-card flush or 9-high quality.

After seeing their cards, players can check or wager 3x their Ante bet in the ”All” in spot. The dealer will then turn over two of the community cards, they will then ask the players how they wish to proceed. If you haven’t placed a bet on the All in spot yet, you’re allowed to check, or you can wager 2x your Ante bet on the All in spot.

Finally, the dealer will turn over the remaining two community cards. Players that haven’t wagered on the All in spot must fold or bet at least 1x their Ante wager. In turn the dealer exposes their own hand and announces their best flush hand.


How To Win At Chase the Flush

Your main aim is to beat the dealer’s flush hand, it’s important that the dealer qualifies. If the dealer fails to qualify, the ante bet becomes a push. Should the dealer qualify, the player wins if their flush contains more cards (5-cards over 4-cards) than the dealer’s. Now, should the player and the dealer hold the same amount of flush cards (3 cards each), then the highest card wins.

If the player has the highest flush hand, not only will they win the All in bets but the Ante too-even money. The extra bonus wager is a tie unless the player has at least a 4-card flush. Payments will then be based on the paychart. When the dealer and the player tie (3-card flush running K-8-4 each), all three wagers push. If the dealer has a better flush hand the player loses the X-Tra bets and the Ante.


Same Suit Wager

The optional ‘Same Suit Wager‘ only pays when the dealer’s and player’s flushes are of the same suit, and the player’s flush contains at least 4-cards. To be paid on the Same Suite Wager the player doesn’t have to win the hand.


Make the All in 3x bet any three suited cards or two suited face cards, or you can check. Make the All in 2x bet with any 3 suited cards. Or, make the All in 1x bet with any three suited cards or two suited pairs of face cards. Although it’s one more bet it improves your chances at winning.

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