Online Gambling: Don’t Make These Mistakes

8 February 2017 2 minutes to read
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Many seasoned blackjack or roulette players have to remember that online gambling can be like the ocean sometimes. You might be wondering what I’m implying here? The experience always starts great but if you lose a lot of cash you can get seasick. Before you reach for the Pepto-Bismol learn the basics, respect your bankroll and have fun!

Next time you’re at the tables here’s a few things you can do that will improve your level of play.


You Have Your Entire Life To Gamble

More often than not gambling is like placing a wager on the unknown, if you had a bad night at the tables, don’t sweat it. And, don’t throw good money after bad money. It’s impossible to learn everything in one day and if you had a bad run don’t try and get even.

No matter how good a player you are the cards run funny for everyone. When things go South don’t think that everything will turn around for the better soon-it seldom happens, believe me. If you’ve lost call it a day, online casinos are open 24/7.

To say the very least if you’re that hungry for something go and make yourself a club sandwich just to get away from the pressure of gambling. Ten to one when you’re not hungry you’ll make better decisions.


Gambling Is Fun

I’ve often heard players say that they don’t need to study the ‘Paytable’ of a slots machine or study blackjack strategy because it makes them unlucky. Well, I don’t agree, the harder you study the games you play, the luckier you’ll get. Another personal choice is that many players simply refuse to learn from their losses and the flip-side refusing to stop playing when they are winning.

As a rule of thumb when I play slots or video poker I always take down notes. For example, how long did it take me to trigger the free spins feature of NetEnt’s Jungle Spirit Call of the Wild 3D slots? Remember, winners know when to quit and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.


Choosing The Wrong Table

I’m not talking about going to a baccarat or Let It Ride table when you want 21, I’m talking about a table with a higher limit than you want. Don’t play a high limit table hoping for the best with a short bankroll, you’re bound to ruin your evening and it’s a bad idea. If your bankroll only allows you to make a few wagers you’re likely to go broke, make sure you have at least £$50 to start. Good luck and see you at the tables.

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