Other Ways to Beat Blackjack

4 January 2023 < 1 minute to read
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We covered blackjack extensively over the years that includes basic strategy, and card counting. What if we tell you there are other ways to beat blackjack?

Blackjack is the number one card game Americans love to play online and at land-based casinos. So, it makes sense why we look beyond just the basic strategy.

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Other Ways to Beat Blackjack

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1. The Dealer Tells

If you can involve the dealer when you play blackjack for real money you’re halfway there. However, we must point out that it’s not easy. Either the dealer likes you or despises you.

We prefer to go with the former. In some casinos where the dealers still look at their hole cards, they have knowledge of their hand. That’s to say if their hole card is a ten up or an ace.

Now, the goal of the dealer tells is to read what the dealer tells. Simply put, the way he looks at his cards will help you to play your hand.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible when you play electronic blackjack at the best online casinos for Americans.

However, you can pick up on the dealer tells when you play live blackjack at live dealer casinos. In the best-case scenario, the dealer will “tell” you to hit or to stand. It’s not easy to master the dealer tells.

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2. Ace Tracking

This method of dealer tells is not easy. Basically, you must memorize the exact order of the cards in the discard pile. Moreover, it helps you to predict when the aces pop up.

Let’s say, the dealer places the 7 diamonds in the discard pile before an ace of spades. If the shuffle is simple you’ll be able to see the first few cards during a round of play.

You can also use our expert blackjack cheat sheet next time you play blackjack online. 

If the ace of spades does not pitch, the chances are good that it will pitch during the next round. The caveat with this technique is that it’s not easy to master.

And very few casinos use a simple shuffle that makes it easy to track the cards.

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3. Shuffle Tracking

Once again, the casino must use a simple shuffle to make this method beat blackjack possible.

If you can follow a clump of low or high cards through the shuffle, you’ll be good as rain. You can adjust your card counting by cutting this clump at either the bottom or the top.

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4. Playing the Warps

Playing the warps might sound like something out of a science fiction film but it’s not. The dealers in casinos will bend the cards slightly to see if they have blackjack.

A smart player will be able to spot the slight ‘dent’ in those cards and use it to his advantage. Especially, if he takes out insurance against the dealer’s blackjack.

Unfortunately, the majority of casinos have learned about this technique. Hence the reason, they regularly replace the old cards with new ones.

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5. Spooking

Spooking is reading the dealer’s hole card from the rear when he checks to see if he has blackjack. The “spook” is behind the dealer and sees the dealer’s hole card at the same time he does.

Once the “spook” sees that he’ll signal his partner at the table what the hole card is. Most players will regard spooking as cheating. If you intend on spooking check if the law in your state allows it.

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6. First Basing

First basing occurs when the player sees the dealer’s hole card at the same time he does. Unlike in spooking, you don’t need a playing partner when you use first basing.

However, the dealers live dealer casinos employ are expert blackjack players, they don’t give away any tells.

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7. Front Loading

Front loading is most probably the most effective way to beat blackjack. Keep in mind it’s only successful in a hand-held game.

What exactly is front loading in blackjack? It’s the ability to see the dealer’s hole card before the dealer sets it on the table. 

Knowing the dealer’s hole card gives you a massive advantage. If the dealer has a strong hand, hit your weaker hands, and don’t split or double down.

If the dealer holds a “stiff”, don’t bust, split, or double down as far as possible. A stiff hand is when a dealer holds 2 to 6 which compels the dealer to hit.

Any hand totaling 12 to 16 will bust on a 10-value card hit. Casinos don’t use front loaders anymore, however, some casinos still use them. If you have a casino near you that uses a front loader, play blackjack there.

Again, front loading is the best way to beat the dealer if you know about the dealer’s hole card.

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Verdict: Other Ways to Beat Blackjack

Some US players might find the techniques we’ve mentioned unethical. As such we won’t argue with you. If a casino treats you respectfully instead of as a cash cow, by all means, don’t use them.

However, we don’t feel like that towards most casinos because their goal is to take your money. If you can exploit the casino within the ambit of legal play, by all means do so.

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