Online Gamblers Questions June 2022

21 June 2022 4 minutes to read
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We answer online casino questions from gamblers from the United States in this piece. As real money online casino experts, we try and answer them as accurately as possible.

This week’s questions turned out to be a real bumper. They’re relevant hence the reason we’ve decided to share them with casino gamblers from the United States.

Why Did The Online Casino Confiscate My Bonus Money?

Jeremy from Nebraska said he had an awful online casino experience at casino X. We’re not going to name the casino because it’s still busy investigating the matter.

Anyhow, Jeremy said after he signed up he accepted the USA online casino’s deposit bonus. Moreover, it’s an exclusive casino bonus worth thousands of dollars.

His initial thoughts at the time were, why not. “Guys, the casino confiscated my bonus because they said I violated their bonus terms“.

As a regular visitor to, I know you keep on telling your players to read the bonus terms. That’s exactly what I did, he said.

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for reaching out and we’re really sorry to hear that the online casino confiscated your bonus. There are a few things we can think of as to why the online gambling site canceled the bonus.

You didn’t clear the wagering requirements. It’s a common bonus mistake many US casino gamblers often make.


What Are The Common Bonus Terms?

The WR is the number of times you must stake the bonus before the online USA casino permits the withdrawal. For example, the WR can be 35x the deposit and bonus.

Another thing players often overlook is the permissible stake per spin of the casino’s bonus. In other words, when you play slots for real money online with the bonus.

You cannot wager more than $10 per spin. The game weighting is another common bonus term. It states that certain games contribute differently towards the completion of the WR.

Remember that online slot games like Alkemor’s Elements contribute 100% towards the play-through. Whilst table games like blackjack, video poker, or roulette count 5% to 20%.

The less the game weighting is the more money you must stake to clear the WR. Lastly, you can only claim the bonus once. If you try and reclaim it again, the online casino might cancel it.

Hopefully, the casino will solve your bonus issue soon. If the casino does not honor the bonus winnings it will refund your original deposit. Next time you grab a bonus double-check the fine print.


Holding Aces In Video Poker

Rick from Greencastle, PA sent us an interesting question about video poker. “I read in video poker that pays 800 or more on four aces; you should break up the aces-up full house and hang onto the aces. Is it the case in all those games? And, how close of a call is it?”

Hi Rick,

The closeness of the call depends on a few things. How much does the video poker machine pay for a full house?

Further, is there an extra jackpot in case another kicker appears to go with the aces? In 10-7-5 Double Bonus Poker where full houses pay 10 for 1.

Your average return for betting with 5 credits is 50.57 coins. If you hang onto the three aces compared to the flat 50 coin pay off; if you hold the full house.

Now, if the game is a 9-6 Double Double Bonus. The 2,000 coin bonanza for four aces; plus a low kicker takes the average return when holding A-A-A to 63.58 coins.

Additionally, it towers over the 45-coin full-house return. Many players will rather go for the full house than the three aces. Yet, the big payouts do occur, but it’s riskier.


Taxing Jackpot Winnings?

Joanne has an interesting one. “I won two jackpots within two weeks! The first jackpot was $1,600 was at a casino in Long Island to which she received a W-2G statement.

A week later I won another jackpot of $2,000 on a different machine. I received the money. But, I did not receive a tax form from the cashier.

I find this odd that I did not receive one. Do I still have to claim this jackpot with no tax form? I also read that the federal government increased the tax threshold on casino winnings from $1,200 to $5,000.

Do you have any idea when we can expect this?”

The casino violated federal law by not issuing you with a W-2G tax form for your second jackpot win. The internal revenue services require that casino patrons fill out a W-2G form for any winnings above $1,200.

Besides, the IRS sees any gambling winnings as a source of income. Therefore, you must declare your winnings, always.


Will US Congress Increase The Tax on Gambling Wins?

The U.S Congress did introduce a bill that will increase the threshold for gambling wins from $1,200 to $5,000.

If you add inflation of $1,200 from 1977 it amounts to $5,000 today. The last time we checked the bill was still in the House & Ways Means Committee.


What Are The Biggest Mistakes US Online Gamblers Make?

“I’ve noticed that players still make a lot of mistakes when they gamble online. If it’s not asking too much, what are the most common mistakes American online casino gamblers still make?” Kind Regards, Peter, Atlantic City.

Let’s start with the most obvious one Peter, picking the wrong online casino. Many US gamblers pick the wrong online casino for the wrong reasons. They pick a site because they like the bonus offers.

Once they start playing they notice that the remainder of the perks, support, and the games aren’t that hot. When you choose a US gambling site make sure it offers the games you like to play.

Players don’t read the bonus terms when they accept a bonus. Check if the online casino in the United States offers plenty of deposit and withdrawal options.

Pick a casino that offers Bitcoin because it makes cross-border transactions possible, it’s cheap and fast. Make sure that you can also withdraw your winnings with the same deposit method.

Gamblers from the States don’t read the casino’s terms and conditions. As such, they pick bonuses not conduce to their bankrolls.

Moreover, they play the wrong games with their casino budgets. Pick a casino game that’s in line with your bankroll. Play the games with free credits before you risk money.

Players from the US often let greed get the better of them. If you managed a big win on a slot machine, withdraw your winnings. The last thing you want is to become a scalp on their virtual walls.

Maintaining sound discipline is key and dovetails with greed. Know when to stop and never try and win back the money you’ve lost.

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