What Online Slot Features Do Players Hate?

4 April 2017 3 minutes to read
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Aside from being an avid video poker player I really like playing slot games. They are special in a sense because they offer a myriad of bonus features in the form of ‘Pick Me’ games, free spins with multipliers, scatters, scatter pays and substituting wilds.

Strictly speaking they can turn a limited bankroll into a big one in no time. With that being said your ‘King’ of casino games has it flaws. In this article we’re going to talk about the features players despise in slot machines.


Oh Boy I Don’t Like These Slot Features!


1. Scatters That Don’t Pay

Some slots can be downright tight and when you finally hit 3 or more scatters you note that they don’t pay. Yes we know 3 or more scatters normally triggers a free spins feature but surely the developers of the game can throw in that little something extra.

”Landing two out of three scatters and nothing happens when this happens I wish the casino would return my funds.”

Another type of scatter we can’t stand is your uneven stacked scatter that only pitches on lines 1 and 5, 1 and 3 or 2, 3 and 4. They lead to a very high proportion of ‘near misses’, not to mention the ruined combinations that comes with them. Also, there’s nothing worse when you hit 5 scatters just to find out that you’re not going to receive a dime for them.

2. Jackpots That Are Impossible To Trigger

One of my pet hates is when I play a new slots that received ‘glowing’ reviews and it turns out to be complete bullocks. In other words the developers made a big hullabaloo about the game’s incredible bonus features and jackpot, when finally triggered they offer you absolute nothing or very little.

3. Low Paying Symbols

Most slots have those pesky card symbols from 10 to Ace, in my opinion they’re just there to fill up space. Reason being when 5 of a kind be it 5 Aces or 5 Kings appear on the reels they normally offer a cash prize of 3x your bet! I’m sure it can’t hurt to offer us a payout of at least 5x our stake?

4. Uneven Betting Options

Don’t let me get started on this one. I’ve played slots where the stake per spin is £1.5 instead of being £1. It boggles my mind as to why the developers would design a game with a betting option such as this. I can understand that goods have odd prices such as 99c or £9.99 but a slots, come on.

5. Free Spins Mode That Can’t Be Re-Triggered

There are slot games where it takes ages just to trigger a free spins feature and then you find out that it cannot be re-triggered. Take Microgaming’s Happy Holidays video slot for instance, what a waste of space!

There’s nothing more off-putting in a slots having gone through all the trouble triggering a free spins feature just to find out that it can’t be re-triggered. In essence it’s a money-gobbler and it’s best to avoid it like last week’s bread. (https://casinowhizz.com/slots/happy-holidays-slot-review/). Another aspect about the free spins feature that leaves a bitter taste in mouth if it offers multiplier wins of 1x.

6. Wild Features That Don’t Pay

A wild feature where the reels are turned wild from left to right and it doesn’t offer a single payout could best be described as ‘wild wastage’.

7. Base Game Wins That Are Lousy

Very few slot games offer sound base game wins nowadays, by the time you finally triggered the free spins feature you’re practically out of pocket. I cannot help but feel that developers ‘deliberately’ design games where base game wins are small or non-existent.

As a low roller this is why I prefer to play high variance slot games at the lowest stake-at least I know what I get. If you’re lucky enough to trigger the free spins feature chances of winning 50x your stake is pretty good.

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